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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

UPDATE: Olivas, Chavez win bronze medal match at Cadet Worlds in Serbia

ZRENJANIN, Serbia – Two U.S. wrestlers won bronze medals at the Cadet World Championships in Greco-Roman on Wednesday, Cade Olivas of California at 42 kg/92.5 lbs. and Jon Jay Chavez of Idaho at 69 kg/152 lbs. They were the first two medals for the United States at the event this year.

Cade Olivas of California scored an impressive, come-from-behind 6-6 criteria win over Zelimkhan Usmanov of Kazakhstan in a bronze-medal bout. Trailing 6-1 after the first period, Olivas turned on the energy in the second period. He hit a duck-under takedown to make it 6-3, then another two-point takedown to make it 6-5. A pushout with one second left tied the match at 6-6, and Olivas won on criteria.

“I knew I had to keep going. I knew I was down. I wanted to get my first bronze medal internationally so I knew I had to push. That is what drove me to get the win,” said Olivas.

Olivas trailed 0-3 at half of his repechage match against Semur Huseynov of Azerbaijan. In the second period, Olivas scored on a step-out, then hit a nice three-point throw for a 4-3 lead. He added to his lead with a duckunder for a two-point takedown. Huseynov got a late two-point front headlock roll, but Olivas had the edge when time ran out, 6-5.

He lost a close match against Nurbek Maksatbekov of Kyrgyzstan, 2-4 in his first match at 42 kg/92.5 lbs. Maksatbekov had a nice run to qualify for the finals, pulling Olivas back into the repechage.

“He is fun to watch,” said U.S. Cadet World Team Coach Joe Russell. “He is relentless. He has got that special thing inside him that the great ones have. He has a big heart and goes out and competes. He found a way to win those matches.”

Chavez continued to show some tremendous throws in the finals, where he defeated Hrant Kalchyan of Armenia in the bronze-medal bout, 8-5. Trailing late in the match, Chavez scored a two-point takedown and a two-point gutwrench to take a 7-5 lead. He received an additional penalty point at the end when Usmanov took a shot at him in a heated pummel, for the final 8-5 victory.

“It was tied up then I got behind. I knew I needed to score. I had to go after it, use all my explosiveness, look for some openings and stick to my game plan. And that is what I did,” said Chavez. “My coaches work with me a lot on par terre. I had an opportunity for a trapped arm, and I took it. I got an extra two, and that gave me some leeway to work with.”

Chavez had a nice first round win over Antonio Kamenjasevic of Croatia, 5-1, with a big three-point throw in the first period.

In the second bout, Chavez was down 1-0 against Mehrac Karimov of Azerbaijan on a passivity penalty in the first period. However, Chavez came back with two big three-point throws, the first an arm throw and the second a body lock to score a technical fall, 7-1.

In the quarterfinals, Chavez drew tough Serkhan Akkoyun of Turkey and gave him a good fight. Akkoyun led 1-0 at the break on a passivity point against Chavez. In the second period, as the wrestlers battled for locks and tried to set up throws, Akkoyun was able to block a Chavez attempt for a throw with exposure and a 5-0 lead. Chavez was unable to secure any points in the closing minute of the battle.

When Akkoyun reached the finals, it pulled Chavez back into the repechage, where he faced Kryzysztof Niklas of Poland. The first period ended tied at 2-2, then Chavez got his offense going. In a short time frame, Chavez hit a three-point arm throw, then launched Niklas with a three-point body lock on the edge. The two three-point throws ended the bout as a technical fall, with an 8-2 score.

Tanner Cox of Utah has some challenges against 2013 European Cadet bronze medalist Temur Shavadze of Georgia, losing a second period technical fall, 0-8 at 46 kg/104.4 lbs.

At 76 kg/167.5 lbs., Kimball Bastian of Utah was unable to get an offense going, and was defeated by
Martin Opperman of South Africa, 0-6. Opperman failed to reach the finals, knocking Bastian out of the repechage.

