Bill Farrell Greco-Roman Preview: Past World Team members Coon, Rau, Jones, Porter among talented entries

by Gary Abbott, USA Wrestling

Adam Coon (USA) pummels during 2020 Pan American Olympic Qualifier (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

With a strong field of U.S. entries, some strong foreign talent, and with berths in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials up for grabs, the Greco-Roman division will be highly competitive at the annual Bill Farrell Memorial International New York City’s famed New York Athletic Club, Nov. 17-18.

The Greco-Roman competition is set for Friday, November 17. Up for grabs are spots in the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Wrestling at Penn State in April. The top U.S. placewinner (in the top four) in each weight class who has not already qualified in each weight class will advance to the Challenge Tournament of the Olympic Trials. The tournament will feature only the six Olympic Games weight classes, not the normal 10 World Championships weight classes.

2018 World silver medalist Adam Coon (130 kg), currently No. 2 on the national team, and 2023 Senior World Team member Josef Rau (97 kg) are among the top stars who have registered for New York. Coon and Rau are already qualified for the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, and will compete looking to help prepare for the run towards the 2024 Olympic Team.

Two other past Senior World Team members who are already qualified for the Olympic Trials and are registered include two-time World Team member Sammy Jones (60 kg) and 2021 World Team member Jesse Porter (77 kg). Jones is dropping down to an Olympic weight class. Porter won the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, but could not qualify the weight for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Current U.S. Senior National Team members in the draw include Dalton Duffield (60 kg), Camden Russell (60 kg), Robert Perez III (67 kg), Justus Scott (67 kg), Noah Wachsmuth (77 kg), Aliaksandr Kikinou (87 kg), Ryan Epps (87 kg), Richard Carlson (87 kg) and Donny Longendyke (97 kg). Duffield, Russell, Scott, Wachsmuth, Kikinou, Epps and Longendyke are all competing in different weight classes than last season. There are at least six other past Senior National Team members in the draw as well.

2011 U20 World champion Shota Gogisvanidze of Georgia is among the talented athletes from other nations who are registered and are capable of making a run for the medals at the Bill Farrell Memorial Internationa.

For three straight days, we have previewed each of the disciplines.

This event will be broadcast live by FloWrestling.

Sammy Jones lifts his opponent during 2022 Final X. (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

60 kg Greco-Roman entries

Otto       Black     CO         Colorado Top Team Wrestling Club

Max       Black     CO         NMU-National Training Center      

Mitchell Brown   CO         Air Force Regional Training Center

Joseph   Couch    MD        West Point Wrestling Club

Paxton   Creese   MN        Minnesota Storm

Dalton   Duffield CO         Army (WCAP)   

Dylan    Gregerson            UT          Brunson UVRTC

Jonathan Gurule   NM        NMU-National Training Center      

Randon Miranda CA         Greco-Roman National Team

Sammy  Jones CO              New York Athletic Club                  

Corbin   Nirschl  NE          MWC Wrestling Academy

Aidan    Nutter    WI          New York Athletic Club   

Rhett      Peak       OK         Checkmate WC  

Dominic Robertson            OR         10 Year Active Athlete List             

Camden Russell  NE          MWC Wrestling Academy

Van        Schmidt NE          MWC Wrestling Academy

Billy      Sullivan NV         Army (WCAP)   

Alan       Waters   MO        Graham Greco    

Foreign Athletes

Marat Garipov (Brazil)

Logan Suh (Canada)

Gizo Meladze (Georgia)

Yernur Fidakhmetov (Kazakhstan)

Yernar Fidakhmetov (Kazakhstan)

60 kg Greco-Roman summary: Current Greco-Roman National Team members Sammy Jones, Dalton Duffield and Camden Russell leads the large group of U.S. entries. Jones is a two-time World Team member moving down in weight. Max Black, Dylan Gregerson, Randon Miranda and Billy Sullivan are also in the hunt. Switching from freestyle is talented Alan Waters. 2020 Pan American bronze medalist Marat Garipov of Brazil, 2014 U20 World bronze medalist Gizo Meladze of Georgia and 2022 Asian bronze medalist Yernur Fidakhmetov of Kazakhstan are tough foreign opponents.

