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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

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The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

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UPDATE: U.S. wins six medals in first day of Greco-Roman at Veterans Worlds in Bosnia

The U.S. Veterans wrestlers who won Greco-Roman medals on Friday pose together in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Robbert Wijtman photo

SARAJEVO, Bosnia – Two U.S. wrestlers won six medals during the first day of Greco-Roman at the Veterans World Championships on Friday.

Claiming individual silver medals were
• Bruce Moe, Hillsboro, N.D., 76 kg Div. E
• Shirzad Ahmadi, Coventry, Conn., 63 kg, Div F
• Kenneth Peters, Elmhurst, Ill., 76 kg, Div. F

Both Moe and Ahmadi were also medalists at the Veterans Worlds this year in men’s freestyle, with Ahmadi winning a gold and Moe winning a bronze.

Claiming individual bronze medals were:
• Michael Schyck, Port Charlotte, Fla., 85 kg, Div. B
• Chris Brown, Boyds, Md., 76 kg, Div. E
• Steve Contarino, Palmetto, Fla., 85 kg, Div. E

Both Schyck and Contarino were also medalists at the Veterans Worlds this year in men’s freestyle, with Schyck winning a gold and Contarino winning a bronze.

When combined with freestyle, the United States so far has won 24 medals at the Veterans World Championships, including five golds.

The Greco-Roman competition continues Saturday with action in Div. C and Div. D.

At Sarajevo, Bosnia

Greco-Roman champions

Div. B

58 kg – Bard Fornebo (Norway)
63 kg – Viktor Smirnov (Ukraine)
69 kg – Dragan Markovic (Bosnia-Herzogovina)
76 kg – Jonathan Molfino (Italy)
85 kg – Roy Anderson (Norway)
97 kg – Jussi Ketonen (Finland)
130 kg – Nebojsa Petrovic (Serbia)

Div. E
58 kg – Yevbeny Iim (Kazakhstan)
63 kg – Rafik Khamidullin (Russia)
69 kg – Georgi Hristov (France)
76 kg – Anatoli Soroka (Ukraine)
85 kg – Istvan Jaszkai (Hungary)
97 kg – M. Wieczorkiewicz (Poland)
130 kg – N. Nazhmuddinov (Russia)

Div. F
58 kg – Viktor Chirkov (Russia)
63 kg – Mikhail Akopnin (Russia)
69 kg – Imre Jaszkai (Hungary)
76 kg – Jozsef Varga (Hungary)
85 kg – Serafim Tomilin (Russia)
97 kg – Dan Krneta (Croatia)
130 kg – Alexandr Krasanov

U.S. Greco-Roman performances

Div. B

69 kg – Matthew Bartlett, Washington, D.C., dnp
LOSS Jorn Melum (Norway), 0-7

85 kg - Rodney Fisher, Lewisburg, W.Va., dnp
LOSS Grigory Mikaiylov (Russia), 1-4

85 kg - Michael Schyck, Port Charlotte, Fla., bronze medal
LOSS Karoly Sipeki (Hungary)
WIN Grigory Mikaiylov (Russia), 9-2
WIN Ole Skilbred (Norway), 3-1

Div. E

76 kg - Chris Brown, Boyds, Md., bronze medal
LOSS Bruce Moe (USA), 0-7
WIN WIN Alexandr Sergachev (Russia), 6-4

76 kg - Bruce Moe, Hillsboro, N.D., silver medal
WIN Chris Brown (USA), 7-0
WIN Alexandr Sergachev (Russia), 5-2
LOSS Anatoli Soroka (Ukraine), 2-3

85 kg - Steve Contarino, Palmetto, Fla., bronze medal
LOSS Istvan Jaszkai (Hungary), 0-7
WIN Orhan Alparslan (Turkey), 0-8
WIN Vlaho Stajic (Serbia)
LOSS Valeriy Sorokov (Russia), 0-8

Div. F

63 kg - Shirzad Ahmadi, Coventry, Conn., silver medal
LOSS Mikhail Akopnin (Russia), 6-9

76 kg - Kenneth Peters, Elmhurst, Ill., silver medal
WIN Leonid Gumen (Ukraine), 4-4
LOSS Jozsef Varga (Hungary), 0-3

85 kg - Peter Haag, Chicago, Ill., 4th
LOSS Serafim Tomilin (Russia), 1-8
LOSS Mikhail Kataev (Russia), 8-9
LOSS V. Cherevyshnyy (Ukraine), 0-4

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