Drury, Voelker finish fifth in Greco-Roman at U20 World Championships

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

Wyatt Volker in the U20 World bronze medal match. (Photo by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling)

AMMAN, JORDAN – The U.S. Greco-Roman team finished its U20 World Championships with two fifth place finishers, Landon Drury of Colorado and Wyatt Voelker of Iowa, on Saturday night at Princess Sumaya Lounge.

It was a rough go for Drury in the 63 kg bronze medal match against Dinislam Sagitzhan of Kazakhstan, who finished in seventh place at last year’s U20 World Championships. Sagitzhan earned a chance on top at the midway point of the first period and made the most of it. Four textbook gut-wrenches later and Kazakhstan had its bronze medalist, 9-0.

It’s a disappointing end to a nice run for Drury, who has posted an excellent summer by earning gold at the U20 Pan-American Championships in Santiago, Chile, and a Junior Nationals championship in Fargo, N.D. At 17 years old, expect Drury to be back in the medal mix this time next year.

Up against last year’s U20 World champion, Voelker held his own from a physicality perspective. Armenia’s Vigen Nazaryan was simply too crafty from a technical standpoint as he took the 87 kg bronze medal match, 7-0. Nazaryan capitalized from the top position, scoring two correct throws, which really were the difference in the bout. Additionally, Voelker was unable to get his chance on top, a common theme for the American bunch today.

Like Drury, Voelker collected a gold medal at the U20 Pan-American Championships. As he builds on the tenacity displayed in Amman, Voelker will be a promising Greco-Roman prospect on the U.S. Senior circuit in the coming years. He will represent Northern Iowa at the NCAA Div. I level this upcoming season.

2022 U20 World bronze medalist Aden Attao and Minnesota’s own Zachary Silvis posted top ten finishes in their weight class rankings. Attao wound up in seventh place at 130 kg, while Silvis was eighth at 55 kg.

The U20 World Championships concludes at 4 p.m. local on Sunday with the remaining Greco-Roman repechage and medal matches. No American qualified for Sunday’s round of wrestling. Amman, Jordan, is in the GMT +3 time zone, which is seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time.

Those in the U.S. can watch all the action live on Brackets and updated results will be provided by United World Wrestling on and the UWW mobile app.

2023 U20 World Championships

At Amman, Jordan, August 14-20

Team Standings after Group One

1. Iran, 105

2. Kyrgyzstan, 60

3. Kazakhstan, 42

4. Georgia, 39

5. United States, 34

6. India, 33

7. Turkey, 26

8. Moldova, 24

T9. Armenia, 20

T9. China, 20

Greco-Roman Group One (55-63-77-87-130 kg) Results

55 kg

Gold – Iskhar Kurbayev (Kazakhstan)

Silver – Farid Sadikhli (Azerbaijan)

Bronze – Alisher Ganiev (Uzbekistan)

Bronze – Nuristan Suiorkulov (Kyrgyzstan)

5th – Ali Ahmadi Vafa (Iran)

5th – Emre Mutlu (Turkey)

7th – Anil Mor (India)

8th – Zachary Silvis (United States)

9th – Edmond Domokos (Hungary)

10th – Denis Mihai (Romania)

Gold – Iskhar Kurbayev (Kazakhstan) dec. Farid Sadikhli (Azerbaijan), 5-1

Bronze – Alisher Ganiev (Uzbekistan) tech. fall Ali Ahmadi Vafa (Iran), 9-0

Bronze – Nuristan Suiorkulov (Kyrgyzstan) dec. Emre Mutlu (Turkey), 2-1

63 kg

Gold – Ahmadreza Mohsen Nezhad (Iran)

Silver – Zhantoro Mirzaliev (Kyrgyzstan)

Bronze – Komei Sawada (Japan)

Bronze – Dinislam Sagitzhan (Kazakhstan)

5th – Sandeep Sandeep (India)

5th – Landon Drury (United States)

7th – Yurik Hoveyan (Armenia)

8th – Furkan Erken (Turkey)

9th – Vitalie Eriomenco (Moldova)

10th – Suhib Alhasanat (Jordan)

Gold – Ahmadreza Mohsen Nezhad (Iran) tech. fall Zhantoro Mirzaliev (Kyrgyzstan), 9-0

Bronze – Komei Sawada (Japan) dec. Sandeep Sandeep (India), 4-0

Bronze – Dinislam Sagitzhan (Kazakhstan) tech. fall Landon Drury (United States), 9-0

