U.S. wins men’s Greco-Roman title at U15 Pan Am Championships with seven champions

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

The USA delegation at the U15 Pan American Championships, with boys and girls along with their coaches and team leaders. (Photo by Christina Hargrove)

PANAMA CITY, Panama – The United States closed out the U15 Pan American Championships for boys with a team title in Greco-Roman, led by seven individual champions and 10 medalists.

The 10 U.S. boys who compete in men’s freestyle on Friday also wrestled in Greco-Roman on Saturday, with equal effectiveness.

Claiming individual Greco-Roman gold medals for the USA were Chase Karenbauer (38 kg), Keegan Bassett (41 kg), Christopher Grossman (52 kg), Austin Collins (57 kg), Cooper Rowe (68 kg) and Isai Fernandez (76 kg)., and Evan Perez (85 kg).

Collins was awarded the Golden Boot as the Outstanding Wrestler in Greco-Roman. He scored three technical falls and a pin on Saturday.

The same seven U.S. wrestlers also won gold medals in freestyle on Friday, making each of them double champions for the U15 Pan American Championships.

On Saturday, in the Greco-Roman tournament, winning a silver medal was Rocco Cassioppi at 48 kg. Capturing bronze medals were Eli Herring at 44 kg and Travis Cardenas at 62 kg.

Cassioppi, Herring and Cardenas were also double medalists at the U15 Pan Ams, also winning men’s freestyle medals.

The USA won the team title with 225 points, followed by Mexico with 153 points and Puerto Rico with 148 points.

Over the course of both days, the United States boys had 14 gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals, both team championships and both Golden Boot awards. (The men’s freestyle winner of the Golden Boot was Cooper Rowe).

The women’s freestyle competition was held on Friday and Saturday. Team USA won the team title with nine champions and 10 medalists, and also won the Golden Boot (Epenesa Elison). A separate girls article has been posted.


At Panama City, Panama

Greco-Roman medalists

38 kg

Gold – Chase Karenbauer (USA)

Silver - Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador)

Bronze – Hector Aguilar Rodriguez (Mexico)

41 kg

Gold - Keegan Bassett (USA)

Silver - Allan Jimenez Franco (Ecuador)

Bronze - Cristofer Quintero Alonso (Mexico)

Bronze – Jiug Alvarez Arballo (Mexico)

44 kg

Gold - Frederick Bachmann, Jr (Puerto Rico)

Silver – Manuel Garcia Reasco (Ecuador)

Bronze – Eli Herring (USA)

Bronze – Dylan Narvaez Camacho (Ecuador)

48 kg

Gold - Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico)

Silver - Rocco Cassioppi (USA)

Bronze - Erick Choc Choc (Guatemala)

Bronze – Andre Huarcaya Lopez (Peru)

52 kg

Gold - Christopher Grossman (USA)

Silver - Luis Ramirez Prada (Colombia)

Bronze - Felipe Cisneros Nunez (Mexico)

Bronze – Yuri Landim Ribeiro (Brazil)

57 kg

Gold - Austin Collins (USA)

Silver - Braylon Gonzalez (Puerto Rico)

Bronze - Percyvali Jibaja Zazzali (Peru)

Bronze – Zeus Gonzalez Gonzalez (Mexico)

62 kg

Gold - Markuz Gaytan Rodriguez (Mexico)

Silver – Yandro Soto Rivera (Puerto Rico)

Bronze - Travis Cardenas (USA)

Bronze – Juan Ororzco Perez (Ecuador)

68 kg

Gold– Cooper Rowe (USA)

Silver - Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru)

Bronze - Heder Saldana Bernardo (Mexico)

Bronze – Jostyn Salvatierra Baque (Ecuador)

75 kg

Gold - Isai Fernandez (USA)

Silver - Kawayran Vazquez, Jr. (Puerto Rico)

Bronze - Diego Campos Arizpe (Mexico)

Bronze – Fernando Bencke Brandao Lopes Dias (Brazil)

85 kg

Gold - Evan Perez (USA)

Silver - Ricardo Rendon Martinez (Mexico)

