The 2024 U17 Men’s Freestyle World Team presented to the crown at South Point Arena.
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The 2024 U17 Men’s Freestyle World Team presented to the crown at South Point Arena.

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Munaretto, Raney and Sherlock double up in Las Vegas with U17 World Team Trials freestyle titles

by Richard Immel, USA Wrestling

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LAS VEGAS – The 2024 U17 World Team has been set on the U.S. men’s freestyle side, headlined by past U17 World gold medalist Domenic Munaretto of Illinois, who was a double champion at the U17 World Team Trials this week in Las Vegas.

Munaretto took the 51 kg best-of-three championship series against Alex Rozas of AllStar WC by scores of 3-1 and 5-0. He qualified for the U17 World Team in both freestyle and Greco-Roman with a spectacular showing at South Point Arena.

Joining Munaretto as athletes to double up as freestyle and Greco-Roman champions were 2023 U17 World champion in Greco-Roman Jordyn Raney of Union County at 60 kg and 2023 Fargo finalist Emmitt Sherlock of HeadHunters WC at 80 kg.

Raney came out on top in a battle of brothers in the 60 kg championship series as he faced his twin, Jayden Raney, for the coveted World Team spot. Jayden made the Greco-Roman team at 55 kg on Thursday and elected to move up in weight for the freestyle event. Unlike many matchups between teammates that stall out, the Raney’s put up the most points of any best-of-three series with 11-8 and 16-7 scores.

Jordyn finished with six wins in Greco-Roman and seven wins in freestyle at the U17 World Team Trials, winning each match before the freestyle championship series against his brother without giving up a point. He posted 10 technical falls across both styles.

Sherlock held his own degree of dominance over the 80 kg field this week in Las Vegas. He bested Caleb Dennee of Crass Trained Weigh In Club in Sunday afternoon’s championship series by scores of 12-1 and 9-5. He earned 12 victories over the course of the week, six in freestyle and six in Greco-Roman. The Maryland native used his long frame to toss up points in bunches, tallying 124 total points and seven technical falls across styles.

The Outstanding Wrestler of the tournament was awarded to 92 kg champion Dreshaun Ross of Sebolt Wrestling Academy, who is a 2023 USA Wrestling Triple Crown winner and 2022 U15 Pan American champion in both styles. He posted five technical falls in six contested matches, including 12-1 and 14-2 results over fellow Fargo winner Elijah Diakomihalis of New York in the championship series.

2023 U17 World Team member in Greco-Roman Henry Aslikyan of Birmingham Community Charter HS brought home the 48 kg title with a pair of 2-0 wins over Sebolt Wrestling Academy’s Turner Ross. Aslikyan was a double U17 Pan American champion last year.

2023 16U Freestyle Nationals champions Melvin Miller of Bishop McCort and Michael Mocco of ATT/Mocco Wrestling Academy qualified for their first age-group World Team with impressive efforts in Las Vegas. Miller breezed past 2023 USA Wrestling Triple Crown winner and Iowa high school state champion Kyler Knaack, 8-2 and 10-0, in the 71 kg finals. Mocco took down Dean Bechtold back-to-back in the 110 kg championship series, 13-0 and 12-10.

Also earning first place and a U17 U.S. World Team roster spot were Samuel Sanchez of Titan Mercury WC at 45 kg, Keanu Dillard of Steller Trained Wrestling at 55 kg and Nathaniel Askew of Tar Heel WC at 65 kg.

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2024 U.S. Open Championships | April 24-28 South Point Arena, Las Vegas, Nev.

