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California Community College Individual Rankings

Date Ranked:10/05/2011
Ranked By CACC Media

Rankings Link

Weight 125

Damien Gomez – Cerritos College
Jake Harrison – Cerritos College
Junior Davila – Fresno City College
Marc Collier – Bakersfield College
Phillip Hendrix – Mt. San Antonio College
Emilio Rivera – Palomar College
Eugene Cancino - Fresno City College
Justin Silva – Rio Hondo College


Andrew Wolochuk – Santa Rosa Junior College
Daniel Nguyen – Chabot College
Darren Salazar – West Hills College
Joel Rodas – Fresno City College
Ricky Ugarte – Lassen College
Sergio Sixto – San Joaquin Delta College
Yasier Alverez – Lassen College

Weight 133

Chris Padilla – Fresno City College
Pierce Lowrey – Mt. San Antonio College
Isa Hurtado – Sacramento City College
Ralph Roja, Skyline College
Michael Ruiz – West Hills College
Rudy Delgado – Cerritos College
Auston Wulfert – Sierra College
Jeff Lobos – Lassen College


Jacob Barbarena – Cerritos College
Mack Chambers – Fresno City College
Morek Robbins – Santa Rosa Junior College
Nathan Monck – Sacramento City College

Weight 141

Alberto Arreola – West Hills College
Kevin Rojas – Fresno City College
Eric Orozco – West Hills College
John Gay – Cuesta College
Jacob Depraect – Rio Hondo College
Anthony Kaouri – Cerritos College
Enrique Barajas – Sacramento City College
Aaron Pen-Kruger – Santa Rosa Junior College


Anthony Nebina – Fresno City College
Brian Ha – Skyline College
Efren Rodriguez – Sacramento City College
Marco Frantantoni – Cerritos College
Marcus Vargas – Cerritos College
Saul Garcia – Fresno City College

Weight 149

Noel Blanco – Mt. San Antonio College
Seth Seneca – Santa Ana College
Conrad Rangel – Fresno City College
Pete Escandon – Fresno City College
Tim Nevarez – Sacramento City College
Paul Looper – Mt. San Antonio College
Milton Nkunku – Sacramento City College
Richard Morris – Santa Rosa Junior College


Alex Razo – Cerritos College
Laith Alnasirri – Sacramento City College
Marques Gebhardt – Skyline College
Owen Craugh – Lassen College
Voris Meeks – Cerritos College
Zach Mitchell – Cerritos College
Alex Rodriguez – Sierra College

Weight 157

Ramon Estrada – Cerritos College
Jessie Baldazo – Sierra College
Brady Bersano – Fresno City College
Marcial Rodriguez – Lassen College
Miguel Torres – Fresno City College
Corey Flores – Santa Ana College
Shawn Porter – Sacramento City College
Jake Schilling – Fresno City College


Casey Schumacher – Santa Rosa Junior College
Marty Legaspe – Rio Hondo College
Zarek Sanchez – Lassen College

Weight 165

Tigran Adzhemyan – Fresno City College
Trey Edmunds – Sierra College
Aaron Lopez – Santa Ana College
Joshua Newman – East Los Angeles College
Bret Schumann – Sacramento City College
Vinny Fausone – Santa Rosa Junior College
Alfonso Estrada – Cerritos College
Craig Sherman – Chabot College


Aaron Pickard – Sierra College
Anthony Spinella – Modesto JC
Brad Clark – Mt. San Antonio College
Gaaret Marinelli – Sacramento City College
Gavit Gevorgyia – Fresno City College
Josh Lujan – West Hills College
Zerek Sanchez – Lassen College

Weight 174

Martin Fabbian – Fresno City College
Dwight Flores – Chabot College
Adam Charles – Skyline College
Ryan McWatters – Victor Valley College
Christian Milan – Cerritos College
Dylin Rodriguez – Sierra College
Allen Emmons – Sacramento City College
Logan Sackett – Cerritos College


Eric Gutterman – Santa Ana College
Jesse Mercado – Cerritos College
Lance Castaneda – Bakersfield College
Shaun Bry – Sacramento City College
Mike Macalister – Cuesta College

Weight 184

Fito Rodolfo Juarez – Fresno City College
Erick Gomez – Modesto Junior College
Thomas Howard – Skyline College
Josh Cutts – Lassen College
Keith Nieves – Cerritos College
Tyree Cox – Cerritos College
Ken Steers – Sacramento City College
Bradley Beaudette – Cuesta College


Carlos Arana – Santa Ana College
Jesus Chavez – Sierra College (Has not competed yet)
John Aleman – Sierra College
Miguel Simon – Santa Ana College
Naweed Zemar yalai – Chabot College
Quentin Becker – Sierra College
Tyler Edwards – Sacramento City College

Weight 197

Logan Paul Eickhoff – Shasta College
Gerson Nkunku – Sacramento City College
Martay Greer – Sacramento City College
Justin Whitten, Fresno City College
Aaron Dubois – Santa Ana College
Gene Griffith – Victor Valley College
Ismael Alvarez – Fresno City College
Jeff Monteiro – West Hills College


Anthony Gordon – Santa Rosa College
Austin Bergstadt – Sierra College
Colin Hart – Santa Rosa Junior College
Dominic Waters – Santa Rosa Junior College
Gearold Sotolongo – Shasta College
Matt Lopez – Rio Hondo College

Weight 285

Richard Segovia – Chabot College
Sam Cervantes – Palomar College
Martin Gonzales – Mt. San Antonio College
Brian Klevies – Santa Ana College
Luis Contreras – Fresno City College
Mike Perez – West Hills College
Spencer Smith – Cerritos College
Buddy Barraza – Chabot College


Anthony Chu – San Joaquin Delta College
Brandon Rucker – Mt. San Antonio College
Bud Guinn – Santa Rosa Junior College
Caleb McDade – Sierra College
Daniel Gusev – Sierra College
Gerrardo Aguirre – Cerritos College
Leonard Castellanos – Santa Rosa Junior College
Ray Cisneros – Sacramento City College

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