The U.S. Greco-Roman team poses after the U17 Pan American Championships.
Kelli Shuffler

The U.S. Greco-Roman team poses after the U17 Pan American Championships.


U.S. wins seven Greco-Roman golds, Jeter awarded Golden Boot at U17 Pan American Championships

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – Team USA dominated the opening day of the U17 Pan American Championships at Pabellón de Balonmano in Santo Domingo, claiming seven gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in Greco-Roman wrestling.

Edmond, Okla., native Joseph Jeter went 3-0 at 71 kg, securing a pin and two technical falls, to claim the gold medal. Following his 8-0 technical fall over Puerto Rico’s Kawayran Vazquez Jr in the finals, Jeter was presented the Golden Boot award as the outstanding Greco-Roman wrestler of the event.

Three more U.S. athletes won every match with bonus points—Manuel Saldate at 60 kg, Evan McGuire at 92 kg and Trayvn Boger at 110 kg. The trio combined for 11 wins, five of which were technical falls and six being pins. Impressively, McGuire and Boger both recorded pins in under 30 seconds.

Also claiming gold medals for the U.S. men were Carter Shin at 48 kg, Slater Hicks at 55 kg and Wyatt Medlin at 65 kg. Shin reversed an early-tournament loss to Yuri Landim Ribiero of Brazil in the gold medal bout, 9-4. Hicks fought to a 2-2 criteria decision against Peru’s Juan Cristaldo Galindo for gold. Medlin edged Joao Montesinos Macedo of Peru twice, including a 7-5 win in the finals, to secure top prize.  

Finishing with silver medals for Team USA were Loc Webber at 45 kg and Arseni Kikiniou at 51 kg. Both posted 3-1 records in round robin bracket competition for the podium finish.

Bronze medal earner at 80 kg, Emmitt Sherlock, rounds out the list of American medalists. Sherlock dropped his opening match by a point to eventual champion Guilherme Landim Salles of Brazil before battling back to bag bronze.

Team USA finished in first place in the team standings at 230 points. Peru finished in second place with 123 points. Ecuador rounded out the top three with 118 points.

The tournament continues tomorrow with the women’s freestyle competition. The crew of 10 men who competed today return on Saturday for the men’s freestyle event. Action begins at 10 a.m. (ET) each day, with the finals set for 5 p.m. (ET).

Brackets for each style and match-by-match results are available on UWW Arena. A live stream of the event can be found at

2024 U17 Pan American Championships | June 27-29, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Greco-Roman Results

Team Standings

1. United States, 230

2. Peru, 123

3. Ecuador, 118

4. Dominican Republic, 96

5. Brazil, 86

6. Venezuela, 69

7. Guatemala, 65

8. Puerto Rico, 58

9. Mexico, 55

10. Chile, 34

45 kg

Gold – Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador)

Silver – Loc Webber (United States)

Bronze – Jan Claude Franco Acho (Peru)

4th – Nefi Morillo Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)

Round robin bracket records: Morales Garcia (4-0), Webber (3-1), Franco Acho (2-2), Morillo Rodriguez (1-3)

48 kg

Gold – Carter Shin (United States)

Silver – Yuri Landim Ribiero (Brazil)

Bronze – Anderson Franco Guzman (Venezuela)

4th – Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru)

5th – Christopher Archila Gutierrez (Guatemala)

6th – Wilmer Andy Enqueri (Ecuador)

7th – Yeiron Diaz Ramirez (Dominican Republic)

Gold – Carter Shin (United States) dec. Yuri Landim Ribiero (Brazil), 9-4

Bronze – Anderson Franco Guzman (Venezuela) tech. fall Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru), 9-1

51 kg

Gold – Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador)

Silver – Arseni Kikiniou (United States)

Bronze – Erick Choc Choc (Guatemala)

4th – Haniel Rodriguez Nolaya (Venezuela)

5th – Arkenis Peralta (Dominican Republic)

Round robin bracket records: Peralta Gonzalez (4-0), Kikiniou (3-1), Choc Choc (2-2), Rodriguez Nolaya (1-3), Peralta (0-4)

55 kg

Gold – Slater Hicks (United States)

