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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Basford Division II Regional Rankings

Date Ranked:01/20/2011
Ranked By Basford Rankings

Teams: East Region 1

1. Newberry
2. North Carolina-Pembroke
3. Gannon
4. Pitt Johnstown
5. West Liberty
6. Mercyhurst
7. Kutztown
8. East Stroudsburg
9. Seton Hill
10. American International
11. Anderson
12. Shippensburg
13. Ohio Valley


1. Russell Weakley, Sr. North Carolina-Pembroke
2. Connor McDonald, Jr. Newberry
3. Jose Matos, So. Gannon
4. Kenny Trumbetta, Jr. Seton Hill
5. David Fogle, Fr. Pitt Johnstown
6. Chris Kochinsky, Jr. Shippensburg

1. BJ Young, Jr. Newberry
2. Ryan Link, So. Pitt Johnstown
3. Aaron Smith, Jr. American International
4. Austin Williams, So. Kutztown
5. Simon Rice, So. Shippensburg
6. John Fleming, Sr. Gannon

1. AJ Milanak, Sr. Gannon
2. Deral Brown, So. Newberry
3. David Cawley, Fr. Pitt Johnstown
4. Dallas Evans, Jr. Seton Hill
5. Adam Hluschak, Jr. East Stroudsburg
6. Tyquan Easton, Fr. North Carolina-Pembroke

1. Dale Debacco, Sr. Newberry
2. Ethan Swope, Sr. Gannon
3. Brendon Parker-Risk, Jr. North Carolina-Pembroke
4. John Paukovits, Sr. Kutztown
5. Brian Leggett, Sr. West Liberty
6. Nathan Link, Jr. Pitt Johnstown

1. Sean Byrnes, Jr. Newberry
2. Marshall Giovannini, Jr. American International
3. Jordan Shields, So. Mercyhurst
4. Brock Parker, So. East Stroudsburg
5. Seth Phalen, Sr. West Liberty
6. Sam Brehm, So. Gannon

1. Josh Shields, Sr. Mercyhurst
2. Mike Williams, So. North Carolina-Pembroke
3. Zach McKendree, Sr. Gannon
4. Curtis Chenoweth, Sr. Newberry
5. Ronnie Tetrault, Jr. American International
6. Zach Lundgren, Jr. Pitt Johnstown

1. Tony Petrella, Sr. Gannon
2. Tim Darling, Jr. Kutztown
3. Josh Whitlock, Sr. Newberry
4. Steve Makin, Sr. Pitt Johnstown
5. Jeff Jacobs, Sr. East Stroudsburg
6. Matt Littleton, So. West Liberty

1. Bryant Blanton, Sr. Newberry
2. AJ Brentzel, Jr. Pitt Johnstown
3. Keith Dahlheimer, So. Shippensburg
4. Brad Clark, Jr. Ohio Valley
5. Brandon McKeown, Fr. East Stroudsburg
6. Eric Fulmer, Jr. Mercyhurst

1. Mitch Knapp, Sr. West Liberty
2. Shane Nolan, Jr. North Carolina-Pembroke
3. Zach Anderson, Jr. Newberry
4. Ed Ebewo, Sr. East Stroudsburg
5. Jon Moore, So. Pitt Johnstown
6. Zoi Ouellette, Fr. Anderson

1. JD Ramsey, Jr. West Liberty
2. Chris Dempsey, Sr. Pitt Johnstown
3. Jake Elkins, Jr. Newberry
4. Dan Estricher, So. Shippensburg
5. Stefan Tighe, Sr. Gannon
6. Justin Grant, So. Kutztown

Teams: Midwest Region 2

1. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Central Oklahoma
3. Findlay
4. Ashland
5. Belmont Abby
6. King
7. Limestone
8. Lake Erie
9. Central Missouri
10. Truman State
11. Tiffin
12. St. Andrews Presbyterian
13. Ouachita Baptist


1. Ben Sergant, Fr. Findlay
2. Dan Mandara, Jr. Ashland
3. Christian Reed, So. Tiffin
4. Cody Tyler, Fr. Nebraska-Omaha
5. Shane Summerlin, Jr. Belmont Abbey
6. Ryan Banning, So. Truman State

1. Mike Magaha, So. Limestone
2. Trison Graham, So. Central Oklahoma
3. Trent Cox, Fr. Nebraska-Omaha
4. Scott Meyer, Jr. Ashland
5. John Erickson, Jr. King
6. Nick Wiesjahn, Jr. Findlay

1. Mario Morgan, Sr. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Kyle Kanaga, Sr. Ashland
3. Shad Rissler, Sr. King
4. Sam Delpra, Jr. Lake Erie
5. Ky Corley, So. Central Oklahoma
6. Ryan Maus, Fr. Truman State

