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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State, Cornell, Missouri win National Duals Regionals

All four NWCA National Duals Regionals have been completed.

In the final Regional held on Sunday, Virginia Tech defeated host Oregon State in the finals, 19-15. Virginia Tech opened up with a win in the semis over Oklahoma 33-6.

In the Regional hosted at Kent State, Oklahoma State defeated Northern Iowa in the finals, 39-7. They opened with a 34-10 win over Kent State.

In the Regional hosted at Cornell, the host Big Red prevailed over Nebraska, 19-17. Nebraska also defeated Hofstra in the semifinals, 42-0.

Missouri won the Regional held on its campus.The Tigers beat Maryland 27-13 in the semifinals, then stopped Purdue, 27-15 in the finals.

They will join four other teams which had been placed in the finals of the National Duals: Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois and Ohio State. These eight teams will compete for the 2013 NWCA National Duals title at Williams Arena in Minneapolis, Minn. next weekend, Feb. 22-23.

Links to each of the brackets at each of Regional sites can be found at the NWCA website at:
NWCA National Duals Website

To see video of the Regional events, see FloWrestling.




Virginia Tech 19, Oregon State 15
125 Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech) over Joey Palmer (Oregon State) Dec 8-3 3.00 0
133 Erik Spjut (Virginia Tech) over Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon State) Dec 3-2 3.00 0
141 Michael Mangrum (Oregon State) over Zach Neibert (Virginia Tech) Dec 7-3 0 3.00
149 Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State) over Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) Dec 3-1 0 3.00
157 Jesse Dong (Virginia Tech) over Roger Pena (Oregon State) Dec 5-4 3.00 0
165 Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) over Seth Thomas (Oregon State) TF4 15-0 4.00 0
174 Austin Gabel (Virginia Tech) over Cody Weishoff (Oregon State) Dec 6-2 3.00 0
184 Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech) over Austin Morehead (Oregon State) Dec 15-8 3.00 0
197 Taylor Meeks (Oregon State) over Derrick Borlie (Virginia Tech) Inj 0:00 0 6.00
285 Chad Hanke (Oregon State) over David Marone (Virginia Tech) Dec 7-6 0 3.00


Michigan 27, Oklahoma 19
125 Kyle Garcia (Oklahoma) over Sean Boyle (Michigan) Dec 9-8 3.00 0
133 Rosario Bruno (Michigan) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 0 6.00
141 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) over James Hillock (Michigan) TF 18-3 5.00 0
149 Eric Grajales (Michigan) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 0 6.00
157 Matt Lester (Oklahoma) over Michael Carpenter (Michigan) TF 18-0 5.00 0
165 Patrick Graham (Oklahoma) over Taylor Massa (Michigan) Dec 5-1 3.00 0
174 Daniel Yates (Michigan) over Matt Reed (Oklahoma) Pin 5:23 0 6.00
184 Christopher Heald (Michigan) over Nolan McBryde (Oklahoma) Dec 10-4 0 3.00
197 Maxwell Huntley (Michigan) over Brad Johnson (Oklahoma) DQ 0 6.00
285 Keldrick Hall (Oklahoma) over Benjamin Apland (Michigan) Dec 6-5 3.00 0


Virginia Tech 33, Oklahoma 6
125 Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech) over Kyle Garcia (Oklahoma) Maj 17-4
133 Erik Spjut (Virginia Tech) forfeit
141 Kendric Maple (Oklahoma) forfeit
149 Nick Brascetta (Virginia Tech) over Nick Lester (Oklahoma) Dec 8-2
157 Jesse Dong (Virginia Tech) over Justin DeAngelis (Oklahoma) Maj 8-0
165 Peter Yates (Virginia Tech) over Patrick Graham (Oklahoma) Dec 7-2
174 Austin Gabel (Virginia Tech) over Matt Reed (Oklahoma) Maj 11-2
184 Nick Vetterlein (Virginia Tech) over Nolan McBryde (Oklahoma) Dec 10-6
197 Derrick Borlie (Virginia Tech) over Brad Johnson (Oklahoma) Dec 8-2
285 David Marone (Virginia Tech) over Keldrick Hall (Oklahoma) SV-1 3-1