U17 Freestyle World Team Trials

Final Results
45 kg

1st – Samuel Sanchez (Titan Mercury WC) defeats Sean Kenny (New Jersey), two matches to none

Match 1 – Sanchez fall Kenny, 3:27

Match 2 – Sanchez dec. Kenny, 8-2

3rd – Loc Webber (Beast Mode Wrestling) dec. Jojo Burke (New Jersey), 12-10

5th – Justin Farnsworth (Steller Trained Wrestling) dec. Brandon Bickerton (Seasons Freestyle Club), 8-2

7th – Cruzer Dominguez (MWC Wrestling Academy) dec. Cason Craft (Threestyle Wrestling Of Oklahoma), 15-7

48 kg

1st – Henry Aslikyan (Birmingham Community Charter HS) defeats Turner Ross (Sebolt Wrestling Academy), two matches to none

Match 1 – Aslikyan dec. Ross, 2-0

Match 2 – Aslikyan dec. Ross, 2-0

3rd – Cameron Sontz (Edge Wrestling) dec. Brayden Wenrich (Grit Mat Club), 3-0

5th – Caleb Noble (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy) dec. Case Bell (Contenders Wrestling Academy), 11-7

7th – Carter Shin (Integrity WC) tech. fall Austin Bickerton (Seasons Freestyle Club), 14-0

51 kg

1st – Domenic Munaretto (Illinois) defeats Alex Rozas (AllStar WC), two matches to none

Match 1 – Munaretto dec. Rozas, 3-1

Match 2 – Munaretto dec. Rozas, 5-0

3rd – Grey Burnett (Perrysburg WC) VPO Alexander Pierce (Big Game WC), 6-0

5th – Rylan Seacrist (Seasons Freestyle Club) dec. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway Wrestling), 6-3

7th – Gavin Landers (Immortal Athletics WC) tech. fall Peyton Schoettle (Roncalli Wrestling Foundation), 12-2


55 kg

1st – Keanu Dillard (Steller Trained Wrestling) defeats Slater Hicks (Central Coast RTC), two matches to none

Match 1 – Dillard dec. Hicks, 6-0

Match 2 – Dillard dec. Hicks, 4-0

3rd – Lincoln Sledzianowski (Pennsylvania) dec. Landon Sidun (Knights WC), 10-6

5th – Matthew O'Neill (Malvern WC) fall Titan Friederichs (MN Elite WC), 10-6

7th – Maximus Hay (Askren Wrestling Academy) tech. fall Brayden Teunissen (Relentless Training Center), 13-3

60 kg

1st – Jordyn Raney (Union County) defeats Jayden Raney (Union County), two matches to none

Match 1 – Jordyn Raney dec. Jayden Raney, 11-8

Match 2 – Jordyn Raney dec. Jayden Raney, 16-7

3rd – Tyler Dekraker (Integrity WC) dec. Dean Anderson (Arizona), 6-4

5th – Clinton Shepherd (Howe Wrestling School) dec. Karson Brown (Ohio), 6-0

7th – Manuel Saldate (Gold Rush Wrestling) tech. fall Brenden Jorden Agcaoili (Gold Rush Wrestling), 15-4

65 kg

1st – Nathaniel Askew (Tar Heel WC) defeats Kellen Wolbert (Askren Wrestling Academy), two matches to none

Match 1 – Askew dec. Wolbert, 4-3

Match 2 – Askew dec. Wolbert, 9-0

3rd – Wyatt Medlin (Illinois RTC/Illini WC) dec. Blue Stiffler (Roundtree Wrestling Academy), 6-4

5th – Tyler Traves (Legacy Dragons Wrestling) forfeit Derek Barrows (Bear Cave WC)

7th – Nolan Fellers (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) forfeit Travis Cardenas (Grindhouse Wrestling Club)

71 kg

1st – Melvin Miller (Bishop McCort) defeats Kyler Knaack (Immortal Athletics WC), two matches to none

Match 1 – Miller dec. Knaack, 8-2

Match 2 – Miller tech. fall Knaack, 10-0

3rd – Jayden James (New Jersey) tech. fall Joseph Jeter (Husky WC), 22-12

5th – Daniel Heiser (Wisconsin) dec. Cooper Rowe (Pinnacle WC), 6-4

7th – Reagan Milheim (M2 Training Center) dec. Owen Mcmullen (Bishop McCort), 7-0

80 kg

1st – Emmitt Sherlock (HeadHunters WC) defeats Caleb Dennee (Crass Trained Weigh In Club), two matches to none

