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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

World University Greco-Roman Championships, complete results from November 6

WORLD UNIVERSITY WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIPS RESULTS -- GRECO-ROMAN TOKYO, Nov. 6 -- Greco-Roman results after the first day of the World University Wrestling Championships at Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo, Nov. 6-8. Please note there is only one session scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 7. 54 kg/119 lbs. Pool A PARK Eun-Chul, Korea def. BIKKININE Rerat, Russia 7-0 JABLONSKI Dariusz, Poland def. HEIDARZADEH Behrooz, Iran 2-1, O.T. 9:00 PARK Eun-Chul, Korea def. HEIDARZADEH Behrooz, Iran by fall, 3:28 (3-9) BIKKININE Rerat, Russia def. JABLONSKI Dariusz, Poland 3-2 Pool B ZAHIDOV Jeyhun, Azerbaijan def. MURATA Tomoya, Japan 4-1 OREL Unal, Turkey def. PIASECKI Nathan, U.S. by fall, 3:55 (13-0) ZAHIDOV Jeyhun, Azerbaijan def. PIASECKI Nathan, U.S. by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:21 MURATA Tomoya, Japan def. OREL Unal, Turkey 7-5 58 kg/127.75 lbs. Pool A BONA Laszlo, Hungary def. JO Kyu-Hyun, Korea 3-0 OZDEMIR Bayram, Turkey def. BONA Laszlo, Hungary 9-1 JO Kyu-Hyun, Korea def. OZDEMIR Bayram, Turkey 4-0, O.T. 8:15 (BONA to semifinals with 4 cp, JO to repechage group with head-to-head win over OZDEMIR) Pool B ALA-HUIKKU Jarkko, Finland def. FUCILE Paolo, Italy 5-1 CHEVTSOV Alexey, Russia def. ALA-HUIKKU Jarkko, Finland tech. sup. 10-0, 4:51 CHEVTSOV Alexey, Russia def. FUCILE Paolo, Italy by fall, 2:12 (11-0) (CHEVTSOV to semifinals, ALA-HUIKKU to repechage) Pool C SASAMOTO Makoto, Japan def. RAYHANIASL Arash, Netherlands by tech. sup. 11-0, 1:56 LOLLIS Darnell, U.S. def. RAYHANIASL Arash, Netherlands by tech. sup. 14-0, 0:34 SASAMOTO Makoto, Japan def. LOLLIS Darnell, U.S. by tech. sup. 14-4, 3:53 (SASAMOTO to semifinals, LOLLIS to repechage) 63 kg/138.75 lbs. Pool A SONG In-Ki, Korea def. SPANO Rocco, Italy by fall, 3:58 (10-0) WARREN Joseph, U.S. def. SPANO Rocco, Italy 8-1 SONG In-Ki, Korea def. WARREN Joseph, U.S. 4-1, O.T. 7:15 (SONG to semifinals, WARREN to repechage) Pool B KOVALENKO Kabajiehko, Russia def. SMITH Michael Anthony, Canada by fall, 0:35 (7-0) KOVALENKO Kabajiehko, Russia def. ASHKAM AGBOLAGH Ali, Iran by fall, 2:00 (10-0) ASHKAM AGBOLAGH Ali, Iran def. SMITH Michael Anthony, Canada by tech. sup. 14-0, 1:40 (KOVALENKO to semifinals, ASHKAM AGBOLAGH to repechage) Pool C HIRAI Mitsuoki, Japan def. ANZENGRUBER Johannes, Austria by tech. sup. 11-0, 4:10 EMIK Bunyamin, Turkey def. SPEKTOROV Olexandr, Ukraine by tech. sup. 11-0, 1:25 EMIK Bunyamin, Turkey def. HIRAI Mitsuoki, Japan 7-3 ANZENGRUBER Johannes, Austria def. SPEKTOROV Olexandr, Ukraine 7-3 HIRAI Mitsuoki, Japan def. SPEKTOROV Olexandr, Ukraine by tech. sup. 10-0, 2:10 EMIK Bunyamin, Turkey def. ANZENGRUBER Johannes, Austria by tech. sup. 15-0, 1:22 (EMIK to semifinals, HIRAI to repechage) 69 kg/152 lbs. Pool A JAROS Ondrej, Czech Rep. def. LEE Jin-Ho, Korea 4-0 LEE Jin-Ho, Korea def. SOMMER Andreas, Austria 4-0 Pool B ABDULOV Ilgar, Azerbaijan