Robert Perez III works his pummel during 2023 Final X. (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

67 kg Greco-Roman entries

Joel        Adams   NE          The Best Wrestler             

Patrick   Brackett CO         Mile High Wrestling Club

Kyle       Bridgeforth          PA          Pennsylvania      

Charlie  Dill        NY         NMU-National Training Center      

Morgan Flaharty CO         New York Athletic Club   

Gunnar  Hamre   WI          Combat W.C. School of Wrestling 

Owen     Hicks     NY         Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club         

Ty           Lydic     PA          New York Athletic Club   

Lenny    Merkin  NY         New York Athletic Club   

Devin    Montano              CA         California           

Duncan Nelson   IL           Illinois  

Robert   Perez III CO         Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club           

Farrokh Safaeinejad          FL          Florida 

Logan    Savvy    VA          New York Athletic Club   

Justus    Scott      CO         Army (WCAP)   

David    Stepanian             MI          New York Athletic Club   

Ryan      Wheeler WA         UP Vikings Wrestling Club             

Foreign Athletes

Manzo Diatuka (Angola)

Joseph Dashou (Canada)

Daviti Takashvili (Georgia)

Ryoma Hojo (Japan)

Yerassyl Kenganov (Kazakhstan)

Assaukhat Mukhamadiyev (Kazakhstan)

Aidos Paimov (Kazakhstan)

67 kg Greco-Roman summary: Current Senior National Team members Robert Perez III and Justus Scott are entered here. Both were Final X runners-up, Perez at 67 kg and Scott at 72 kg. Top U.S. challengers at this weight include David Stepanian and Lenny Merkin, both with multiple U.S. Open placements. 2022 U17 World champion Joel Adams, also a Senior Open placer, should be in the mix. 2010 Asian U20 champion Assaukhat Mukhamadiyev of Kazakhstan leads a group of foreign entries.

Jesse Porter (USA) competes in the 2021 Senior World Championships (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

77 kg Greco-Roman entries

Adrian   Artsisheuskiy      NY         New York Athletic Club   

Dan        Bechtold              PA          Lancaster Alliance Wrestling Club (LAW)   

Tyler      Cunningham        NE          MWC Wrestling Academy

Patrick   Curran   IL           NMU-National Training Center      

Aaron    Dobbs    WI          NMU-National Training Center      

Payton   Jacobson              WI          Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club           

Rudy      James    MN        New York Athletic Club   

Timothy Johnson-Thompson           TX          Texas    

Ashton  Miess     WI          Combat W.C. School of Wrestling 

Alec       Ortiz      MN        Minnesota Storm

Jesse      Porter    NY         New York Athletic Club   

Calum    Price      NY         New York            

Glenn    Rhees    MO        Graham Greco    

Eddie     Smith     IA           Sauk Prairie High School Wrestling

Andrei   Stashonak            NY         New York            

Noah      Wachsmuth          CO         New York Athletic Club   

Foreign Athletes

Francisco Kadima (Angola)

Hayk Asatryan (Armenia)

Shant Khachatryan (Armenia)

John Yeats (Canada)

Minto Maeda (Japan)

Abunassyr Omirzak (Kazakhstan)

77 kg Greco-Roman summary: Past Senior World Team member and Olympic Trials champion Jesse Porter, and current Senior National Team member Noah Wachsmuth are among the top U.S. talents in the field. Past National Team members Payton Jacobson and Alec Ortiz are also among the contenders. Age-group World Team member Tyler Cunningham is another talent. Two tough Armenians are entered, 2023 U23 World bronze medalist Shant Khachatryan and 2017 U17 World bronze medalist Hayk Asatryan. 2023 Pan American bronze medalist John Yeats of Canada could also contend.