1. Esai Dominguez, Jr. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Jeremy Espinoza, Jr. Findlay
3. Colton Schmitz, So. Truman State
4. Austin Standage, So. Central Oklahoma
5. Dan Genetin, So. Ashland
6. Theran Goodale, Jr. Limestone

1. George Ivanov, So. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Cory Dauphin, Fr. Central Oklahoma
3. Adam Walters, Fr. Findlay
4. Marc Hoff, Jr. Ashland
5. Phil Ramirez, So. King
6. Appolon Jean-Paul, Sr. Belmont Abbey

1. Jake Varilek, So. Belmont Abbey
2. Micheal Lybarger, Jr. Findlay
3. Derrick Adkins, So. Central Oklahoma
4. Patrick Spano, So. King
5. Tommie Graszl, Sr. Ashland
6. Jake Simpson, Fr. Ouachita Baptist

1. Ryan Pankoke, Sr. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Mason True, So. Findlay
3. Brandon Kelly, Sr. Ashland
4. Kelly Henderson, So. Central Oklahoma
5. Dakota Moore, Jr. King
6. Josh Linden, Fr. Lake Erie

1. Aaron Denson, Sr. Nebraska-Omaha
2. Tanner Keck, So. Central Oklahoma
3. Casey Bradley, Sr. Limestone
4. Phil Witt, So. Central Missouri
5. Brandon Tressler, So. King
6. Zach Hayes, So. Truman State

1. Jarrett Edison, Jr. Central Oklahoma
2. Matt Baker, So. Nebraska-Omaha
3. Frank Morgan, Jr. King
4. Daniel Stevenson, Sr. Findlay
5. Alex Hughes, So. Tiffin
6. Doug Thompson, Sr. Central Missouri

1. Jacob Southwick, Jr. Ashland
2. Brandon Hayes, Jr. Central Missouri
3. Matt Clum, Jr. Findlay
4. Taylor Escamilla, Jr. Nebraska-Omaha
5. Dondricus Anderson, Jr. King
6. Cody Dauphin, Jr. Central Oklahoma

Teams: North Region 3

1. Augustana
2. St. Cloud State
3. Upper Iowa
4. Minnesota Mankato
5. Wisconsin Parkside
6. Southwest Minnesota State
7. Northern State
8. Minnesota Moorhead
9. Indianapolis
10. Newman
11. Mary


1. Andy Forstner, Sr. Minnesota-Mankato
2. Trevor Franklin, So. Upper Iowa
3. Alex Johns, So. Indianapolis
4. Cory Ulmer, Jr. Minnesota-Moorhead
5. Al Meger, Sr. Augustana
6. Corbin Surat Northern State

1. Kyle Pedretti, Jr. Upper Iowa
2. Cody Zimmerman, Sr. Wisconsin-Parkside
3. Jason Jeremiason, Jr. Augustana
4. Eric Ellington, Jr. St Cloud State
5. Blake Fisher, Jr. Newman
6. Justin Reinsma, Fr. Southwest Minnesota State

1. Jay Sherer, Sr. Augustana
2. Gabe Suarez, Sr. St. Cloud State
3. Matt Irwin, Sr. Indianapolis
4. Brady Schneeberger, Sr. Minnesota-Moorhead
5. Brent Fisher, Jr. Newman
6. JR Baker, Sr. Upper Iowa

1. Nate Herda, So. Augustana
2. David Albrecht, Jr. Southwest Minnesota State
3. Jacob D Horn, Jr. St. Cloud State
4. Mitch Arnold, Jr. Newman
5. Nick Walpole, Jr. Indianapolis
6. Jesse Westphal, Sr. Minnesota-Mankato

1. Marcus Edgington, Jr. Augustana
2. Dillon Bera, So. Wisconsin-Parkside
3. John Sundgren, Sr. St. Cloud State
4. Tel Todd, Jr. Minnesota-Mankato
5. Tallen Wald, Sr. Minnesota-Moorhead
6. Winston Robbins, Jr. Upper Iowa

1. Tad Merritt, Jr. St. Cloud State
2. Matt Gille, Jr. Wisconsin-Parkside
3. Gavin Nelson, Sr. Augustana
4. Bryce Lumzy, Jr. Upper Iowa
5. Taylor Nagel, Jr. Mary
6. Donnie Bowden, Sr. Northern State

1. Luke Rynish, Jr. Wisconsin-Parkside
2. Carl Serck, Jr. Augustana
3. Shamus O'Grady, So. St. Cloud State
4. Ben Becker, Sr. Minnesota-Mankato
5. Wade Gobin, So. Upper Iowa
6. Zach Coates, Fr. Southwest Minnesota

