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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Pennsylvania rallies to win Schoolboy National Greco-Roman Duals over Illinois in finals, 39-36

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Pennsylvania won the final three bouts by pin to rally from a 36-24 deficit to beat the defending champion Illinois in the finals of the Schoolboy National Greco-Roman duals today.

JJ Wilson started things off for Pennsylvania at 70 lbs. with a 8-1 technical fall over Justin Cardini. After Connor Keivman at 77 lbs. and Matt Parker at 84 lbs. won the next two matches for Pennsylvania, Illinois won nine of the next 10 bouts to build a 12 point lead. Zach Villarreal (112) won by pin for Illinois while Jason Renteria (105), Blaize Punke (120), Trevell Timmons (136), Jack Jessen (144) and Blake Barrick (152) all won by technical fall.

Josiah Jones started the comeback for Pennsylvania at 190 lbs. by pinning Nathan Schultz of Illinois in 0:29. Cole Rickert followed with another pin at 210 lbs. over Blake Zalapi of Illinois in 1:02. Those wins pulled Pennsylvania within two points of Illinois at 36-34. Brendan Furman came up big for the keystone state by pinning Hunter Bowles in 0:28 to secure the win for Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania reached the Championship Pool by winning Pool C while Illinois advanced after winning Pool A. Other pool winners were Indiana and Minnesota.

Wisconsin placed third with a 47-26 win over Washington in their medal match. A pin by heavyweight Trent Esping in 0:17 was enough for Minnesota to edge Indiana in the fifth place match 40-39. Kansas placed seventh, defeating Ohio 45-34.

The All Tournament Team will has been announced, with 53 athletes from 23 different states.

Click here for 2013 Schoolboy National Duals All-Tournament Team

At Indianapolis, Ind. June 6-9

Greco-Roman Results

Gold /Silver Pool Results (Places 1-8)
1st Place Match
Pennsylvania Blue G defeated Team Illinois G 39-36.
3rd Place Match
Wisconsin Red G defeated Team Washington G 47-26.
5th Place Match
Minnesota 1 G defeated Indiana Gold G 40-39.
7th Place Match
Team Kansas Gold G defeated Team Ohio G 45-34.

FIRST PLACE – Pennsylvania 39, Illinois 36
70-JJ Wilson (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Justin Cardani (Team Illinois G) TF 8-1
77-Connor Keivman (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Joey Melendez (Team Illinois G) Dec 4-0
84-Matt Parker (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Sean Mckenna (Team Illinois G) TF 7-0
91-Will Lewan (Team Illinois G) over Jason Amy (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 7-0
98-Tony Madrigal (Team Illinois G) over Jake Cherry (Pennsylvania Blue G) Dec 2-1
105-Jason Renteria (Team Illinois G) over Cole Matthews (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 7-0
112-Zach Villarreal (Team Illinois G) over Carnell Andrews (Pennsylvania Blue G) Pin 5:37
120-Blaize Punke (Team Illinois G) over Jake Hendricks (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 10-2
128-Jaime Hernandez (Team Illinois G) over Anthony Vitale (Pennsylvania Blue G) Dec 3-0
136-Trevell Timmons (Team Illinois G) over Matt O`block (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 12-4
144-Jack Jessen (Team Illinois G) over Anthony Walters (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 10-3
152-Blake Barrick (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Andrew Okayama (Team Illinois G) TF 8-0
160-Quentin Milliken (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Mason Kroening (Team Illinois G) Pin 1:36
175-Jacob Warner (Team Illinois G) over Colin Funkhouser (Pennsylvania Blue G) TF 10-0
190-Josiah Jones (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Nathan Shultz (Team Illinois G) Pin 0:29
210-Cole Rickert (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Blake Zalapi (Team Illinois G) Pin 1:02
265-Brendan Furman (Pennsylvania Blue G) over Hunter Bowles (Team Illinois G) Pin 0:28

THIRD PLACE – Wisconsin Red 47, Team Washington 26
70-Eric Barnett (Wisconsin Red G) over Clayton Gilliam (Team Washington G) TF 7-0
77-Brandon Kaylor (Team Washington G) over Mike Smith (Wisconsin Red G) TF 8-0
84-Mason Phillips (Team Washington G) over Drew Scharenbrock (Wisconsin Red G) TF 13-6
91-Clai Quintanilla (Team Washington G) over Brock Bergelin (Wisconsin Red G) TF 8-0
98-Jaden Van Maanen (Wisconsin Red G) over Tj Baun (Team Washington G) Dec 7-6
105-Brahm Trujillo (Team Washington G) over Nolan Lange (Wisconsin Red G) TF 8-0
112-Jacob Ellefson (Team Washington G) over Cal Hanson (Wisconsin Red G) TF 9-2
120-Jose Acosta (Wisconsin Red G) over Austin Cain (Team Washington G) TF 8-0
128-Drake Ferguson (Team Washington G) over Tyler Dow (Wisconsin Red G) TF 19-11
136-Braedon Orrino (Team Washington G) over Frank Garcia (Wisconsin Red G) TF 8-0
144-Trey Haugen (Wisconsin Red G) over Trevor Senn (Team Washington G) Pin 2:07
152-Garrett Joles (Wisconsin Red G) over Arie Van veen (Team Washington G) TF 8-0
160-Jacob Raschka (Wisconsin Red G) over Michael Haynes (Team Washington G) Pin 1:10
175-Alex Peplinski (Wisconsin Red G) over Kendrick Gale (Team Washington G) Pin 1:34
190-Seth Lecher (Wisconsin Red G) over Evan Barger (Team Washington G) Pin 1:55
210-Blaze Beltran (Wisconsin Red G) over Clayton Fincher (Team Washington G) TF 7-0
265-Dylan Campton (Wisconsin Red G) over Sylvestor Cortes (Team Washington G) Pin 1:20