Silver – Juan Cristaldo Galindo (Peru)

Bronze – Edwin Bonilla Moranzu (Dominican Republic)

Bronze – Yurem Aguilar Arellano (Mexico)

5th – Hugo Lopez y Lopez (Guatemala)

5th – Eduardo Davila Davila (Ecuador)

7th – Edwin Morales Pacheco (Puerto Rico)

8th – Mykael Caetano Laurentino Freitas (Brazil)

Gold – Slater Hicks (United States) dec. Juan Cristaldo Galindo (Peru), 2-2

Bronze – Edwin Bonilla Moranzu (Dominican Republic) tech. fall Hugo Lopez y Lopez (Guatemala), 11-2

Bronze – Yurem Aguilar Arellano (Mexico) dec. Eduardo Davila Davila (Ecuador), 7-0

60 kg

Gold – Manuel Saldate (United States)

Silver – Joseph Chavez Ortiz (Venezuela)

Bronze – Erick Vera Olave (Ecuador)

Bronze – Abisai Camacho Valenciano (Mexico)

5th – Lenin Espinal Rodriguez (Dominican Republic)

5th – Augusto Varvas Valle (Chile)

7th – Josuel Medina Ocasio (Puerto Rico)

8th – Angel Ramirez Guardia (Peru)

Gold – Manuel Saldate (United States) tech. fall Joseph Chavez Ortiz (Venezuela), 8-0

Bronze – Erick Vera Olave (Ecuador) tech. fall Lenin Espinal Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), 9-0

Bronze – Abisai Camacho Valenciano (Mexico) fall Augusto Varvas Valle (Chile), 1:52

65 kg

Gold – Wyatt Medlin (United States)

Silver – Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru)

Bronze – Lucas Marciel Da Silva (Brazil)

4th – Sebastian Bustamante Mejias (Chile)

5th – Benjamin Aguilar Gutierrez (El Salvador)

6th – Juan Orozco Perez (Ecuador)

7th – Noel Zala Moquete (Dominican Republic)

Gold – Wyatt Medlin (United States) dec. Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru), 7-5

Bronze – Lucas Marciel Da Silva (Brazil) fall Sebastian Bustamante Mejias (Chile), 1:01

71 kg

Gold – Joseph Jeter (United States)

Silver – Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico)

Bronze – Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru)

Bronze – Angel Catalan Martinez (Guatemala)

5th – Angel Bereguete Jorge (Dominican Republic)

5th – Steven Tenorio Vasquez (Ecuador)

7th – Heder Saldana Bernardino (Mexico)

8th – Daniel Tejeda Rivera (Honduras)

Gold – Joseph Jeter (United States) tech. fall Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico), 8-0

Bronze – Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru) tech. fall Angel Bereguete Jorge (Dominican Republic), 9-0

Bronze – Angel Catalan Martinez (Guatemala) tech. fall Tenorio Vasquez (Ecuador), 11-1

80 kg

Gold – Guilherme Landim Salles (Brazil)

Silver – Kevin Leal Sanchez (Colombia)

Bronze – Emmitt Sherlock (United States)

Bronze – Jean Zambrano Longas (Ecuador)

5th – Maycki Flores Ayala (Peru)

5th – Alan Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico)

7th – Mauro Resendiz Dominguez (Mexico)

8th – Luis Figuereo Suero (Dominican Republic)

9th – Jorge Gonzalez (Argentina)

10th – Allen Duarte Rodriguez (Venezuela)

Gold – Guilherme Landim Salles (Brazil) dec. Kevin Leal Sanchez (Colombia), 9-4

Bronze – Emmitt Sherlock (United States) tech. fall Maycki Flores Ayala (Peru), 9-0

Bronze – Jean Zambrano Longas (Ecuador) fall Alan Garcia Morales (Puerto Rico), 1:17

92 kg

Gold – Evan McGuire (United States)

Silver – Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela)

Bronze – Cristhoper Perez Dominguez (Guatemala)

4th – Franco Latorre (Puerto Rico)

5th – Kenyiro Gonzales Huaman (Peru)

6th – Federico Hernandez Hernandez (Mexico)

7th – Adalberto Almonte Sanchez (Dominican Republic)

