Coaches Apprentice Program

Objective: To provide an opportunity for USA Wrestling Coaches to gain experience and professional growth via a field experience with a national team at FILA sanctioned international competition.

Details of the program:

I. Coaches would pay for all costs associated with the trip: (travel, room, board, gear and fees). Coaches will receive an official team gear package with the trip.
II. On trips with four or more Apprentice Coaches, the Manager of the National Coaches Education will supervise the Apprentice Coaches. The cost of the Manager of the NCEP will be built into the cost of the Apprentice Coaches.
III. Coaches must have attended a Silver College and be progressing toward Silver or Gold Level Certification in the NCEP
IV. Coaches would receive (2) NCEP credits for their field experience. They will be required to turn in a log of their experience to earn credits.
V. Coaches must apply to the coach’s pool to be considered for the coaching Apprentice Program.
VI. Applications process:
1. Complete the Coaches Pool Application Form
2. Designate the desired competition to serve as an Apprentice Coach
3. Deposit of 50% or cost of visa and airfare up front, remaining balance due one month before departure, no refunds on deposits.
4. Final approval of Apprentice Coaches will be determined by a committee of National Team Staff and the Manager of the NCEP.
VII. Coaches will have the option to attend the pre-competition training camps with some of the CAP trips. Coaches will be responsible for all cost associated with their attendance at training camp (housing at the OTC to be determined upon availability).
VIII. Coaches will be an official member of the USA Delegation and included in all events and activities associated with the completion. (Coaches would only receive a coaching pass if possible; however the apprentice coach would not coach in the corner.)
IX. Competitions offered to Apprentice Coaches will be determined by National Teams staff and the Manager of NCEP.
X. Apprentice Coaches can choose one or more styles to be and Apprentice Coach (MFS WFS MGR)
XI. Olympics Games are excluded in Coach Apprentices Program
XII. Please email Mike Clayton at if you are interested in participating in the Coach Apprentice Program
XIII. Apprentice Coaches tour opportunities:
1. Contact Mike Clayton to inquire about the next CAP opportunity as well as the application deadlines