Large and experienced U.S. team set for Henri Deglane Challenge in Nice, France, Jan. 19-21

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Past Senior World Team members Abigail Nette and James Green are among the USA athletes at the Henri Deglane Challenge. (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

The United States will have a large and experienced team competing in the three Olympic disciplines at the Henri Deglane Challenge, set for Nice, France, January 19-21.

The team is loaded with athletes who have already qualified for the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Wrestling at Penn State, April 19-20, or are seeking to qualify to compete in the Trials.

The competition will start with women’s freestyle on Friday, January 19, followed by men’s freestyle on Saturday, January 20 and ending with Greco-Roman on Sunday, January 21.

Four members of the current Senior Women’s National Team will be competing on Friday, Erin Golston (50 kg), Katie Gomez (53 kg), Alisha Howk (53 kg) and Bridgette Duty (57 kg). A past Senior World Team member on the women’s freestyle roster is Abigail Nette (57 kg).

In men’s freestyle, four current Senior National Team members will wrestle on Saturday, Nahshon Garrett (65 kg), Tyler Berger (74 kg), Mark Hall (86 kg) and Michael Macchiavello (97 kg). Two-time Senior World medalist James Green is on the roster at 65 kg. Other past Senior World Team members who are competing are Seth Gross (65 kg) and Hayden Zillmer (125 kg).

The U.S. will have one entry in Greco-Roman on Sunday, multiple age-group World medalist Taylor LaMont (60 kg).

Many of the athletes competing in the Henri Deglane Challenge are also involved in some international training camps while in Europe.

Nice is six hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Time Zone. Information on a live stream and results website will be shared, as available, on USA Wrestling’s social media.


At Nice, France, January 19-21

U.S. Men’s Freestyle roster

57 kg: Kael Lauridsen (EAP)

57 kg: Liam Cronin (Nebraska WTC)

57 kg: Cael Nasdeo (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC)

57 kg: Daniel DeShazer (Gopher WC RTC)

61 kg: Ramon De Martin Salazar (EAP)

65 kg: Nahshon Garrett (Titan Mercury WC/LVWC)

65 kg: Aden Valencia (Titan Mercury WC)

65 kg: James Green (Sunkist Kids/Nebraska WTC)

65 kg: Matthew Kolodzik (New York AC/NJRTC)

65 kg: Anthony Ashnault (Titan Mercury WC/NYC RTC)

65 kg: Seth Gross (Sunkist Kids)

70 kg: Anwar Alli (EAP)

70 kg: Yahya Thomas (Titan Mercury WC/NJRTC)

70 kg: Tony Tolbert (NYC RTC)

74 kg: Tyler Berger (Sunkist Kids/PRTC)

74 kg: Alex Facundo (Titan Mercury WC/NLWC)

74 kg: Joey Lavallee (Titan Mercury WC/LVWC)

86 kg: Mark Hall (Titan Mercury WC/PRTC)

86 kg: Taylor Lujan (Titan Mercury WC/Panther WC)

92 kg: Camden McDanel (EAP)

97 kg: Michael Macchiavello (Titan Mercury WC/LVWC)

97 kg: Nate Jackson (New York AC/NJRTC)

125 kg: Trent Hillger (Gopher WC RTC)

125 kg: Hayden Zillmer (Gopher WC RTC)

National Freestyle Developmental Coach: Zack Esposito

Personal Coach: Kerry McCoy (Lehigh WC)

Personal Coach: Reece Humphrey (Titan Mercury WC)

Personal Coach: Kendall Cross (NYC RTC)

Personal Coach: Mark McKnight (NLWC)

U.S. Women’s Freestyle roster

50 kg: Erin Golston (New York AC)

53 kg: Katie Gomez (Sunkist Kids)

53 kg: Alisha Howk (Sunkist Kids)

53 kg: Lauren Mason (Titan Mercury WC)

53 kg: Hannah Hall (Colorado)

57 kg: Alex Hedrick (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC)

57 kg: Abigail Nette (Army WCAP)

57 kg: Bridgette Duty (Army WCAP)

62 kg: Anna Luciano (New York AC)

62 kg: Skylar Hattendorf (New York AC)

62 kg: Lauren Louive (New York AC)

62 kg: Lexie Basham (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC)

68 kg: Kaylynn Albrecht (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC)

76 kg: Skylar Grote (Titan Mercury WC/USOPTC)

76 kg: Brooklyn Hays (Minnesota Gold WC)

76 kg: Yelena Makoyed (Titan Mercury WC/Cardinal WC)

76 kg: Dymond Guilford (Titan Mercury WC)

76 kg: Precious Wieser (Titan Mercury WC)

National Women’s Coach: Terry Steiner

Assistant National Women’s Coach: Katie Kriebel

Personal Coach: Jermaine Hodge (wcap) (self) (no camp)

Personal Coach: Steven Hall (Hall) (self) (event only)

Personal Coach: Vlad Izboinikov () (event only)?

Personal Coach: Cleo Lane (tmwc) (event only)

U.S. Greco-Roman roster

60 kg: Taylor LaMont (Sunkist Kids)

Medical/ATC: Tessa Valdez, St. Louis, Mo.

Official: Na Humma, McKinney, Texas

Event Schedule

Friday, January 19

Women’s Freestyle (50-53-57-62-65-72-76 kg)

10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Qualification rounds and finals

Saturday, January 20

Men’s Freestyle (57-61-65-70-74-79-86-92-97-125 kg)

10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Qualification rounds and finals

Sunday, January 21

Greco-Roman  (55-60-63-67-72-77-82-87-97-130 kg)

10:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Qualification rounds and finals