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Final Division II Team and Individual Rankings

Date Ranked:03/01/2007
Ranked By

The NCAA Division II Wrestling Coaches’ Association Top 20 poll, with points and last ranking:

Rank School (State) Points Last Ranking
1. Nebraska-Kearney 154 1st
2. Minnesota State-Mankato 152 3rd
3. Central Oklahoma 150 2nd
4. Nebraska-Omaha 130 4th
5. Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.) 127 5th
6. Upper Iowa 121 7th
7. Adams State (Colo.) 104 6th
8. Fort Hays State (Kan.) 92 9th
9. Indianapolis (Ind.) 91 15th
10. Mercyhurst (Pa.) 89 10th
11. Western State (Colo.) 81 12th
12. Wisconsin-Parkside 73 13th
13. Chadron State (Neb.) 52 16th
14. Augustana (S.D.) 46 14th
15. Shippensburg (Pa.) 40 NR
16. Ashland (Ohio) 39 11th
17. West Liberty State (W.Va.) 36 8th
18. Findlay (Ohio) 33 20th
19. Minnesota State-Moorhead 30 NR
20. Newberry (S.C.) 17 17th

Others receiving votes: Carson-Newman (Tenn.), Central Missouri, Kutztown (Pa.), San Francisco State.

125 Pounds
1. Trevor Charboneau, Nebraska-Kearney
2. Arsenia Barksdale, Adams State (Colo.)
3. Nick Smith, Minnesota State-Mankato
4. Tyler Mumbulo, Upper Iowa
5. Devlon Webb, Chadron State (Neb.)
6. John Fleming, Indianapolis (Ind.)
7. Chris Trampe, Augustana (S.D.)
8. Payne Lint, Mercyhurst (Pa.)

133 Pounds
1. Brett Allgood, Nebraska-Kearney
2. Andy Uhl, Findlay (Ohio)
3. Jeff Pfaffinger, Minnesota State-Mankato
4. Joe Kemmerer, Kutztown (Pa.)
5. Shane Perkey, Indianapolis (Ind.)
6. Brandon Reasy, Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.)
7. Nathan Naumann, Upper Iowa
8. Marques Bravo, Western State (Colo.)

141 Pounds
1. Kyle Evans, Central Oklahoma
2. Travis Elg, Minnesota State-Mankato
3. Steven Fittery, Shippensburg (Pa.)
4. Ross Mountour, New Mexico Highlands
5. John Gamble, Upper Iowa
6. Yasiim Bribieseca, Nebraska-Omaha
7. J.J. Zanetta, Mercyhurst (Pa.)
8. Tony Iovine, Ashland (Ohio)

149 Pounds
1. Jason Rhoten, Minnesota State-Mankato
2. Todd Meneely, Nebraska-Omaha
3. Shea Timothy, Central Oklahoma
4. Don Cummings, Mercyhurst (Pa.)
5. Mark Pfeifer, Chadron State (Neb.)
6. Mike Rogers, Carson-Newman (Tenn.)
7. Charlie Pingleton, Indianapolis (Ind.)
8. Mikel Delk, Fort Hays State (Kan.)

157 Pounds
1. Tony Guerra, Findlay (Ohio)
2. Brad Becker, Wisconsin-Parkside
3. Jason Leavitt, Central Oklahoma
4. Brandon Girtz, Minnesota State-Mankato
5. Joe Ellenberger, Nebraska-Kearney
6. Austin Scarset, Augustana (S.D.)
7. Andy Lamancusa, Mercyhurst (Pa.)
8. Travis Eggers, Upper Iowa

165 Pounds
1. Andy Pickar, Minnesota State-Mankato
2. Nate Baker, Minnesota State-Moorhead
3. Mitch Norton, Upper Iowa
4. Ross Taplin, Nebraska-Omaha
5. Brett Hunter, Chadron State (Neb.)
6. Justin Wood, Central Oklahoma
7. Kevin Kalbach, Kutztown (Pa.)
8. Zach Lee, Western State (Colo.)

174 Pounds
1. J.D. Naig, Nebraska-Omaha
2. Tom Clark, West Liberty State (W.Va.)
3. Zach Shafer, Mercyhurst (Pa.)
4. Michael Jackson, Indianapolis (Ind.)
5. Cody Henriksen, Augustana (S.D.)
6. Eli Garshnick, Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.)
7. Quinn Tolbert, Newberry (S.C.)
8. Larry Wilbanks, Western State (Colo.)

184 Pounds
1. Mike Corcetti, Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.)
2. Jared Deaguero, Adams State (Colo.)
3. Matt Farrell, Nebraska-Kearney
4. Jared Hess, Central Oklahoma
5. Mark Murphy, Shippensburg (Pa.)
6. Nate Jones, Carson-Newman (Tenn.)
7. Austin Boehm, Nebraska-Omaha
8. Travis Krinke, Minnesota State-Mankato

197 Pounds
1. Casey Woodall, Adams State (Colo.)
2. Derek Brunson, North Carolina-Pembroke
3. Ryan Phillips, Upper Iowa
4. Nate Buys, Augustana (S.D.)
5. Jacob Marrs, Nebraska-Omaha
6. Mike Fowler, Pittsburgh-Johnstown (Pa.)
7. Chris Taylor, West Liberty (W.Va.)
8. Ben Janike, Minnesota State-Mankato

285 Pounds
1. Tervel Dlagnev, Nebraska-Kearney
2. Josh LeadingFox, Central Oklahoma
3. Brady Wilson, Minnesota State-Mankato
4. Andrew Ubben, Fort Hays State (Kan.)
5. Jose Navarro, Indianapolis (Ind.)
6. Dan Goodson, Upper Iowa
7. Tony Lewis, Nebraska-Omaha
8. Jason Groller, Shippensburg (Pa.)

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