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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Valencia and Briceno of California dominant at Western Junior Regionals in men’s freestyle

Zahid Valencia of California defeated Cole Weaver of Michigan in the finals of the men's freestyle competition at 126 lbs. Robbert Wijtman photo.

The second day of the 2013 Western Junior Regionals featured action from more than 250 high school men’s freestyle wrestlers vying for gold.

Excitement abounded for the young men competing in the Las Vegas Convention Center alongside the U.S. Open and top Senior level wrestlers.

“It’s awesome watching all the Olympic wrestlers and dreaming about being there one day,” said champion and high school star Zahid Valencia of California, who earned gold at 126 lbs. on Thursday.

Valencia won gold at the 2013 USAW/Cliff Keen Folkstyle Nationals in Cedar Falls, Iowa and the 2012 ASICS/Vaughan Cadet National Championships in men’s freestyle. In an intense final matchup between Cole Weaver of Michigan, who won the 2012 ASICS/Vaughan Cadet National Championships in Greco-Roman, Valencia defeated Weaver 1-0, 1-1.

Among the winners were four double champions, winning both Greco-Roman on Wednesday and men’s freestyle Thursday.

Double champions were Matthew Schmitt of Missouri at 100 lbs., Jacob Schmitt of Michigan at 132 lbs., Blayne Briceno of California at 152 lbs. and Roy Nash of Utah at 220 lbs.

Briceno was named Outstanding Wrestler for the tournament with four technical falls and a pin, followed by a win over Austin Eads of Missouri in a three-period final match, 0-6, 3-1, 7-0.

Another double champion, Jacob Schmitt, is one competitor staying in Las Vegas for Saturday’s freestyle FILA Junior National Championships. Schmitt had an impressive run toward his freestyle title today with three technical falls, including in his final match, and three pins.

“There were a few shaky matches in there where I didn’t feel too good, but I still got it done,” Schmitt said. “This is a good get-into-freestyle tournament for me. I love freestyle; it’s my favorite style of wrestling. It’s something else, being able to be here and wrestling with those guys that have been all around the world wrestling.”

Returning champions were Ryder Newman of Nevada at 182 lbs., who won in both Greco-Roman and men’s freestyle in 2012, and Amarveer Dhesi of Washington at 285 lbs.

Other winners today were Tanner Rohweder of Iowa at 106 lbs., Nolan Hellickson of Iowa at 113 lbs., Sean Cannon of Nevada at 120 lbs., Josh Reyes of Oregon at 138 lbs., Daniel Lewis of Missouri at 145 lbs., Jaskarn Ranu of Washington at 160 lbs., Drew Gracia of Michigan at 170 lbs. and Marcus Harrington of Iowa.

Cannon, one of the local Nevada wrestlers, enjoyed the chance to wrestle in his home state and, what’s better, become one of only two Nevada champions.

“It’s not like any other job. I just have fun with it. I had a couple ups and downs, after the break my first match was a little slow but I feel like I picked it up and wrestled a lot better. That last takedown I got, I felt it. I felt great and I got it.”

At Las Vegas, Nev., April 18, 2013

High School/Junior Men’s Freestyle Results

100 lbs.
1st Place - Matthew Schmitt of Missouri
2nd Place - Chase Wickman of Washington
3rd Place - Zac Hanson of Washington
4th Place - Jet Tryon of Missouri
5th Place - Jesus Urquidez of Arizona
6th Place - Trevor Wonderly of Oregon
1st – Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) over Chase Wickman (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
3rd – Zac Hanson (Washington) over Jet Tryon (Missouri) Dec 7-0,7-3
5th – Jesus Urquidez (Arizona) over Trevor Wonderly (Oregon) Dec 3-2,1-0