def. KALIASNEU Yury, Belarus 6-6, 9:00 (caution 0-1, passivity 0-1) KALIASNEU Yury, Belarus def. POSEY Corey, U.S. 4-0 Pool C AKBURU Huseyin, Turkey def. HILTUNEN Juha, Finland 3-0 NASIRI Mehdi, Iran def. HILTUNEN Juha, Finland 6-0 Pool D HORVATH Andras, Hungary def. DORGAN John Paul, Canada by injury default IVANTCHENKO Mikhail, Russia def. IMURO Masaki, Japan by fall, 0:44 (4-0) 76 kg/167.5 lbs. Pool A CHIROKIKH Alexey, Russia def. MANTYLA Tuomo, Finland 4-1 CHIROKIKH Alexey, Russia def. MARASHIAN Seyed Hossein, Iran 3-0 Pool B GORG David, Austria def. SILIAN Youri, Switzerland by tech. sup. 12-2, 3:26 JUNG Sung-Hwa, Korea def. SILIAN Youri, Switzerland 4-0 Pool C KANO Atsushi, Japan def. TOMASZEWSKI Andrzej, Poland by fall, 0:19 (2-0) SZABO Istvan, Hungary def. TOMASZEWSKI Andrzej, Poland 11-5 Pool D DUZER Yusuf, Turkey def. FRONHOFER Carl, U.S. 3-0 85 kg/187.25 lbs. Pool A OZDEN Serkan, Turkey def. KECMAN Mladen, Yugoslavia by fall, 0:45 (6-0) OZDEN Serkan, Turkey def. KIM Hun, Korea by fall, 0:33 (4-0) KIM Hun, Korea def. KECMAN Mladen, Yugoslavia 3-1, O.T. 6:16 (OZDEN to semifinals, KIM to repechage) Pool B VIRAG Lajos, Hungary def. KHEIRABADI Shouresh, Iran 9-0 MATSUMOTO Shingo, Japan def. SZUSTEK Marek, Poland 4-0 SZUSTEK Marek, Poland def. KHEIRABADI Shouresh, Iran 4-2 MATSUMOTO Shingo, Japan def. VIRAG Lajos, Hungary 2-0, O.T. 9:00 MATSUMOTO Shingo, Japan def. KHEIRABADI Shouresh, Iran 4-0 VIRAG Lajos, Hungary def. SZUSTEK Marek, Poland 8-0 (MATSUMOTO to semifinals, VIRAG to repechage) Pool C SONNEN Chael, U.S. def. PROOVEL Toomas, Estonia 1-0, O.T. 9:00 MARTINETTI Gregory, Switzerland def. VAN DE POL Jerry, Netherlands 5-0 SONNEN Chael, U.S. def. VAN DE POL Jerry, Netherlands by injury default PROOVEL Toomas, Estonia def. MARTINETTI Gregory, Switzerland by tech. sup. 10-0, 1:27 SONNEN Chael, U.S. def. MARTINETTI Gregory, Switzerland 4-2 PROOVEL Toomas, Estonia def. VAN DE POL Jerry, Netherlands by injury default (SONNEN to semifinals, PROOVEL to repechage) 97 kg/213.75 lbs. Pool A SEVATSOV Jolan, Estonia def. HALL Joshua, U.S. 2-1, O.T. 9:00 SITNIK Marek, Poland def. HAN Tae-Young, Korea 2-2, O.T. 9:00 (passivity 1-2) HAN Tae-Young, Korea def. HALL Joshua, U.S. by fall, 1:24 SITNIK Marek, Poland def. SEVATSOV Jolan, Estonia 7-0 Pool B SVEC Marek, Czech Rep. def. MORIKAKU Yusuke, Japan by fall, 3:35 (11-0) OZAL Mehmet, Turkey def. ARTIOUKHINE, Serguei, Russia 6-1 SVEC Marek, Czech Rep. def. OZAL Mehmet, Turkey 6-3, O.T. 6:20 ARTIOUKHINE, Serguei, Russia def. MORIKAKU Yusuke, Japan 3-1 130 kg/286 lbs. Pool A BAKIR Fatih, Turkey def. PATRIKEEV, Iouri, Russia by disq. (3 cautions), 5:04 (6-0) SUZUKI Katsuaki, Japan def. PANARO Carlo, Canada by disq. (3 cautions), 5:46 (11-1) BAKIR Fatih, Turkey def. PANARO Carlo, Canada 7-0 PATRIKEEV, Iouri, Russia def. SUZUKI Katsuaki, Japan 6-0 Pool B GHARABI Alireza, Iran def. LEE Wook, Korea by tech. sup. 11-0, 1:29 CHEKHAUSKOI Andrei, Belarus def. ETU Joshua, U.S. by tech. sup. 10-0, 3:27 CHEKHAUSKOI Andrei, Belarus def. GHARABI Alireza, Iran 4-2 LEE Wook, Korea def. ETU Joshua, U.S. 3-1, O.T. 8:14
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