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Junior National Women’s Duals All-Tournament Team announced

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The 2022 Junior National Women’s Duals All-Tournament team has been announced, based upon results from the Junior National Women’s Duals, held in Tulsa, Okla. on Wednesday and Thursday.

Athletes who went undefeated in their dual meet matches in women’s freestyle qualified for the All-Tournament Team, needing a minimum of five victories to be included.

In women’s freestyle, there were 33 athletes on the All-Tournament Team, representing 15 different states. Calfornia, which won the team title, had the most on the All-Tournament Team with four. States with three athletes on the All-Tournament Team were Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, South Carolina, Idaho and Michigan. Those with two All-Tournament Teamers were Wisconsin, Minnesota and Texas. States with one on the All-Tournament Team were Florida, Colorado, Kansas, Virginia and Missouri.

Winning the most matches of the undefeated women’s freestyle athletes were the 17 athletes who won eight matches: Brooke Corrigan of Wisconsin (100), Lexia Schechterly of Pennsylvania Red (106), Savannah Witt of Pennsylvania (122), Zao Estrada of South Carolina (122), Alyssa Randles of Idaho (127), Josie Davis of Ohio Blue (127), Morgan Edwards of Pennsylvania Red (132), Caroline Gilstrap of South Carolina (138), Liv Wieber of Idaho (138), Netavia Wickson of Illinois (138), AshLynn Goodwin of Kansas (144), Caitlyn Davis of South Carolina (144), May Cuyler of Virginia (144), Alexandra Hofrichter of Wisconsin (152), Amie Hartman of Idaho (220), Savannah Isaac of Ohio Blue (220) and Ariana Maestas of Texas Red (225)

The weight classes which had the most on the team were 106 pounds and 144 pounds, with four.


100 pounds

Brooke Corrigan, Wisconsin

Mary Manis, Florida

106 pounds

Lexia Schechterly, Pennsylvania Red

Aspen Blasko, Minnesota Storm

Mikayla Garcia, California

Chloe Dearwester, Ohio Blue

117 pounds

Maya Davis, Illinois

Arieana Arias California

Isabella Marie Gonzales, California

122 pounds

Savannah Witt, Pennsylvania

Zao Estrada, South Carolina

127 pounds

Alyssa Randles, Idaho

Josie Davis, Ohio Blue

Cadence Diduch, Illinois

132 pounds

Morgan Edwards, Pennsylvania Red

Sarah Savidge, Colorado

138 pounds

Caroline Gilstrap, South Carolina

Liv Wieber, Idaho

Netavia Wickson, Illinois

144 pounds

AshLynn Goodwin, Kansas

Caitlyn Davis, South Carolina

May Cuyler, Virginia

Maddie Kubicki, Missouri 1

152 pounds

Alexandra Hofrichter, Wisconsin

Johanna Forman, California

164 pounds

Amarisa Manuel, Michigan Blue

Selena Sifuentes Shaffer, Texas Blue

180 pounds

Ella Pagel Minnesota Storm

Sabrina Nauss, Michigan Blue

200 pounds

Amie Hartman Idaho

Savannah Isaac, Ohio Blue

225 pounds

Ariana Maestas, Texas Red

Eliana Bommarito, Michigan Blue