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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

W.I.N. Magazine's NCAA Div. I Individual Rankings

Date Ranked:12/07/2004
Ranked By W.I.N. Magazine

1. Sam Hazewinkel, So. Oklahoma (1st)
2. Kyle Ott, Jr. Illinois (2nd)
3. Nick Simmons, So. Michigan State (3rd)
4. Mark Moos, So. Michigan (12th)
5. Vic Moreno, Sr. Cal Poly (4th)
6. Bobbe Lowe, Sr. Minnesota (6th)
7. Efren Ceballos, Sr. Cal State-Bakersfield (11th)
8. Joe Dubuque, Jr. Indiana (7th)
9. Andrew Hochstrasser, Fr. Boise State (NR)
10. Matt Keller, So. Nebraska (10th)
11. Jeremy Mendoza, So. Arizona State (13th)
12. Mark McKnight, So. Buffalo (8th)
13. Matt Pitts, Jr. Tennessee-Chattanooga (9th)
14. Christian Staylor, So. Old Dominion (14th)
15. Nathan Peterson, So. Stanford (19th)
16. Adam Smith, Sr. Penn State (15th)
17. Grant Nakamura, Jr. Iowa State (17th)
18. Luke Smith, Fr. Central Michigan (16th)
19. Jesse Miramontes, Sr. Cal State-Fullerton (NR)
20. Robbie Preston, So. Harvard (NR)

1. Travis Lee, Sr. Cornell (1st)
2. Mark Jayne, Sr. Illinois (3rd)
3. Chris Fleeger, Jr. Purdue (4th)
4. Shawn Bunch, Jr. Edinboro (7th)
5. Matt Sanchez, Sr. Cal State-Bakersfield (5th)
6. Tom Clum, Jr. Wisconsin (6th)
7. Mack Reiter, Fr Minnesota (10th)
8. Evan Sola, Jr. North Carolina (8th)
9. Daniel Frishkorn, Fr. Oklahoma State (9th)
10. Derek Moore, So. California-Davis (14th)
11. Drew Headlee, So. Pittsburgh (NR)
12. TJ Enright, Fr. Ohio State (11th)
13. Scott Jorgenson, Jr. Boise State (13th)
14. Sam Hiatt, Sr. Northern Illinois (12th)
15. David Hoffman, Sr. Virginia Tech (15th)
16. Josh Keefe, So. Tennessee-Chattanooga (16th)
17. Charles Griffin, Fr. Hofstra (18th)
18. Seth Lisa, Jr. West Virginia (20th)
19. Jason Borrelli, Jr. Central Michigan (NR)
20. Jeff Santo, Fr. Lehigh (NR)

1. Nate Gallick, Sr. Iowa State (1st)
2. Teyon Ware, Jr. Oklahoma (2nd)
3. Cory Cooperman, Jr. Lehigh (3rd)
4. Matt Murray, Sr. Nebraska (4th)
5. Andy Simmons, So. Michigan State (5th)
6. Ron Tarquino, Jr. Pittsburgh (7th)
7. Alex Tsirtsis, Fr. Iowa (8th)
8. Ricky LaForge, Sr. Hofstra (17th)
9. Brandon Lauer, Jr. West Virginia (10th)
10. Frank Edgar, Sr. Clarion (13th)
11. Mike Simpson, Sr. Indiana (11th)
12. Nate Gulosh, Sr. Navy (NR)
13. Tyler Laudon, Sr. Wisconsin (6th)
14. Dewitt Driscoll, Jr. Penn State (NR)
15. Chris McCormick, Jr. Missouri (15th)
16. Ryan Lang, Fr. Northwestern (NR)
17. Patrick Simpson, Jr. Army (20th)
18. Ronnie Delk, Sr. Oklahoma State (NR)
19. CJ Ettleson, Fr. Northern Iowa (NR)
20. Michael Keefe, So. Tennessee-Chattanooga (18th)