106 lbs.
1st Place - Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
2nd Place - Michael Murphy of Tennessee
3rd Place - Dakota Miller of Missouri
4th Place - Jesse Torres of Washington
5th Place - Cash Crandall of Nevada
6th Place - Seth Hutchison of Alaska
1st – Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) over Michael Murphy (Tennessee) Dec 2-1,5-0
3rd – Dakota Miller (Missouri) over Jesse Torres (Washington) TF 6-0,9-3
5th – Cash Crandall (Nevada) over Seth Hutchison (Alaska) Fall 7-0,2:00

113 lbs.
1st Place - Nolan Hellickson of Iowa
2nd Place - Andrew Ibarra of California
3rd Place - Isaac Jimenez of Texas
4th Place - Brettlyn Reich of Alaska
5th Place - Matthew Barmann of Missouri
6th Place - Ray Monela of California
1st – Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) over Andrew Ibarra (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
3rd – Isaac Jimenez (Texas) over Brettlyn Reich (Alaska) Dec 7-2,9-1
5th – Matthew Barmann (Missouri) over Ray Monela (California) Fall 4-0,0:37

120 lbs.
1st Place - Sean Cannon of Nevada
2nd Place - Devan Richter of Missouri
3rd Place - Jarred Oftedahl of Minnesota
4th Place - Chandler Strand of Utah
5th Place - Bryson Beard of Washington
6th Place - Evan Wick of California
1st – Sean Cannon (Nevada) over Devan Richter (Missouri) Dec 2-1,5-2
3rd – Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Chandler Strand (Utah) Fall 0:49
5th – Bryson Beard (Washington) over Evan Wick (California) Fall 1-1,2-3,1:48

126 lbs.
1st Place - Zahid Valencia of California
2nd Place - Cole Weaver of Michigan
3rd Place - William Koll of New York
4th Place - Jens Lantz of Wisconsin
5th Place - Austin Lister of Oregon
6th Place - Sean Murphy of North Dakota
1st – Zahid Valencia (California) over Cole Weaver (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-1
3rd – William Koll (New York) over Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) Dec 3-0,1-0
5th – Austin Lister (Oregon) over Sean Murphy (North Dakota) Dec 9-0,2-0

132 lbs.
1st Place - Jacob Schmitt of Michigan
2nd Place - Jacob Rubio of Texas
3rd Place - Matthew Findlay of Utah
4th Place - Stuart Malm of California
5th Place - Jimmy Felix of California
6th Place - Braydon Akeo of Hawaii
1st – Jacob Schmitt (Michigan) over Jacob Rubio (Texas) TF 7-0,7-1
3rd – Matthew Findlay (Utah) over Stuart Malm (California) Dec 0-3,4-1,1-1
5th – Jimmy Felix (California) over Braydon Akeo (Hawaii) Dec 2-3,2-1,1-1

138 lbs.
1st Place - Josh Reyes of Oregon
2nd Place - Chase Call of Idaho
3rd Place - Blaine Invernon of Idaho
4th Place - Colton Orrino of Washington
5th Place - Rodney Clevenger of Missouri
6th Place - Luke Rowh of Minnesota
1st – Josh Reyes (Oregon) over Chase Call (Idaho) Dec 1-4,2-1,2-0
3rd – Blaine Invernon (Idaho) over Colton Orrino (Washington) Dec 8-6,1-1
5th – Rodney Clevenger (Missouri) over Luke Rowh (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0

145 lbs.
1st Place - Daniel Lewis of Missouri
2nd Place - Garrett Wood of Idaho
3rd Place - Jared Johnshoy of Idaho
4th Place - Broc Smith of Nevada
5th Place - Joseph Grable of Washington
6th Place - Art Flores of California
1st – Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Garrett Wood (Idaho) Dec 3-3,3-1,6-0
3rd – Jared Johnshoy (Idaho) over Broc Smith (Nevada) Fall 0:45
5th – Joseph Grable (Washington) over Art Flores (California) ID