1. Aaron Norgren, Jr. Minnesota-Mankato
2. Mic Berg, Fr. St. Cloud State
3. Brady Anderson, So. Mary
4. Mitch Schultz, So. Upper Iowa
5. CD Johnson, Sr. Southwest Minnesota State
6. Cale Cornemann, Sr. Northern State

1. Ty Copsey, Sr. Augustana
2. Luke Munkelwitz, Jr. St. Cloud State
3. Carl Broghammer, Fr. Upper Iowa
4. Pat Mahan, Jr. Minnesota-Mankato
5. Curtis Hines, Sr. Wisconsin-Parkside
6. Brent Forsheim, So. Northern State

1. Jacob Kahnke, So. St. Cloud State
2. Matt Meuleners, So. Northern State
3. Zach Rosel, Jr. Upper Iowa
4. Brian Rodas, Jr. Southwest Minnesota State
5. Lance Peters, Sr. Augustana
6. James Malechek, So. Wisconsin-Parkside

Teams: REGION 4

1. Western State
2. Nebraska Kearney
3. Grand Canyon
4. Fort Hays State
5. Adams State
6. San Francisco State
7. Chadron State
8. Colorado State-Pueblo
9. Mesa State
10. Colorado-Mines
11. New Mexico Highlands


1. Kyle O’Brien, Sr. Western State
2. Josh Smith, So. Nebraska-Kearney
3. Treven Delaune, So. Colorado State-Pueblo
4. Madison Gambrell, So. Grand Canyon
5. Pierre Bondoc, Sr. San Francisco State
6. Clay Flot, Fr. Mesa State

1. Todd Wilcox, Sr. Grand Canyon
2. Aldon Isenberg, Jr. Fort Hays State
3. Alec Chanthapatheth, Fr. Nebraska-Kearney
4. Chad Lousberg, Jr. Colorado-Mines
5. Tyler Nelson, So. Mesa State
6. Dustin Stodola, So. Chadron State

1. Naveed Bagheri, Jr. San Francisco State
2. Dalton Jensen, Jr. Nebraska-Kearney
3. Kenny Jordan, Jr. Adams State
4. Jimmy Savala, Sr. Chadron State
5. Andre Harrison, Sr. Fort Hays State
6. Jesse Cruz, Jr. Western State

1. TJ Hepburn, Jr. Nebraska-Kearney
2. Mitchell Means, Fr. Fort Hays State
3. Josh Hensley, Jr. Adams State
4. Matt Thomas, So. San Francisco State
5. Jesse Snyder, Jr. Colorado-Mines
6. Trevor Donarski, So. Mesa State

1. Justin Samora, Fr. Adams State
2. Justin Morris, Sr. Western State
3. Mikah Kadera, Jr. Chadron State
4. Teddy Bristol, Jr. Grand Canyon
5. Josh Nolan, Sr. San Francisco State
6. Islam Abtov. Nebraska-Kearney

1. Joey Wilson, Jr. Nebraska-Kearney
2. Mike Fucci, Jr. Grand Canyon
3. Briston Brenton, Jr. Chadron State
4. Justin Grant, Sr. Colorado State-Pueblo
5. Travis Budke, Jr. Fort Hays State
6. Dylan Granard, Fr. Mesa State

1. Victor Carazo, Jr. Grand Canyon
2. Skye Wells, Sr. Western State
3. Matt Duffy, So. Nebraska-Kearney
4. Gene Choi, Sr. San Francisco State
5. Trent Zempel, Sr. Chadron State
6. Trevor Grant, Fr. Colorado State-Pueblo

1. Charlie Pipher, Sr. Western State
2. Ryan Becerra, Sr. Grand Canyon
3. Tyler Gonzales, Sr. Fort Hays State
4. Zach Jimenez, So. San Francisco State
5. Adam Carey, So. Colorado State-Pueblo
6. Paul Cabbage, So. Adams State

1. Donavin McMahill, Sr. Western State
2. Luke McPeek, Jr. Adams State
3. Eli Arizmendez, Sr. Grand Canyon
4. Shane Miller, Sr. Mesa State
5. Chris Leak, So. Chadron State
6. Steve Kyler, So. Fort Hays State

1. Charlie Alexander, Sr. Western State
2. Ben Hohensee, Sr. Nebraska-Kearney
3. Patrick Carey, Jr. Colorado State-Pueblo
4. Peter Anguiano, Fr. Grand Canyon
5. Sam Udell, Sr. Chadron State
6. Justin Glenn, Jr. Fort Hays State

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