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Lori Ayres to host Everything Women’s Wrestling video podcast on FloWrestling, with Jacque Davis as first guest

by Kyle Klingman, FloWrestling

Lori Ayres is starting a new video podcast on FloWrestling called “Everything Women’s Wrestling.” Ayres is the co-founder of Division I women’s wrestling, an organization working to educate, grow, and support women who want to wrestle at the Division I level.

The show covers a variety of topics within women’s wrestling in an effort to build the sport at all levels. The inaugural episode has dropped on FloWrestling. Her first guest is Jacque Davis — the former women’s wrestling director for Beat the Streets and a coach for 17 international wrestling tours.

“Women’s wrestling needs more focused conversation and I’m grateful to FloWrestling for stepping up to provide a platform,” Ayres said. “The Everything Women’s Wrestling podcast will host discussions with thought leaders on topics such as media coverage, emerging sport status, Title IX, regional training centers, Junior Nationals, collegiate opportunities, and so much more.

“Honestly, the topics seem endless and I can’t wait to get the conversation going. This will be a partnership of the highest order. The show is for women AND men. For our wrestling ecosystem to grow to its strongest, we have to work together.”

Editor’s Note: Lori Ayres has been active with USA Wrestling in New Jersey, and has stepped up in a number of leadership roles within the sport. Her first guest, Jacque Davis, has been an athlete, coach and leader within USA Wrestling for many years. All within the wrestling community are encouraged to check out this podcast.

Check out Episode One of Everything Women’s Wrestling