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USA Wrestling awards 14U National Dual Championships to Indianapolis, Ind., June 7-12, 2022

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

USA Wrestling is excited to announce the 14U National Dual Meet Championships will take place Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, Ind., June 7 – June 12, 2022.

The tournament includes for boys born in 2008-2009, with competition in the Olympic styles of freestyle and Greco-Roman.

The 14U National Dual Meet Championships is one of USA Wrestling’s most exciting age group competitions. State pride is at stake as teams representing USA Wrestling’s State Associations compete in freestyle and Greco-Roman dual meet competition. All participating teams must be selected and attend through their respective state associations.

The host organization is the Indiana State Wrestling Association (ISWA), USA Wrestling’s state organization in Indiana. All of the previous 14U National Duals have been held in Indiana, with host cities Indianapolis, Lebanon, Yorktown and Westfield in previous years.

“Indiana is ‘home’ to the 14U National Duals. These duals were established in Indiana in 1990 as the Schoolboy Festival. We are proud to be hosting in 2022 and the City of Indianapolis welcomes you,” said Pat Culp, state chairperson of the ISWA.

USA Wrestling is happy to be working with Indiana State Wrestling Association and state chairperson Pat Culp again. The ISWA has done a fantastic job in making the 14U National Duals a must-attend event for our states and this age group. Many of our Olympic and World Team members began to develop their international wrestling skills at previous 14U National Duals events,” said Pete Isais, USA Wrestling National Events Director.

In 2021, winning the 14U National Freestyle Duals was Minnesota Red, defeating California, 41-31 in the finals. For bronze, New Jersey edged out Iowa, 39-38. Ohio Scarlet was fifth after defeating Oklahoma Outlaws Red, 52-28. Illinois took seventh after stopping Wisconsin, 42-40.

In the 14U Greco-Roman National Duals last year, taking first place was Illinois defeating Pennsylvania Blue 39-38. The winner of the bronze medal match was Minnesota defeating Iowa Red 52-39. Fifth place went to Team New Jersey, a 51-31 winner over Team Utah. Team Michigan Blue finished seventh, after beating the Oklahoma Outlaws Red, 42-41.

Along with team placing, athletes who are undefeated and have more than five wins are recognized with All-Tournament honors.

Athletes who are interested should contact their respective USA Wrestling state leaders to learn about qualification process and state policies for this event


(formerly called Schoolboy National Duals)

1994 – Indianapolis, Ind.

1995 – Lebanon, Ind.

1996 – Yorktown, Ind.

1997 – Yorktown, Ind.

1998 – Yorktown, Ind.

1999 – Yorktown, Ind.

2000 – Yorktown, Ind.

2001 - Yorktown, Ind.

2002 – Yorktown, Ind.

2003 – Yorktown, Ind.

2004 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2005 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2006 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2007 - Indianapolis, Ind.

2008 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2009 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2010 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2011 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2012 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2013 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2014 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2015 - Indianapolis, Ind.

2016 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2017 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2018 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2019 – Indianapolis, Ind.

2021 – Westfield, Ind.

2022 – Indianapolis, Ind.