Match 1 – Sherlock tech. fall Dennee, 12-1

Match 2 – Sherlock dec. Dennee, 9-5

3rd – Ryder Wilder (Camden County) dec. Mason Ontiveros (Vasky Bros\Pitman WC),6-3

5th – Isai Fernandez (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage) dec. Liam Crook (Kaukauna), 8-1

7th – Ethan Teague (Cowboy WC) tech. fall Gavin Craner (Michigan Grappler Training Center), 10-0

92 kg

1st – Dreshaun Ross (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) defeats Elijah Diakomihalis (New York), two matches to none

Match 1 – Ross tech. fall Diakomihalis, 12-1

Match 2 – Ross tech. fall Diakomihalis, 14-2

3rd – Carson Thomas (Ohio) tech. fall Cason Howle (Blue Chip WC), 10-0

5th – Kaleb Jackson (New Jersey) tech. fall William Ward (Garlington Training Center), 10-0

7th – Max Matthias (Askren Wrestling Academy) dec. Evan McGuire (Pinnacle WC), 8-5

110 kg

1st – Michael Mocco (ATT/Mocco Wrestling Academy) defeats Dean Bechtold (Steller Trained Wrestling), two matches to none

Match 1 – Mocco tech. fall Bechtold, 13-0

Match 2 – Mocco dec. Bechtold, 12-10

3rd – Mark Effendian (Steller Trained Wrestling) dec. Jacob Levy (Tar Heel WC), 13-7

5th – Kai Calcutt (Relentless Training Center) fall Garett Kawczynski (Askren Wrestling Academy), 0:52

7th – Trayvn Boger (Sanderson Wrestling Academy) forfeit James Bechter (MVKWA Patriot Wrestling Club)

Semifinal Results
45 kg

Samuel Sanchez (Titan Mercury WC) dec. Brandon Bickerton (Seasons Freestyle Club), 8-0

Sean Kenny (New Jersey) dec. Justin Farnsworth (Steller Trained Wrestling), 7-4


48 kg

Henry Aslikyan (Birmingham Community Charter HS) dec. Cameron Sontz (Edge Wrestling), 3-2

Turner Ross (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) dec. Brayden Wenrich (Grit Mat Club), 5-2


51 kg

Domenic Munaretto (Illinois) dec. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway Wrestling), 4-4

Alex Rozas (AllStar WC) dec. Alexander Pierce (Big Game WC), 10-2


55 kg

Keanu Dillard (Steller Trained Wrestling) dec. Lincoln Sledzianowski (Pennsylvania), 2-0

Slater Hicks (Central Coast RTC) tech. fall Titan Friederichs (MN Elite Wrestling Club), 11-0


60 kg

Jayden Raney (Union County) tech. fall Tyler Dekraker (Integrity WC), 13-2

Jordyn Raney (Union County) tech. fall Clinton Shepherd (Howe Wrestling School), 11-0

65 kg

Kellen Wolbert (Askren Wrestling Academy) tech. fall Derek Barrows (Bear Cave WC), 16-5

Nathaniel Askew (Tar Heel WC) dec. Tyler Traves (Legacy Dragons Wrestling), 4-4


71 kg

Kyler Knaack (Immortal Athletics WC) dec. Jayden James (New Jersey), 9-7

Melvin Miller (Bishop McCort) dec. Cooper Rowe (Pinnacle WC), 5-1


80 kg

Emmitt Sherlock (HeadHunters WC) dec. Liam Crook (Kaukauna), 7-0

Caleb Dennee (Crass Trained Weigh In Club) dec. Ryder Wilder (Camden County), 5-2


92 kg

Elijah Diakomihalis (New York) dec. Kaleb Jackson (New Jersey), 5-2

Dreshaun Ross (Sebolt Wrestling Academy) dec. Cason Howle (Blue Chip WC), 7-1


110 kg

Michael Mocco (ATT/Mocco Wrestling Academy) dec. Jacob Levy (Tar Heel WC), 11-3

Dean Bechtold (Steller Trained Wrestling) dec. Mark Effendian (Steller Trained Wrestling), 6-2