Oklahoma State 39, Northern Iowa 7
125 Edward Klimara (Oklahoma State) over Ryan Jauch (Northern Iowa) Maj 10-2
133 Jonathon Morrison (Oklahoma State) forfeit
141 Joey Lazor (Northern Iowa) over Julian Feikert (Oklahoma State) Maj 10-1
149 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) over Bart Reiter (Northern Iowa) Maj 13-4
157 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) over David Bonin (Northern Iowa) Pin 6:34
165 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) over Jarrett Jensen (Northern Iowa) Maj 15-2
174 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) over Kyle Lux (Northern Iowa) Pin 6:10
184 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa) over Christopher Chionuma (Oklahoma State) Dec 6-1
197 Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma State) over Taylor Kettman (Northern Iowa) TF 19-2
285 Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State) over Blayne Beale (Northern Iowa) Maj 16-6


Kent State 33, Wisconsin 10
125 Steve Mitcheff (Kent State) over Matthew Cavallaris (Wisconsin) Pin 2:55
133 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) over Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State) Dec 8-2
141 Thomas Kelliher (Wisconsin) over Lukas Kern (Kent State) Dec 6-0
149 Andy Candiello (Kent State) forfeit
157 Tommy Sasfy (Kent State) over Charles York (Wisconsin) Dec 7-6
165 Caleb Marsh (Kent State) over Alex Yde (Wisconsin) Dec 5-2
174 Sam Wheeler (Kent State) over SCOTT LIEGEL (Wisconsin) Dec 10-5
184 Casey Newburg (Kent State) forfeit
197 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State) over Jackson Hein (Wisconsin) Pin 4:56
285 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) over Keith Witt (Kent State) Maj 10-1


Oklahoma State 34, Kent State 10
125 Steve Mitcheff (Kent State) over Edward Klimara (Oklahoma State) Dec 3-2
133 Mackenzie McGuire (Kent State) over Jonathon Morrison (Oklahoma State) Dec 3-2
141 Julian Feikert (Oklahoma State) over Lukas Kern (Kent State) Pin 6:38
149 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State) over Andy Candiello (Kent State) Pin 4:02
157 Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State) over Tommy Sasfy (Kent State) Pin 2:13
165 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State) over Caleb Marsh (Kent State) Dec 4-1
174 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State) over Mike Vollant (Kent State) Maj 11-2
184 Christopher Chionuma (Oklahoma State) over Casey Newburg (Kent State) Dec 9-5
197 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State) over Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma State) Maj 12-3
285 Alan Gelogaev (Oklahoma State) over Keith Witt (Kent State) Pin 0:39

Northern Iowa 24, Wisconsin 15
125 Ryan Jauch (Northern Iowa) over Matthew Cavallaris (Wisconsin) Maj 11-3
133 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin) over Levi Wolfensperger (Northern Iowa) Pin 2:55
141 Joey Lazor (Northern Iowa) over Thomas Kelliher (Wisconsin) Maj 10-2
149 Bart Reiter (Northern Iowa) forfeit
157 David Bonin (Northern Iowa) over Charles York (Wisconsin) Maj 14-1
165 Jarrett Jensen (Northern Iowa) over Frank Cousins Jr. (Wisconsin) Dec 8-1
174 SCOTT LIEGEL (Wisconsin) over Kyle Lux (Northern Iowa) Dec 7-3
184 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa) over Benjamin Cox (Wisconsin) Dec 8-2
197 Jackson Hein (Wisconsin) over Taylor Kettman (Northern Iowa) Dec 4-0
285 Connor Medbery (Wisconsin) over Blayne Beale (Northern Iowa) Dec 6-0



Cornell 19, Nebraska 17
125 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Eric Coufal (Nebraska) Maj 11-3
133 Bricker Dixon (Cornell) over Shawn Nagel (Nebraska) Dec 3-2
141 Michael Nevinger (Cornell) over Ridge Kiley (Nebraska) Dec 6-2
149 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) over Christopher Villalonga (Cornell) Maj 12-3
157 James Green (Nebraska) over Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) Dec 5-2
165 Kyle Dake (Cornell) over Tyler Koehn (Nebraska) Pin 3:57
174 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) over Marshall Peppelman (Cornell) Maj 13-3
184 Steve Bosak (Cornell) over Josh Ihnen (Nebraska) Dec 3-0
197 Caleb Kolb (Nebraska) over Jace Bennett (Cornell) Dec 7-5
285 Spencer Johnson (Nebraska) over Stryker Lane (Cornell) Dec 5-2


