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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

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NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

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Real-Time Results from Sydney

Sunday, Sept. 24th - Day 1 8:10 - In an almost empty gym, in the last match of the day, Lindland scored a 1-1 overtime referee's decision over Erofaylov of Uzbekistan. The win gave Lindland his pool, and he moves directly into the semifinals. The worst Matt could be is fourth at these Olympics. Team USA puts three guys of four guys into the top six of their weight classes, a monumental day one in Sydney. 6:45 - Bracken just qualified for the quarterfinals. When the Korean opponent beat the Italian that beat Kevin, it made it a three-way tie in the round robin. All three athletes had 1-1 records. All three had four classification points. The tiebreaker went to the most technical points scored (actual points scored during the match) and Kevin had the most. Lowney and Bracken survive another day, Mays is out, Lindland is yet to be determined. 6:20 - Two more U.S. matches just went down. Steven Mays dropped a tight 5-3 match to Abou Elela of Egypt. Mays never led, but kept up the pressure, falling just short. His tournament ends with an 0-3 record. Lindland had the second of his three pool bouts, beating Kader Slila of Algeria by injury default at 4:53. Lindland led 3-0, then scored three more points on the move that injured the Algerian. Lindland has one more go tonight, against Evgueniy Erofaylov of Uzbekistan. If he wins, he takes the pool and moves into the semifinals. 5:35 - Garrett Lowney beat World Champion Goguouashvili of Russia. Lowney scored a takedown at 1:25, then quickly turned Goguouashvili for a two-point exposure at the 1:30 mark. Lowney led 3-0 at the break.In the second period, Lowney was hit for a controversial 2-point caution for using his legs at 5:13, then Koguouachvili turned Lowney on a hand-to-hand gut wrench. The match went to overtime tied at 3-3. He hit a five point throw in overtime for the stunning victory at 7:50, 8-3 4:35 - Weighins just ended for the four other weights. Gruenwald has Armenia and Belarus in his pool. Sims has Uzbekistan and Japan. Clark has Cuba (the reigning world champion) and Egypt. Gardner has Armenia, Italy and Tunisia. Rulon would not meet Karelin until the finals if he get through. Will post the complete amount when possible. 3:15 p.m. - The evening session pairings have been distributed. On Mat A, Lindland faces Slila of Algeria in the seventh bout. On Mat B, Lowney battles Koguouachivili of Russia in the third match and Lindland faces Erofaylov of Uzbekistan in the 16th match. On Mat C, Mays faces Abou Elela of Egypt in the sixth match. Young Lowney will have the match of his life against the five-time World Champion quickly into the session. Next up is weigh-ins for the other four weights. Information to follow. 11: 50 - Mays just lost a 11-0 technical fall to 1996 Olympic bronze medalist Kalashnikov of Ukraine. Kalashnikov was able to get a number of takedowns to exposure, and finished the bout off at the 2:29 mark. The session for the USA is over. Lowney and Lindland start off with a 1-0 record. Bracken is at 1-1 and his fate is in the hands of the Korean opponent. He will not compete in the evening session. Mays is 0-2 and has one more match to finish his pool. Coach Dan Chandler was pleased with the effort, especially the big wins by Lowney and Lindland. It should be a tough second session for both of them. 11:30 - Two U.S. matches at the same time. Bracken lost to Magni of Italy by a 2-2 overtime referee's decision. I went down to cautions and passivity calls. Bracken scored the first point on a takedown in the first period, then added an escape for a 2-0 lead at the break. Magni scored 2 point turn in overtime. On the other mat, Lowney won a 2-0 overtime referee's decision over Svec of Czech Republic, the 1998 World silver medalist. Lowney got a caution and one point against Svec during the clinch starting the second period. Lowney also added an escape later in the second period. There were no points in overtime, but Lowney controlled the action and was clearly in better condition. 10:40 - Lindland wins 3-0 over Melelashvili of Georgia. Lindland led 3-0 at the break, with a one-point lift and a two-point gutwrench late in the first period. No scoring last period 10: 20 a.m. - Mays was just beaten by tech. fall, 10-0 at 6:00 by Kalilov of Uzbekistan. It was close most of the bout, with Kalilov leading 2-0 at the mid break. Mays tried to force the action late, and gave up the final seven points on a pair of exposures in the final minute of the match. 10 am - Bracken won his first match 12-5 against Choi of Korea. Trailing 3-0, Bracken hit a five point throw, plus one, then never trailed. After the Korean lauched a second period comeback, Bracke scored a two point reversal and a hold to put the match away. 9:30 a.m. - Whistles blown. The Games have begun. 9:25 a.m. - They just ran a video feature on Jeff Blatnick on the scoreboard screen here in the arena. It was a nice piece showing his victory in Los Angeles. 9:15 a.m - Session begins in 15 minutes. Just back from the athlete warmup areas. Kevin Bracken is our first person to go. He was warming up hard with Ike Anderson. Each of the U.S. wrestlers are getting ready. People are slowly showing up and finding their way around the venue. 8:40 a.m. in Sydney on Sunday. Just received the start sheets. Two U.S. wrestlers have two matches this session, Steven Mays and Kevin Bracken. Bracken will know by the end of this session whether or not his day is over. On Mat A, the fifth match is Steven Mays against Uran Kalilov of Kyrgyzstan, and the 11th match is Garrett Lowney against Marek Svec of Czech Republic. On Mat B, the second match is Kevin Bracken against Choi Sang Sun of Korea and the 14th match is Mays against Andriy Kalashnikov of Ukraine. On Mat C, the eighth match is Lindland against Tarieli Melalshvili of Georgia and the 10th match is Bracken against Riccardo Magni of Italy. Bracken goes quickly and will have to be ready right away for bout number two.
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