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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

CACC Team & Individual Rankings

Date Ranked:11/11/2010
Ranked By California Community Colleges

1. Steven Cabanas, Cerritos College
2. Alex Perez, West Hills College
3. Curtis Hulstine, Bakersfield College
4. Chris Padilla, Fresno City College
5. Rueben Gonzalez, Shasta College
6. David Sok, Delta College
7. Jake Harrison, Cerritos College
8. Isaac Taz Pilgram, Santa Rosa Junior College

HM Edgar Paez, Modesto Junior College
HM Janik Santana, Chabot College
HM Jordan Saunders, Cuesta College
HM Marc Collier, Bakersfield College
HM Sergio Martinez, Fresno City College
HM Tym Quigg, Victor Valley College

1. Jason Arreola, Santa Ana College
2. Marty Rubalcaba, Fresno City College
3. Chad Thornack, Cerritos College
4. AJ Jaramillo, West Hills College
5. Pierce Lowry, Mt. San Antonio College
6. Hector Lopez, Mt. San Antonio College
7. Charlie Saeng , Delta College
8. Jonathon Gay , Cuesta College

HM Adam Blank, Sacramento City College
HM Archie Tovar, Fresno City College
HM Bryan Magno, Bakersfield College
HM Mason Saldana, Palomar College

1. Kevin Rojas, Fresno City College
2. Kyle Chene, Santa Ana College
3. Tillman Tran, Cerritos College
4. Jaime Jimenez, Mt. San Antonio College
5. Josh Van Hastter, Fresno City College
6. Eric Orozco, West Hills College
7. Tyler Diamond, Sacramento City College
8. Hector Ruelas, Cuesta College

HM Abel Avila, Rio Hondo College
HM Alex Rodriguez, Sierra College
HM Audrie DeCastro, Palomar College
HM Jacob Dunning, Palomar College
HM Marcus Buchannon, Shasta College

1. Conrad Rangel, Fresno City College
2. Spencer Hill, Fresno City College
3. Jesse Ponce, Cerritos College
4. Chris Abeyta, Mt. San Antonio College
5. Anthony Harris, Sacramento City College
6. RJ Pilkington, Sierra College
7. Wesley Young, Santa Rosa Junior College
8. Terry Mathews, Shasta College

HM Steven Ackley, Modesto Junior College
HM Anthony Vega, Sacramento City College

1. Taylor Sare, Mt. San Antonio College
2. Eric Lopez, Victor Valley College
3. Tyler Johnson, Sierra College
4. Cody Bollinger, Cerritos College
5. Spencer Anderson, Cuesta College
6. Jake Shilling, Fresno City College
7. Josh Lujan, West Hills College
8. Craig Simmons, Shasta College

HM Craig Sherman, Chabot College
HM Jose Maroquin, East LA College
HM Marcail Rodriguez, Lassen College
HM Russell Williams, Sacramento City College
HM Tyler Brown, Sacramento City College

1. Tigran Adzhemyan, Fresno City College
2. Eric Sauvageau, Cerritos College
3. Vlad Dombrovsky, Sierra College
4. Dustin Rocha, West Hills College
5. Jacob Hoxsey, Mt. San Antonio College
6. Taylor Hodel, Sacramento City College
7. Joe Madison, Lassen College
8. Chris Heath, Fresno City College

HM Sergio Guerrero , Mt. San Antonio College
HM Ramon Estrada, Cerritos College
HM Thomas Marquez, Modesto Junior College
HM Ben Martinez, Fresno City College
HM Daniel Mesa, Cuesta College
HM Steven Yale, Shasta College

1. Sam Temko, Skyline College
2. Martin Fabian, Fresno City College
3. Nick Gill, Sierra College
4. AJ Smith, Bakersfield College
5. Tyler Edwards, Sacramento City College
6. Alfredo Torres, Mt. San Antonio College
7. Travis Shaffer , Modesto Junior College
8. Thomas Estrada, Cerritos College

HM Brent Pfitzer, West Hills College
HM Chase Mirrasau, Rio Hondo College
HM Kyle Pivaroff, Cerritos College
HM Matt Cox, Fresno City College
HM Nick Rohrer, Sacramento City College
HM Marco Orozco, Sacramento City College
HM Charlie Galvez, Cuesta College

1. Fito Juarez .Fresno City College
2. Jesse Hellinger, Sacramento City College
3. Sean Dougherty, Cuesta College
4. Tyler Ceremello, Fresno City College
5. Oscar Navarette, Mt. San Antonio College
6. Milo Anderson, Chabot College
7. Logan Paul Eickholl, Shasta College
8. Jordan Williams, Sierra College

HM Adam Charles, Skyline College
HM Matt Lewellen, Palomar College
HM Ryan Collins, Cerritos College
HM Santino Delfino, Bakersfield College

1. Mario Delgado, Cerritos College
2. Dan Colbert, Cuesta College
3. Trevor Gwin, Palomar College
4. Marco Delgado, Modesto Junior College
5. Colin Hart, Santa Rosa Junior College
6. Lucas Keene, Fresno City College
7. Cameron McNear, Palomar College
8. Jesse Green, Sacramento City College

HM Gio Castinon, Cerritos College
HM Kevin Keisler, Sacramento City College
HM Matt Granillo, East LA College
HM Nick Brantley, Fresno City College

1. Jose Lopez, Cerritos College
2. Brad Carls, Bakersfield College
3. Cheyne Cook, Victor Valley College
4. Luis Contreras, Fresno City College
5. Anthony Chu, Delta College
6. Quinn Moore, Bakersfield College
7. Mike Perez, West Hills College
8. George Pacheco, Mt. San Antonio College

HM Ben Davis, Sacramento City College
HM John Parker, Fresno City College
HM Sam Gomez, Chabot College

1. Fresno City College
2. Cerritos College
3. Mt. San Antonio College
4. Sacramento City College
West Hills College
6. Sierra College
7. Cuesta College
8. Bakersfield College
9. Santa Ana College
10. Victor Valley College
11. Modesto Junior College
Delta College
13. Shasta College
Skyline College
15. Santa Rosa Junior College
16. Palomar College
Chabot College
18. Lassen College
19. East LA College
20. Rio Hondo College

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