1. Zack Esposito, Jr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Dustin Manotti, Jr. Cornell (2nd)
3. Phillip Simpson, Sr. Army (3rd)
4. Matt Storniolo, So. Oklahoma (4th)
5. Jon Masa, Jr. Hofstra (5th)
6. Ty Eustice, Jr. Iowa (6th)
7. Eric Tannenbaum, Fr. Michigan (13th)
8. Ben Cherrington, Jr. Boise State (8th)
9. Patrick Williams, Sr. Arizona State (7th)
10. Matt Kocher, So. Pittsburgh (9th)
11. Mark DiSalvo, Jr. Central Michigan (16th)
12. Darren McKnight, Sr. Michigan State (14th)
13. Craig Henning, Fr. Wisconsin (18th)
14. Jeff Harrison, Sr. Northern Iowa (19th)
15. James Woodall, Sr. Penn State (10th)
16. Doug Withstandley, Jr. Purdue (12th)
17. Josh Wooton, Jr. Northern Illinois (17th)
18. Jason Bake, Jr. Kent State (NR)
19. Mike French, Fr. Tennessee-Chattanooga (11th)
20. Anton Dietzen, Sr. Illinois (15th)

1. Matt Gentry, Sr. Stanford (1st)
2. Jake Percival, Sr. Ohio (2nd)
3. Ryan Bertin, Sr. Michigan (3rd)
4. Alex Tirapelle, Jr. Illinois (4th)
5. Trent Paulson, So. Iowa State (5th)
6. Muzaffar Abdurakhmanov, Jr. American (6th)
7. Joe Johnston, Jr. Iowa (8th)
8. Matt Lebe, Jr. West Virginia (11th)
9. Chris Horning, Jr. Clarion (15th)
10. Brian Stith, So. Arizona State (16th)
11. B.J. Wright, Sr. Nebraska (9th)
12. Derek Zinck, Jr. Lehigh (10th)
13. Jim Medeiros, Sr. Fresno State (7th)
14. Nathan Galloway, So. Penn State (13th)
15. Tyler Turner, So. Wisconsin (17th)
16. Paul Bjorlo, Sr. Virginia (NR)
17. James Strouse, So. Hofstra (18th)
18. Brad Cieleski, Sr. Missouri (12th)
19. Kevin Ward, Jr. Oklahoma State (14th)
20. Chris Bittetto, So. Northern Iowa (NR)

1. Troy Letters, Jr. Lehigh (1st)
2. David Bolyard, Sr. Central Michigan (2nd)
3. Johny Hendricks, So. Oklahoma State (3rd)
4. Ryan Churella, Jr. Michigan (5th)
5. Mark Perry, Fr. Iowa (10th)
6. Travis Paulson, So. Iowa State (6th)
7. Nate Yetzer, Sr. Edinboro (7th)
8. Jacob Klein, Sr. Nebraska (4th)
9. Tyron Woodley, Sr. Missouri (8th)
10. Jon Sioredas, Sr. Tennessee-Chattanooga (9th)
11. Matt Nagel, Jr. Minnesota (13th)
12. Matt Ellis, Sr. Oregon State (14th)
13. Nick Baima, So. Northern Iowa (16th)
14. Chris Stith, Sr. Virginia Tech (15th)
15. Christian Arellano, Jr. Cal State-Bakersfield (NR)
16. Brody Barrios, Sr. Cal Poly (18th)
17. Will Durkee, Jr. Virginia (NR)
18. Matt Palmer, So. Columbia (11th)
19. Pat Pitsch, Fr. Arizona State (NR)
20. Donny Reynolds, So. Illinois (20th)

1. Chris Pendleton, Sr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Ben Askren, So. Missouri (2nd)
3. Eric Hauan, Sr. Northern Iowa (3rd)
4. Pete Friedl, Jr. Illinois (4th)
5. Shane Webster, Jr. Oregon (5th)
6. Andrew Roy, Sr. Rutgers (6th)
7. E.K. Waldhaus, Sr. Oklahoma (7th)
8. Mitch Hancock, Sr. Central Michigan (8th)
9. Paul Siemon, Sr. Hofstra (11th)
10. Jon Duncombe, Sr. Minnesota (9th)
11. Nick Passolano, Sr. Iowa State (12th)
12. Nick Roy, So. Michigan (10th)
13. Travis Frick, Jr. Lehigh (13th)
14. Marc Harwood, So. Nebraska (NR)
15. J.J. Holmes, Sr. Eastern Michigan (15th)
16. R.J. Boudro, Jr. Michigan State (NR)
17. Brady Richardson, Jr. Indiana (17th)
18. Rocco Caponi, Fr. Virginia (NR)
19. Bryce Hasseman, Sr. Bloomsburg (NR)
20. Dan Waters, Sr. American (20th)