Gold – Evan McGuire (United States) fall Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela), 0:21

Bronze – Cristhoper Perez Dominguez (Guatemala) dec. Franco Latorre (Puerto Rico), 10-4

110 kg

Gold – Trayvn Boger (United States)

Silver – Raphael Rodrigues Duarte (Brazil)

Bronze – Mizael Llontop Cruz (Peru)

4th – Malcolm Nomel Lizana (Chile)

5th – Ayden Williams (Barbados)

6th – Jonatan Marizan Alvarez (Dominican Republic)

Gold – Trayvn Boger (United States) tech. fall Raphael Rodrigues Duarte (Brazil), 9-0

Bronze – Mizael Llontop Cruz (Peru) dec. Malcolm Nomel Lizana (Chile), 5-1

U.S. Greco-Roman Results

45 kg – Loc Webber (Dublin, Ohio/Beast Mode Wrestling), silver

WIN Jan Claude Franco Acho (Peru), 8-1

WIN Nefi Morillo Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 12-3

WIN Fabian Sanchez Molina (Puerto Rico), forfeit

LOSS Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), tech. fall, 9-0

48 kg – Carter Shin (Fairfax, Va./Integrity WC), gold

WIN Yeiron Diaz Ramirez (Dominican Republic), fall, 1:25

LOSS Yuri Landim Ribiero (Brazil), 5-1

WIN Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru), 4-3

WIN Yuri Landim Ribiero (Brazil), 9-4

51 kg – Arseni Kikiniou (Escondido, Calif./Poway Wrestling), silver

WIN Haniel Rodriguez Nolaya (Venezuela), 4-1

WIN Erick Choc Choc (Guatemala), 6-3

WIN Arkenis Peralta (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 9-1

LOSS Moises Peralta Gonzalez (Ecuador), tech. fall, 9-1

55 kg – Slater Hicks (Valencia, Calif./Central Coast RTC), gold

WIN Edwin Bonilla Moranzu (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 10-1

WIN Hugo Lopez y Lopez (Guatemala), tech. fall, 10-2

WIN Juan Cristaldo Galindo (Peru), 2-2

60 kg – Manuel Saldate (Las Vegas, Nev./Gold Rush Wrestling), gold

WIN Erick Vera Olave (Ecuador), tech. fall, 11-2

WIN Lenin Espinal Rodriguez (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Joseph Chavez Ortiz (Venezuela), tech. fall, 8-0

65 kg – Wyatt Medlin (Deer Creek, Ill./Illini WC/Illinois RTC), gold

WIN Noel Zala Moquete (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Benjamin Aguilar Gutierrez (El Salvador), 7-1

WIN Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru), 3-3

WIN Sebastian Bustamante Mejias (Chile), tech. fall, 9-1

WIN Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru), 7-5

71 kg – Joseph Jeter (Edmond, Okla./Husky WC), gold

WIN Angel Bereguete Jorge (Dominican Republic), tech. fall, 8-0

WIN Anthony Molina Rubio (Peru), fall, 0:30

WIN Kawayran Vazquez Jr (Puerto Rico), tech. fall, 8-0

80 kg – Emmitt Sherlock (Linthicum, Md./HeadHunters WC), bronze

LOSS Guilherme Landim Salles (Brazil), 2-1

WIN Maycki Flores Ayala (Peru), tech. fall, 9-0

92 kg – Evan McGuire (Mahtomedi, Minn./Pinnacle WC), gold

WIN Adalberto Almonte Sanchez (Dominican Republic), fall, 0:26

WIN Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela), tech. fall, 9-0

WIN Franco Latorre (Puerto Rico), fall, 1:26

WIN Yorby Villalobos Hernandez (Venezuela), fall, 0:21

110 kg – Trayvn Boger (Kamas, Utah/Sanderson Wrestling Academy), gold

WIN Jonatan Marizan Alvarez (Dominican Republic), fall, 0:29

WIN Mizael Llontop Cruz (Peru), fall, 3:12

WIN Malcolm Nomel Lizana (Chile), fall, 1:01

WIN Raphael Rodrigues Duarte (Brazil), tech. fall, 9-0