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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

2002 Kids Freestyle Nationals - Schoolboy Division Results

Schoolboy Age Group 70 Pounds Red Pool Freddie Vigil (California) Ryan Clark (Blue Springs, Montana) Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) Andy Pokorny (Omaha, Nebraska) Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) Tommy Bennett (Brandon, Florida) Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho) Round 1 Freddie Vigil (California) tech Ryan Clark (Blue Springs, Montana), 10-0 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) dec Andy Pokorny (Omaha, Nebraska), 5-3 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) fall Tommy Bennett (Brandon, Florida), :56 Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho), bye Round 2 Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho) tech Freddie Vigil (California), 10-0 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) tech Ryan Clark (Blue Springs, Montana), 10-0 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) tech Andy Pokorny (Omaha, Nebraska), 11-0 Tommy Bennett (Brandon, Florida), bye Round 3 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) fall Freddie Vigil (California), 1:19 Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho) tech Tommy Bennett (Brandon, Florida), 11-0 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin), bye Round 4 Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho) fall Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin), 1:54 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois), bye Round 5 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) vs Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho), bye Round 6 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) dec Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho), 6-5 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin), bye Red Pool Placings 1 Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho) 2 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) 3 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) Blue Pool Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota) Matthew Fields (Whiteland, Indiana) Randall Watts (Visalla, California) Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa) Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) Devin Zitek (Dwight, Nebraska) Round 1 Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota) tech Matthew Fields (Whiteland, Indiana), 16-5 Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa) tech Randall Watts (Visalla, California), 11-0 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) tech Devin Zitek (Dwight, Nebraska), 11-1 Round 2 Randall Watts (Visalla, California) dec Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota), 5-3 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) tech Matthew Fields (Whiteland, Indiana), 18-8 Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa) tech Devin Zitek (Dwight, Nebraska), 11-0 Round 3 Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa) tech Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota), 19-8 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) tech Randall Watts (Visalla, California), 12-1 Round 4 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) tech Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa), 15-4 Blue Pool Placings 1 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) 2 Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa) 3 Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota) Medal Matches 1 Eric Grajales (Brandon, Florida) tech Aleksei Vickers (Eagle, Idaho), 12-0 3 Joshua Chappa (Plainfield, Wisconsin) tech Andrew Long (Creston, Iowa), 20-9 5 Jonathan Morrison (Illinois) dec Brian Litch (Plymouth, Minnesota), 9-8 75 Pounds Red Pool Jonathan Moss (Granite City, Illinois) Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota) Joshua Grube (El Reno, Oklahoma) Douglas Ramage (Beech Grove, Indiana) Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho) Dallen Madsen (Gillette, Wyoming) Round 1 Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) tech Jonathan Moss (Granite City, Illinois), 10-0 Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota) fall Joshua Grube (El Reno, Oklahoma), :56 Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho) fall Douglas Ramage (Beech Grove, Indiana), :18 Dallen Madsen (Gillette, Wyoming), bye Round 2 Dallen Madsen (Gillette, Wyoming) tech Jonathan Moss (Granite City, Illinois), 10-0 Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) tech Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota), 10-0 Joshua Grube (El Reno, Oklahoma) fall Douglas Ramage (Beech Grove, Indiana), :40 Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho), bye Round 3 Jonathan Moss (Granite City, Illinois) Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) fall Douglas Ramage (Beech Grove, Indiana), 3:59 Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota) fall Dallen Madsen (Gillette, Wyoming), :33 Joshua Grube (El Reno, Oklahoma), bye Round 4 Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) dec Dallen Madsen (Gillette, Wyoming), 10-7 Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho) dec Joshua Grube (El Reno, Oklahoma), 7-3 Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota), bye Round 5 Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota) fall Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho), 1:10 Red Pool Placings 1 Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey) 2 Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota) 3 Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho) Blue Pool Antonio Allocer (Miami, Florida) Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) Ty Howard (Washington) Brian Pearsall (Lititz, Pennsylvania) Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) David Watts (Visalia, California) Jimmy Turek (Madison, Ohio) Round 1 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) tech Antonio Allocer (Miami, Florida), 10-0 Ty Howard (Washington) tech Brian Pearsall (Lititz, Pennsylvania), 14-3 Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) tech David Watts (Visalia, California), 11-0 Jimmy Turek (Madison, Ohio), bye Round 2 Antonio Allocer (Miami, Florida) fall Jimmy Turek (Madison, Ohio), 1:37 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) fall Ty Howard (Washington), 2:29 Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) tech Brian Pearsall (Lititz, Pennsylvania), 10-0 David Watts (Visalia, California) Round 3 Ty Howard (Washington) tech Antonio Allocer (Miami, Florida), 11-1 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) dec Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming), 10-7 OT David Watts (Visalia, California) fall Jimmy Turek (Madison, Ohio), 1:36 Round 4 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) tech Davis Watts (Visalia, California), 11-0 Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) tech Ty Howard (Washington), 11-0 Brian Pearsall (Lititz, Pennsylvania) Blue Pool Placings 1 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) 2 Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) 3 Ty Howard (Washington) Medal Matches 1 Donny Altman (Derby, Kansas) dec Fred Santaite (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey), 6-5 3 Rodney Dollar (Rock Springs, Wyoming) fall Nathan Lexvold (Kenyon, Minnesota), 2:33 5 Paul Gentry (Emmett, Idaho) tech Ty Howard (Washington), 11-0 80 Pounds Red Pool Ethan Harris (Beech Grove, Indiana) Evan Shaw (Coralville, Iowa) Joe McCollough (Erie, Pennsylvania) Adam Delong (Weatherford, Oklahoma) Round 1 Ethan Harris (Beech Grove, Indiana) tech Evan Shaw (Coralville, Iowa), 10-0 Adam Delong (Weatherford, Oklahoma) tech Joe McCollough (Erie, Pennsylvania), 11-0 Round 2 Ethan Harris (Beech Grove, Indiana) dec Joe McCollough (Erie, Pennsylvania), 17-9 Adam Delong (Weatherford, Oklahoma) tech Evan Shaw (Coralville, Iowa), 12-2 Round 3 Joe McCollough (Erie, Pennsylvania) fall Evan Shaw (Coralville, Iowa), 3:55 Round 4 Adam Delong (Weatherford, Oklahoma) tech Ethan Harris (Beech Grove, Indiana), 10-0 Red Pool Placings 1 Adam Delong (Weatherford, Oklahoma) 2 Ethan Harris (Beech Grove, Indiana) 3 Joe McCollough (Erie, Pennsylvania) Blue Pool Anthony Jorge (Lakeland, Florida) Kevin Dunn (Simi Valley, California) Dak Adamsom (Albuquerque, New Mexico) Daniel Rodriquez (Kearney, Nebraska) Round 1 Anthony Jorge e (Lakeland, Florida) tech Kevin Dunn (Simi Valley, California), 16-5 Dak Adamsom (Albuquerque, New Mexico) dec Daniel Rodriquez (Kearney, Nebraska), 14-5 Round 2 Dak Adamsom (Albuquerque, New Mexico) fall Anthony Jorge (Lakeland, Florida), 1:44 Kevin Dunn (Simi Valley, California) fall Daniel Rodriquez (Kearney, Nebraska), 1:47 Round 3 Dak Adamsom (Albuquerque, New Mexico) fall Kevin Dunn (Simi Valley, California), 1:28 Blue Pool Placings 1 Dak Adamsom (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 2 Anthony Jorge (Lakeland, Florida) 3 Kevin Dunn (Simi Valley, California) Medal Matches 1 Dak Adamsom (Albuqu
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