1. Greg Jones, Sr. West Virginia (1st)
2. Paul Bradley, Jr. Iowa (2nd)
3. Brian Glynn, Sr. Illinois (3rd)
4. Kurt Backes, So. Iowa State (4th)
5. Eric Bradley, Jr. Penn State (5th)
6. Travis Pascoe, Sr. Nebraska (6th)
7. C.B. Dollaway, So. Arizona State (13th)
8. Roger Kish, Fr. Minnesota (8th)
9. Tyler Baier, Sr. Cornell (11th)
10. Matt Pell, So. Missouri (7th)
11. Ben Wissel, Jr. Purdue (14th)
12. Ryan Halsey, Jr. Cal Poly (12th)
13. Justin Dyer, So. Oklahoma (10th)
14. Alex Camargo, Jr. Kent State (18th)
15. Joe Williams, Fr. Michigan State (NR)
16. Brady Reinke, Sr. Wisconsin (9th)
17. Luke Calvert, Jr. Army (15th)
18. Andy Rios, Jr. Indiana (NR)
19. Clay Kerrer, Fr. Oklahoma State (NR)
20. Dan Pitsch, Jr. Oregon State (16th)

1. Jake Rosholt, Jr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Chris Skretkowicz, Sr. Hofstra (2nd)
3. Jon Trenge, Sr. Lehigh (3rd)
4. J.D. Bergman, So. Ohio State (4th)
5. Ryan Bader, Jr. Arizona State (5th)
6. Marcio Botelho, Sr. Fresno State (6th)
7. Scott Barker, Sr. Oregon (9th)
8. Ryan Flaherty, Jr. Wisconsin (10th)
9. Sean Stender, Sr. Northern Iowa (8th)
10. B.J. Padden, Jr. Nebraska (7th)
11. Joel Flaggert, So. Oklahoma (11th)
12. Marcus Schontube, Sr. Pennsylvania (13th)
13. Jerry Rinaldi, So. Cornell (NR)
14. Trevor Smith, Jr. Iowa State (14th)
15. Tyrone Byrd, Jr. Illinois (19th)
16. Landon Seefeldt, Sr. Cal State-Fullerton (12th)
17. Jeff Foust, Jr. Missouri (16th)
18. K.C. Walsh, Jr. Boise State (15th)
19. Nathan Moore, Jr. Purdue (17th)
20. Matt Delguyd, Jr. Northwestern (20th)

1. Steve Mocco, Jr. Oklahoma State (1st)
2. Cole Konrad, So. Minnesota (2nd)
3. Greg Wagner, Jr. Michigan (4th)
4. Matt Feast, Sr. Pennsylvania (3rd)
5. Matt Fields, Fr. Iowa (12th)
6. Cain Velasquez, Jr. Arizona State (9th)
7. Scott Coleman, Sr. Iowa State (7th)
8. Brent Miller, Sr. West Virginia (6th)
9. Mike Faust, Jr. Virginia Tech (5th)
10. Bill Stouffer, Sr. Central Michigan (10th)
11. Eric Smith, So. Boise State (NR)
12. Clint Walbeck, Jr. Fresno State (11th)
13. Jake O'Brien, Fr. Purdue (NR)
14. Tanner Garrett, Jr. Navy (17th)
15. Ty Watterson, So. Oregon State (NR)
16. Jake Hager, Jr. Oklahoma (15th)
17. Pat DeGain, Sr. Indiana (16th)
18. Dustin Fox, Fr. Northwestern (18th)
19. Mike Behnke, So. Illinois (20th)
20. Tomas Rodriguez, Jr. Kent State (NR)

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