FIFTH PLACE - Minnesota 1 40, Indiana Gold 39
70-Max Crowe (Minnesota 1 G) over Lukasz Walendzak (Indiana Gold G) Pin 0:34
77-Patrick Mckee (Minnesota 1 G) over Justice Cash (Indiana Gold G) TF 10-3
84-Anthony Meister (Minnesota 1 G) over Mason Miranda (Indiana Gold G) Dec 5-3
91-Jake Gliva (Minnesota 1 G) over Tylor Triana (Indiana Gold G) TF 8-0
98-Jackson Stauffacher (Minnesota 1 G) over Alec White (Indiana Gold G) Dec 7-3
105-Joe Lee (Indiana Gold G) over Wade Sullivan (Minnesota 1 G) TF 8-0
112-Brayton Lee (Indiana Gold G) over Tyler Shilson (Minnesota 1 G) TF 8-0
120-Mccoy Tekautz (Minnesota 1 G) over Lucas Davison (Indiana Gold G) Pin 1:05
128-Mason Hall (Minnesota 1 G) over Kameron Fuller (Indiana Gold G) Pin 0:30
136-Mason Parris (Indiana Gold G) over Aaron Zosel (Minnesota 1 G) TF 8-0
144-Jacob Gray (Indiana Gold G) over Mason Rutt (Minnesota 1 G) TF 9-2
152-Jared Florell (Minnesota 1 G) over Nathan Walton (Indiana Gold G) TF 10-3
160-Dylan Jolley-little (Indiana Gold G) over Tyler Snoberger (Minnesota 1 G) TF 15-7
175-Bryce Baumgartner (Indiana Gold G) over Phillip Murphy (Minnesota 1 G) Pin 0:47
190-Cory Heinrich (Indiana Gold G) over Keegan Cavallero (Minnesota 1 G) Pin 0:43
210-Noah Lucas (Indiana Gold G) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
265-Trent Esping (Minnesota 1 G) over Josh Ritchie (Indiana Gold G) Pin 0:17

SEVENTH PLACE - Team Kansas Gold 45, Team Ohio 34
70-Jace Koelzer (Team Kansas Gold G) over Lucas Byrd (Team Ohio G) TF 11-2
77-Cody Phippen (Team Kansas Gold G) over Zach Williams (Team Ohio G) TF 8-0
84-Dayton Porsch (Team Kansas Gold G) over Jordan Hamblin (Team Ohio G) TF 18-9
91-Brandon Lucas (Team Ohio G) over Bret Hull (Team Kansas Gold G) TF 8-0
98-Jon Trowbridge (Team Kansas Gold G) over Gavin Stika (Team Ohio G) TF 8-0
105-Andrew Fairbanks (Team Ohio G) over Logan Treaster (Team Kansas Gold G) Pin 1:41
112-Gary Joint (Team Kansas Gold G) over Cody Moosman (Team Ohio G) Pin 0:53
120-Kendall Frame (Team Kansas Gold G) over Kevin Contos (Team Ohio G) Pin 0:40
128-Jake Patterson (Team Kansas Gold G) over Ashton Eyler (Team Ohio G) TF 9-1
136-Michael Baker (Team Ohio G) over Nick Jouret (Team Kansas Gold G) Dec 8-6
144-Bo Mcintosh (Team Ohio G) over Daniel Butler (Team Kansas Gold G) Dec 9-4
152-Nick Mahan (Team Kansas Gold G) over Mark Kimbrell (Team Ohio G) Dec 6-6
160-Jacob Mintzmyer (Team Kansas Gold G) over Jake Dempsey (Team Ohio G) Pin 2:15
175-Dj Childers (Team Ohio G) over Dalton White (Team Kansas Gold G) Pin 0:44
190-Nick Parkins (Team Ohio G) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
210-Chris Cox (Team Kansas Gold G) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
265-Alec Moore (Team Ohio G) over Taye Washington (Team Kansas Gold G) Pin 1:41

Bronze/Copper Pool Results (Places 9-16)
9th Place Match
New Jersey G defeated Iowa G 54-20.
11th Place Match
Utah G defeated Wisconsin White G 44-35.
13th Place Match
Oklahoma Red G defeated Indiana Blue G 42-34.
15th Place Match
Team Texas Blue G defeated Team Kansas Silver G 38-38.

Red/Blue Pool Results (Places 17-24)
17th Place Match
Team Missouri G defeated Team Idaho G 42-34.
19th Place Match
Colorado Red G defeated Team Michigan Blue G 40-38.
21st Place Match
Team Florida G defeated Team New York G 40-29.
23rd Place Match
Team VIrginia G defeated Maryland Gold G 36-17.
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