152 lbs.
1st Place - Blayne Briceno of California
2nd Place - Austin Eads of Missouri
3rd Place - Jarod Albo of Colorado
4th Place - Arram Price of Nevada
5th Place - Nick Tarpley of Colorado
6th Place - Kayden Pierson of Nevada
1st – Blayne Briceno (California) over Austin Eads (Missouri) Dec 0-6,3-1,7-0
3rd – Jarod Albo (Colorado) over Arram Price (Nevada) Dec 3-3,3-2,1-0
5th – Nick Tarpley (Colorado) over Kayden Pierson (Nevada) FF

160 lbs.
1st Place - Jaskarn Ranu of Washington
2nd Place - Aaron Blaine of Washington
3rd Place - Donovan Peek of Nevada
4th Place - Devon Phillips of Alaska
5th Place - Justin Becker of New Jersey
6th Place - Michael Barnson of Nevada
1st – Jaskarn Ranu (Washington) over Aaron Blaine (Washington) Dec 2-0,6-0
3rd – Donovan Peek (Nevada) over Devon Phillips (Alaska) Dec 4-0,6-0
5th – Justin Becker (New Jersey) over Michael Barnson (Nevada) Dec 2-0,5-2

170 lbs.
1st Place - Drew Gracia of Michigan
2nd Place - Tyler McNutt of Missouri
3rd Place - Kyle Bateman of Oregon
4th Place - Anthony Anderson of California
5th Place - Joshua Roetman of Alaska
6th Place - Tijani Karaborni of California
1st – Drew Gracia (Michigan) over Tyler McNutt (Missouri) Fall 8-0,1:21
3rd – Kyle Bateman (Oregon) over Anthony Anderson (California) TF 6-0,6-0
5th – Joshua Roetman (Alaska) over Tijani Karaborni (California) Fall 4-1,0:35

182 lbs.
1st Place - Ryder Newman of Nevada
2nd Place - David Stepanyan of California
3rd Place - Ajay Gill of Washington
4th Place - Zach Stodden of Colorado
5th Place - Wyatt Richardson of Minnesota
6th Place - Faris Karaborni of California
1st – Ryder Newman (Nevada) over David Stepanyan (California) TF 6-0,6-0
3rd – Ajay Gill (Washington) over Zach Stodden (Colorado) TF 6-0,6-0
5th – Wyatt Richardson (Minnesota) over Faris Karaborni (California) Fall 0:24

195 lbs.
1st Place - Marcus Harrington of Iowa
2nd Place - Micah T Gill of Utah
3rd Place - Clayton Hartwell of California
4th Place - Sean Lang of California
5th Place - Christian Boyles of Missouri
6th Place - Luidolfo M Bonilla of Arizona
1st – Marcus Harrington (Iowa) over Micah T Gill (Utah) Dec 5-0,7-1
3rd – Clayton Hartwell (California) over Sean Lang (California) Dec 1-0,2-0
5th – Christian Boyles (Missouri) over Luidolfo M Bonilla (Arizona) Fall 2-0,0:28

220 lbs.
1st Place - Roy Nash of Utah
2nd Place - Ben Andrew of Arizona
3rd Place - Ryan Maas of Iowa
4th Place - Daniel Pena of California
5th Place - Jonathon Molina of Nevada
6th Place - Austin Taylor of Utah
1st – Roy Nash (Utah) over Ben Andrew (Arizona) Dec 8-3,6-5
3rd – Ryan Maas (Iowa) over Daniel Pena (California) Fall 0:08
5th – Jonathon Molina (Nevada) over Austin Taylor (Utah) FF

285 lbs.
1st Place - Amarveer Dhesi of Washington
2nd Place - Garrett Ryan of Pennsylvania
3rd Place - Ryan Prescott of Michigan
4th Place - Hector Garcia of Nevada
5th Place - Robert Barrios of California
6th Place - Brayden Marker of Wyoming
1st – Amarveer Dhesi (Washington) over Garrett Ryan (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0,1-0
3rd – Ryan Prescott (Michigan) over Hector Garcia (Nevada) Fall 0:26
5th – Robert Barrios (California) over Brayden Marker (Wyoming) Fall 10-0,1:07
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