Angus Arthur of Michigan also fell in his opener at 85 kg/187.4 lbs., losing to Oskar Czyzewski of Poland, 2-5. Cyzewski did not advance to the finals, knocking Arthur out of a repechage opportunity.

The United States finished in a tie for 13th with Bulgaria in the final standings with 20 points. Russia won the title with 62 points, followed by runner-up Azerbaijan with 53 points nd third place Kyrgyzstan with 41 points.

“It was exciting. This group came to camp prepared. It is a tribute to their coaches back home. What happened today, you can see they put in their time with hard work. They competed hard today and represented their country well. It is a great group of kids with a great attitude and a great effort,” said Russell.

At Zrenjanin, Serbia, August 21

Greco-Roman results

42 kg/92.5 lbs.
Gold – Emin Shafershayev (Ukraine)
Silver – Nurbek Maksatbekov (Kyrgyzstan)
Bronze – Slavik Galstyan (Armenia)
Bronze – Cade Olivas (USA)
5th – Aleh Zhuikou (Belarus)
5th – Zelimkhan Usmanov (Kazakhstan)
7th - Seymur Huseynov (Azerbaijan)
8th - Poaya Naserpour (Iran)
9th - Varga Vilmos (Hungary)
10th - Nugzari Tsurtsumia (Georgia)
Gold – Emin Shafershayev (Ukraine) dec. Nurbek Maksatbekov (Kyrgyzstan), 5-4
Bronze – Slavik Galstyan (Armenia) tech. fall Aleh Zhuikou (Belarus), 9-1
Bronze – Cade Olivas (USA) dec. Zelimkhan Usmanov (Kazakhstan), 6-6 (criteria)

46 kg/103.5 lbs.
Gold – Mohammad Soltani Monfared (Iran)
Silver – Vladislav Melnikov (Russia),
Bronze – Javokhir Mirakohmedov (Uzbekistan)
Bronze – Kanan Cafarov (Azerbaijan)
5th – Filip Frankol (Croatia)
5th – Maksim Nehoda (Belarus)
7th - Rajesh Dalal (India)
8th - Temur Shavadze (Georgia)
9th - Gabor Ferencz (Hungary)
10th - Alisher Tulegenov (Kazakhstan)
Gold – Mohammad Soltani Monfared (Iran) dec. Vladislav Melnikov (Russia), 4-3
Bronze – Javokhir Mirakohmedov (Uzbekistan) tech. fall Filip Frankol (Croatia), 7-0
Bronze – Kanan Cafarov (Azerbaijan) tech. fall Maksim Nehoda (Belarus), 6-0 (2 three-point throws)

69 kg/152 lbs.
Gold – Asen Sasaki (Japan)
Silver – Serkhan Akkoyun (Turkey)
Bronze – Jon Jay Chavez (USA)
Bronze – Termirlan Shadukaev (Kazakhstan)
5th – Hrant Kalchyan (Armenia)
5th – Irakli Tarkhnishvili (Georgia)
7th - Dzianis Lakutka (Belarus)
8th - Krzysztof Niklas (Poland)
9th - Manjeet Dalal (India)
10th - Vladislav Kulpa (Ukraine)
Gold – Asen Sasaki (Japan) dec. Serkhan Akkoyun (Turkey), 7-1
Bronze – Jon Jay Chavez (USA) dec. Hrant Kalchyan (Armenia), 8-5
Bronze – Termirlan Shadukaev (Kazakhstan) pin Irakli Tarkhnishvili (Georgia), 1:20

