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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Illinois Wins the 2013 NWCA/USA Wrestling National Scholastic Duals held in Indiana

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. - Team Illinois Outsiders defeated Indiana Gold to capture top honors in the 2013 NWCA/USA Wrestling National Scholastic Duals, held April 11-13 at Wabash College.

Team Illinois Outsiders won the championship match, 41-12, winning 11 matches, including a pin by Larry Early (132) and a technical fall by Davonte Mahomes (170). Team Illinois Outsiders went 4-0 in the championship gold pool finals, and had an impressive 7-0 dual meet record for the entire tournament. Indiana Gold went 3-1 in the gold pool and overall had a 6-1 record for the event.

Illinois had a dominant performance, with their second team, Illinois Inferno, placing third, with a 2-2 record in the gold pool.

Team Kentucky Blue had a very strong performance finishing in fourth place, including a victory over Team Pennsylvania to capture the final spot on the awards stand.

Leading Kentucky Blue was undefeated Brock Ervin, who earned the meet’s Most Outstanding Wrestler Award for the second consecutive year. Ervin had five wins in the event, with three major decisions and two pins at 126 pounds. He also received two forfeits. Ervin competes for Morganfield Union County High School and is a four-time state champion.

Also earning their way into the championship gold pool was Team Pennsylvania, which finished in fifth place.

Team Virginia won the National Scholastic Duals Sportsmanship Award.

There were 20 state-level teams entered in this event. Full results can be found on Track Wrestling at the link below:
NWCA/USAW Scholastic Duals results

At Crawfordsville, Ind., April 11-13

Championship Gold Pool Results
1st Place - Illinois Outsiders
2nd Place - Indiana Gold
3rd Place - Illinois Inferno
4th Place - Kentucky Blue
5th Place - Pennsylvania
Indiana Gold defeated Illinois Inferno 40-25.
Kentucky Blue defeated Pennsylvania 36-31.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Illinois Inferno 41-18.
Indiana Gold defeated Pennsylvania 33-18.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Kentucky Blue 50-15.
Illinois Inferno defeated Pennsylvania 36-21.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Pennsylvania 48-12.
Indiana Gold defeated Kentucky Blue 41-18.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Indiana Gold 41-12.
Illinois Inferno defeated Kentucky Blue 46-20.

Silver Pool Results
1st Place - Virginia
2nd Place - Michigan
3rd Place - Colorado
4th Place - Indiana Blue
5th Place - Indiana Gorillas
Virginia defeated Indiana Blue 31-28.
Indiana Gorillas defeated Michigan 38-16.
Colorado defeated Indiana Blue 40-25.
Virginia defeated Indiana Gorillas 37-27.
Michigan defeated Colorado 33-30.
Indiana Blue defeated Indiana Gorillas 29-25.
Colorado defeated Indiana Gorillas 46-18.
Virginia defeated Michigan 47-15.
Virginia defeated Colorado 39-13.
Michigan defeated Indiana Blue 42-33.

Bronze Pool Results
1st Place - Indiana Renegades Gold
2nd Place - Indiana Renegades Black
3rd Place - Kentucky Red
4th Place - Illinois Insiders
5th Place - Ohio Titan - Blue
Indiana Renegades Black defeated Kentucky Red 43-24.
Indiana Renegades Gold defeated Illinois Insiders 38-20.
Indiana Renegades Black defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 57-15.
Kentucky Red defeated Illinois Insiders 39-30.
Indiana Renegades Gold defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 65-3.
Indiana Renegades Black defeated Illinois Insiders 37-17.
Illinois Insiders defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 55-6.
Indiana Renegades Gold defeated Kentucky Red 51-14.
Kentucky Red defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 0-0.
Indiana Renegades Gold defeated Indiana Renegades Black 33-28.

Copper Pool Results
1st Place - Ohio `Room Wrestling`
2nd Place - Ohio Mafia
3rd Place - Ohio 1030
4th Place - New Jersey
5th Place - Ohio Titan - Red
New Jersey defeated Ohio Titan - Red 9-12.
Ohio `Room Wrestling` defeated Ohio 1030 47-18.
Ohio `Room Wrestling` defeated Ohio Mafia 48-15.
Ohio 1030 defeated Ohio Titan - Red 50-21.
Ohio Mafia defeated Ohio 1030 33-30.
Ohio `Room Wrestling` defeated New Jersey 50-18.
Ohio Mafia defeated New Jersey 48-21.
Ohio `Room Wrestling` defeated Ohio Titan - Red 54-15.
Ohio Titan - Red defeated Ohio Mafia 0-0.
Ohio 1030 defeated New Jersey 41-32.

Pool A Results
1st Place - Illinois Outsiders
2nd Place - Indiana Blue
3rd Place - Ohio Titan - Blue
4th Place - New Jersey
Illinois Outsiders defeated New Jersey 69-3.
Indiana Blue defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 59-6.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Ohio Titan - Blue 66-6.
Indiana Blue defeated New Jersey 64-9.
Illinois Outsiders defeated Indiana Blue 54-0.
Ohio Titan - Blue defeated New Jersey 45-27.

Pool B Results
1st Place - Indiana Gold
2nd Place - Michigan
3rd Place - Kentucky Red
4th Place - Ohio 1030
Indiana Gold defeated Kentucky Red 69-3.
Michigan defeated Ohio 1030 35-24.
Indiana Gold defeated Michigan 56-4.
Kentucky Red defeated Ohio 1030 37-33.
Indiana Gold defeated Ohio 1030 53-9.
Michigan defeated Kentucky Red 42-25.

Pool C Results
1st Place - Pennsylvania
2nd Place - Indiana Gorillas
3rd Place - Illinois Insiders
4th Place - Ohio `Room Wrestling`
Pennsylvania defeated Illinois Insiders 50-9.
Indiana Gorillas defeated Ohio `Room Wrestling` 33-22.
Pennsylvania defeated Indiana Gorillas 45-15.
Illinois Insiders defeated Ohio `Room Wrestling` 31-25.
Pennsylvania defeated Ohio `Room Wrestling` 40-17.
Indiana Gorillas defeated Illinois Insiders 45-16.

Pool D Results
1st Place - Kentucky Blue
2nd Place - Virginia
3rd Place - Indiana Renegades Gold
4th Place - Ohio Titan - Red
Kentucky Blue defeated Ohio Titan - Red 76-3.
Virginia defeated Indiana Renegades Gold 43-21.
Kentucky Blue defeated Indiana Renegades Gold 51-18.
Virginia defeated Ohio Titan - Red 66-0.
Kentucky Blue defeated Virginia 39-28.
Indiana Renegades Gold defeated Ohio Titan - Red 60-12.

Pool E Results
1st Place - Illinois Inferno
2nd Place - Colorado
3rd Place - Indiana Renegades Black
4th Place - Ohio Mafia
Colorado defeated Ohio Mafia 55-9.
Illinois Inferno defeated Indiana Renegades Black 51-6.
Colorado defeated Indiana Renegades Black 41-21.
Illinois Inferno defeated Ohio Mafia 53-9.
Illinois Inferno defeated Colorado 28-21.
Indiana Renegades Black defeated Ohio Mafia 50-15.
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