Richard Carlson (USA) battles for position at the Pan American Championships (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

87 kg Greco-Roman entries

Michael Altomer NY         Curby 3 Style Wrestling Club         

Andrew Berreyesa             NV         New York Athletic Club   

Tommy  Brackett CO         New York Athletic Club   

Cameron              Caffey   IL           Michigan Wrestling Club 

Richard Carlson MN        Minnesota Storm

Ryan      Epps      MN        Army (WCAP)   

Javian    Garrett   TX          Rise RTC             

Arian     Khosravy             CA         California           

Aliaksandr           Kikiniou CA         California           

Jack       Lucie     CO         West Point Wrestling Club

Michael O'Malley              NJ          Pennsylvania RTC             

Casey    Recrosio WV        NMU-National Training Center      

Christian              Rouleau MN        Minnesota Storm

Keenan  Wyatt     AL          Knights RTC       

Timothy Young   IL           Army (WCAP)

Foreign Athletes

Jones Mabungu (Angola)

Ionnis Narlidis (Canada)

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed (Egypt)

Shynggyskhan Zhaisambay (Kazakhstan)

87 kg Greco-Roman summary: Current Senior National Team members Aliaksandr Kikinou, Ryan Epps and Richard Carlson are all among the entries. All came from different weights last year, with Kikinou at 77 kg, Epps at 82 kg and Carlson at 87 kg. 2022 Final X finalist Timothy Young is also in the mix. Past age-group World medalist Andrew Berreyesa is fully focused on Greco-Roman. 2022 U.S. Open freestyle champion Cameron Caffey is also a U20 World Team member in Greco-Roman, and is going the classic style in New York. Michael Altomer, Tommy Brackett and Arian Khosravy are also contenders for a medal. 2019 African champion Ahmed Hassan Ahmed of Egypt is the top international entry.

Joe Rau (USA) controls an arm during 2023 Pan American Games. (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

97 kg Greco-Roman entries

Nicholas Boykin  OH         Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club           

Donny   Longendyke         MN        Minnesota Storm

David Tate           Orndorff OH         Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)      

Josef      Rau        IL           Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)      

George  Sikes      FL          New York Athletic Club

Morgan Smith      WA  Titan Mercury Wrestling Club (TMWC)             

Foreign Athletes

Sergo Gogisvanidze (Georgia)

Kevin Mejia (Honduras)

97 kg Greco-Roman summary: 2023 World Team member Josef Rau, who is already qualified for the Olympic Trials, has entered. Another current National Team member Donny Longendyke has dropped down from 130 kg. Another 130 kg past National Team member, David Tate Orndorff, is also listed at 97 kg. Nick Boykin, a past National Team member, and George Sikes are challengers. Shota Gogisvanidze of Georgia brings international experience to the field

Aden Attao gets front headlock at 2023 Junior Nationals (Photo by Tony Rotundo, Wrestlers Are Warriors)

130 kg Greco-Roman entries

Malcolm              Allen     MN        Viking RTC         

Aden      Attao     ID           Suples Wrestling Club      

West      Cathcart IL           New York Athletic Club   

Gage      Cook      WA         West Point Wrestling Club

Adam     Coon      MI          New York Athletic Club   

Tom       Foote     MA        New York Athletic Club   

Courtney              Freeman NC         Marines

Caleb     Vancura MN        Viking RTC         

Foreign Athletes

Shota Gogisvanidze (Georgia)

130 kg Greco-Roman summary: 2018 World silver medalist Adam Coon has registered, the most accomplished U.S. entry in this year’s Bill Farrell in Greco-Roman. Coon is already qualified for Olympic Trials. 2011 U20 World champion Shota Gogisvanidze of Georgia will be a tough opponent. Aden Attao, a 2022 U20 World bronze medalist, is a rising star. 2021 U.S. Open champion Malcolm Allen, and U.S. Open placers Courtney Freeman and West Cathcart are others who could contend.