76 kg/167.5 lbs.
Gold – Islam Abbasov (Azerbaijan)
Silver – Bertain Papp (Hungary)
Bronze – Ali Cengiz (Turkey)
Bronze – Mairbek Adigeunov (Russia)
5th – Hassan Ahmed (Egypt)
5th – Samat Chonoraliev (Kyrgyzstan)
7th - Evgeni Polivadov (Kazakhstan)
8th - Jorge Jimenez Zuniga (Mexico)
9th - Anton Sakhno (Belarus)
10th - Gagik Sargsyan (Armenia)
Gold – Islam Abbasov (Azerbaijan) tech. fall Bertain Papp (Hungary), 8-0
Bronze – Ali Cengiz (Turkey) dec. Hassan Ahmed (Egypt), 8-7
Bronze – Mairbek Adigeunov (Russia) tech. fall Samat Chonoraliev (Kyrgyzstan), 11-3

85 kg/187.5 lbs.
Gold – Soslan Fanziyev (Azerbaijan)
Silver – Muhammed Can Bicak (Turkey)
Bronze – Vladimir Shavlokhashvili (Russia)
Bronze – Denislav Zlatev (Bulgaria)
5th – Julian Neumaier (Germany)
5th – Mohammad Biranvand (Iran)
7th - Yahor Yaskavets (Belarus)
8th - Oskar Cyzewski (Poland)
9th - Kevin Baumann (Estonia)
10th - Hein Jansen VanRensburg (South Africa)
Gold – Soslan Fanziyev (Azerbaijan) pin Muhammed Can Bicak (Turkey), 2:51
Bronze – Vladimir Shavlokhashvili (Russia) pin Julian Neumaier (Germany), 1:03
Bronze – Denislav Zlatev (Bulgaria) dec. Mohammad Biranvand (Iran), 1-0

U.S. Greco-Roman performances

42 kg/92.5 lbs. – Cade Olivas, Fontana, Calif., bronze medal
LOSS Nurbek Maksatbekov (Kyrgyzstan), 2-4
WIN Semur Huseynov (Azerbaijan), 6-5
WIN Zelimkhan Usmanov (Kazakhstan), 6-6 criteria

46 kg/104.4 lbs. – Tanner Cox, Mapleton, Utah
LOSS Temur Shavadze (Georgia), tech. fall, 0-8 (2:19)

69 kg/152 lbs. – Jon Jay Chavez, Boise, Idaho, bronze medal
WIN Antonio Kamenjasevic (Croatia), 5-1
WIN Mehrac Karimov (Azerbaijan), tech. fall 7-1 (2 three-point throws)
LOSS Serkhan Akkoyun (Turkey), 0-5
WIN Kryzysztof Niklas (Poland), tech. fall 8-2 (2 three-point throws)
WIN Hrant Kalchyan (Armenia), 8-5

76 kg/167.5 lbs. – Kimball Bastian, Mapleton, Utah
LOSS Martin Opperman (South Africa), 0-6

85 kg/187.4 lbs. – Angus Arthur, Laingsburg, Mich.
LOSS Oskar Czyzewski (Poland), 2-5

Greco-Roman Team Standings
1 Russia, 62 pts.
2 Azerbaijan, 53 pts.
3. Kyrgyzstan , 41 pts.
4 Ukraine, 40 pts.
5 Georgia, 38 pts.
6 (tie) Turkey, 30 pts.
6 (tie) Belarus, 30 pts.
8. (tie) Iran, 27 pts.
8. (tie) Hungary, 27 pts.
10. (tie) Armenia, 25 pts.
10 (tie) Kazakhstan, 25 pts.
12. Japan, 23 pts.
13. (tie) Bulgaria, 20 pts.
13. (tie) United States, 20 pts.
15. Uzbekistan, 19 pts.
16. Serbia, 17 pts.
17. Germany, 16 pts.
18 Lithuania, 9 pts.
19 Romania, 7 pts.
20. (tie) Croatia, 6 pts.
20. (tie) Egypt, 6 pts.
20. (tie) Finland, 6 pts.
20. (tie) India, 6 pts.
20. (tie) Poland, 6 pts.
25. Mexico, 5 pts.
26 (tie) Estonia, 2 pts.
26 (tie) Switzerland, 2 pts.
28 (tie) Italy, 1 pt.
28 (tie) South Africa, 1 pt.
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