77 kg

Gold – Alireza Abdevali (Iran)

Silver – Alexandru Solovei (Moldova)

Bronze – Abdulmasih Abdulmasih (Individual Neutral Athlete)

Bronze – Deepak Punia (India)

5th – Erlan Mars Uulu (Kyrgyzstan)

5th – Tornike Mikeladze (Georgia)

7th – Ruslan Abdiiev (Ukraine)

8th – Mihael Lukac (Croatia)

9th – Ramazan Arapkhanov (Individual Neutral Athlete)

10th – Ibrahim Tabaev (Belgium)

Gold – Alireza Abdevali (Iran) dec. Alexandru Solovei (Moldova), 1-1

Bronze – Abdulmasih Abdulmasih (Individual Neutral Athlete) tech. fall Erlan Mars Uulu (Kyrgyzstan), 11-2

Bronze – Deepak Punia (India) dec. Tornike Mikeladze (Georgia), 4-2

87 kg

Gold – Achiko Bolkvadze (Georgia)

Silver – Abolfazl Choubani (Iran)

Bronze – Vigen Nazaryan (Armenia)

Bronze – Asan Zhanyshov (Kyrgyzstan)

5th – Wyatt Voelker (United States)

5th – Tourpal Magamadov (France)

7th – David Andreasian (Individual Neutral Athlete)

8th – Elias Lyyski (Finland)

9th – Tomislav Brkan (Croatia)

10th – Nurassyl Amanaly (Kazakhstan)

Gold – Achiko Bolkvadze (Georgia) dec. Abolfazl Choubani (Iran), 4-1

Bronze – Vigen Nazaryan (Armenia) dec. Wyatt Voelker (United States), 7-0

Bronze – Asan Zhanyshov (Kyrgyzstan) tech. fall Tourpal Magamadov (France), 13-4

130 kg

Gold – Fardin Hedayati (Iran)

Silver – Wenhao Jiang (China)

Bronze – Fekry Eissa (Egypt)

Bronze – Achilleas Chrysidis (Greece)

5th – Talip Ciftci (Turkey)

5th – Aleksandr Melekhov (Individual Neutral Athlete)

7th – Aden Attao (United States)

8th – Artur Boichuk (Ukraine)

9th – Luka Gabisonia (Georgia)

10th – Koppany Laszlo (Hungary)

Gold – Fardin Hedayati (Iran) tech. fall Wenhao Jiang (China), 8-0

Bronze – Fekry Eissa (Egypt) dec. Talip Ciftci (Turkey), 3-2

Bronze – Achilleas Chrysidis (Greece) dec. Aleksandr Melekhov (Individual Neutral Athlete), 5-0

U.S. Greco-Roman Group One (55-63-77-87-130 kg) Results

55 kg – Zachary Silvis (Cottage Grove, Minnesota/Pinnacle WC), 8th

WIN Dzianis Vitaroi (Individual Neutral Athlete), fall, 5:57

LOSS Ali Ahmadi Vafa (Iran), tech. fall, 11-0

63 kg – Landon Drury (Colorado Springs, Colorado/Betterman Elite Wrestling), 5th

WIN Suhib Alhasanat (Jordan), tech. fall, 9-0

LOSS Zhantoro Mirzaliev (Kyrgyzstan), 8-5

WIN Vasyl Myshanych (Ukraine), 5-2

LOSS Dinislam Sagitzhan (Kazakhstan), 9-0

77 kg – Derek Matthews (Burley, Idaho/Northern Colorado WC), 14th

LOSS Alexandru Solovei (Moldova), 8-1

LOSS Abdulmasih Abdulmasih (Individual Neutral Athlete), 10-1

87 kg – Wyatt Voelker (Manchester, Iowa/Panther Wrestling Club RTC), 5th

WIN Yhlas Abdurazakov (Turkmenistan), tech. fall, 10-0

WIN Mohit Khokhar (India), 6-3

LOSS Abolfazl Choubani (Iran), 7-2

WIN Ivaylo Ivanov (Bulgaria), 3-2

LOSS Vigen Nazaryan (Armenia), 7-0

130 kg – Aden Attao (Boise, Idaho/Suples WC), 7th

WIN Ayumu Iwasawa (Japan), 3-1

WIN Koppany Laszlo (Hungary), 8-7

LOSS Achilleas Chrysidis (Greece), 6-4

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