Bronze - John Saenz Corea (Guatemala)

Bronze – Thierry Miranda Martillo (Ecuador)

U.S. Men’s Greco-Roman results

38 kg – Chase Karenbauer (Bad Karma WC/Mercer, Pa.), Gold Medal

WIN Zachary Maynard (Barbados), forfeit

WIN Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), tech fall 10-2, 2:52

WIN Cristhian Cevallos Espana (Ecuador), tech fall 8-0, 2:00

WIN Carlos Belmo Cortez (Panama), tech fall, 8-0, 0:37

WIN Ronald Morales Garcia (Ecuador), pin 1:20

41 kg – Keegan Bassett (Young Guns WC/Windber, Pa.), Gold Medal

WIN Jeder Martinez Calvo (Panama), forfeit

WIN Cristofer Quintero Alonso (Mexico), pin 0:39

WIN Allan Jimenez Franco (Ecuador), tech fall 8-0, 0:54

44 kg – Eli Herring (Pennsylvania/Saint Michael, Pa.), Bronze Medal

WIN Jorge Rios (Mexico), 3-3

LOSS Frederick Bachmann, Jr (Puerto Rico)

WIN Raul Newman Bonilla (Panama), pin, 0:11

48 kg – Rocco Cassioppi (Hononegah WC/Roscoe, Ill.), Silver medal

WIN Erick Choc Choc (Guatemala), 7-0

WIN Gael Lopez Rosas (Mexico), tech fall, 9-0 2:27

LOSS Joseph Bachmann (Puerto Rico), 5-4

52 kg – Christopher Grossman (Billings WC/Billings, Mont.), Gold medal

WIN Ivan Castillo Cruz (Panama), forfeit

WIN Maik De Souza Almeida (Brazil), pin 2:44

WIN Felipe Cisneros Nunez (Mexico), tech fall 8-0, 1:30

WIN Luis Ramirez Prada (Colombia), tech fall 12-2, 3:34

57 kg – Austin Collins (Bear Cave WC/Wray, Colo.), Gold medal

WIN Javes Echeverry (Colombia), pin 3:51

WIN Percyvali Jibaja Zazzali (Peru), tech fall, 8-0, 0:41

WIN Juan Cristaldo Galindo (Peru), tech fall, 8-0, 1:21

WIN Braylon Gonzalez (Puerto Rico), tech fall, 8-0, 2:53

62 kg – Travis Cardenas (Grindhouse WC/Mesa, Ariz.), Bronze medal

LOSS Markuz Gaytan Rodriguez (Mexico), 4-4

WIN Hector Chacon Cedeno (Panama)

WIN Everado Garcia Quinonez (Mexico), pin 3:05

68 kg – Cooper Rowe (Pinnacle WC/Mound, Minn.), Gold medal

WIN Heder Saldana Bernardo (Mexico), 14-6

WIN Yesid Urbano Cardona (Colombia), pin 0:34

WIN Joab Carrillo Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), pin, 1:49

WIN Joao Montesinos Macedo (Peru), 3-1

75 kg – Isai Fernandez (Sunkist Kids Monster Garage/Sylmar, Calif.), Gold medal

WIN Angel Garcia Nunez (Mexico), tech fall 9-0, 1:50

WIN Diego Campos Arizpe (Mexico), tech fall 11-0, 2:50

WIN Samuel Vasco Perdomo (Colombia), tech fall, 8-0, 0:58

WIN Kawayran Vazquez, Jr. (Puerto Rico), 8-4

85 kg – Evan Perez (Bear Cave WC/Severance, Colo.), Gold medal

WIN Franco LaTorre (Puerto Rico), pin, 0:38

WIN John Saenz Corea (Guatemala)

WIN Ricardo Rendon Martinez (Mexico), pin 0:40

Final Greco-Roman Team Standings

1 United States 225

2 Mexico 153

3 Puerto Rico 148

4 Ecuador 117

5 Peru 76

6 Panama 61

7. Colombia 54

8. Brazil 38

9. Guatemala 30

10. Chile 8

11. El Salvador 4