Virginia 21, Hofstra 15
125 Matthew Snyder (Virginia) over Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) Dec 5-2
133 Jamie Franco (Hofstra) over George DiCamillo (Virginia) Dec 6-2
141 Luke Vaith (Hofstra) over Jimmy Nehls (Virginia) Dec 5-2
149 Derek Valenti (Virginia) over Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra) Dec 5-3
157 Tyler Banks (Hofstra) forfeit
165 Nicholas Sulzer (Virginia) over Nick Terdick (Hofstra) Dec 13-6
174 Jonathan Fausey (Virginia) over Jermaine John (Hofstra) Dec 3-2
184 Stephen Doty (Virginia) over David Heitman (Hofstra) Pin 3:00
197 Zach Nye (Virginia) over Tim Murphy (Hofstra) Dec 4-0
285 Zeal McGrew (Hofstra) over Patrick Gillen (Virginia) Dec 3-1


Cornell 42, Hofstra 0
125 Nahshon Garrett (Cornell) over Steve Bonanno (Hofstra) Dec 11-5
133 Bricker Dixon (Cornell) over Jamie Franco (Hofstra) Dec 4-3
141 Michael Nevinger (Cornell) over Luke Vaith (Hofstra) Dec 3-0
149 Christopher Villalonga (Cornell) over Cody Ruggirello (Hofstra) Dec 6-2
157 Jesse Shanaman (Cornell) over Tyler Banks (Hofstra) Dec 2-1
165 Kyle Dake (Cornell) over Nick Terdick (Hofstra) Pin 1:57
174 Marshall Peppelman (Cornell) over Jermaine John (Hofstra) Dec 3-2
184 Steve Bosak (Cornell) over David Heitman (Hofstra) Pin 1:47
197 Jace Bennett (Cornell) over Tim Murphy (Hofstra) Pin 1:51
285 Stryker Lane (Cornell) over Zeal McGrew (Hofstra) Pin 1:11

Nebraska 28, Virginia 8
125 Matthew Snyder (Virginia) over Eric Coufal (Nebraska) TF 16-0
133 George DiCamillo (Virginia) over Shawn Nagel (Nebraska) Dec 8-2
141 Ridge Kiley (Nebraska) over Joseph Spisak (Virginia) Dec 5-0
149 Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) over Derek Valenti (Virginia) Dec 2-0
157 Brandon Wilbourn (Nebraska) forfeit
165 James Green (Nebraska) over Nicholas Sulzer (Virginia) Dec 5-2
174 Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) over Jonathan Fausey (Virginia) Dec 7-4
184 Josh Ihnen (Nebraska) over Stephen Doty (Virginia) Maj 11-3
197 Caleb Kolb (Nebraska) over Michael Salopek (Virginia) Dec 8-2
285 Spencer Johnson (Nebraska) over Derek Papagianopoulos (Virginia) Dec 8-2



Missouri 27, Purdue 15
125 Alan Waters (Missouri) over Camden Eppert (Purdue) Maj 15-3
133 Nathan McCormick (Missouri) forfeit
141 Brandon Nelsen (Purdue) over Nicholas Hucke (Missouri) Dec 8-4
149 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) over Frankie Porras (Purdue) TF 20-5
157 Tommy Churchard (Purdue) over Kyle Bradley (Missouri) Dec 9-5
165 Pat Robinson (Purdue) over Trevor Wiest (Missouri) Dec 6-1
174 Todd Porter (Missouri) over Chad Welch (Purdue) Maj 17-4
184 Johnny Eblen (Missouri) over Andrew Wiseman (Purdue) Maj 15-2
197 Braden Atwood (Purdue) over Brent Haynes (Missouri) Pin 3:13
285 Dominque Bradley (Missouri) over Alex White (Purdue) Maj 21-7


Maryland 20, Wyoming 12
125 Tyler Cox (Wyoming) over Shane Gentry (Maryland) SV-1 13-11
133 Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) over Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming) Dec 11-7
141 McCade Ford (Wyoming) over Shane Arechiga (Maryland) Dec 5-4
149 Louis Mascola (Maryland) over Brandon Richardson (Wyoming) Dec 4-2
157 Andy McCulley (Wyoming) over Danny Orem (Maryland) Dec 8-1
165 Dakota Friesth (Wyoming) over Domenic Derobertis (Maryland) Dec 6-3
174 Josh Asper (Maryland) over Lee Helbig (Wyoming) Dec 9-5
184 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) over Shane Woods (Wyoming) Maj 13-2
197 Christian Boley (Maryland) over Michael Poulos (Wyoming) Maj 13-3
285 Dallas Brown (Maryland) over Leland Pfeifer (Wyoming) Dec 8-5


Missouri 27, Maryland 13
125 Alan Waters (Missouri) over Shane Gentry (Maryland) Maj 11-2
133 Nathan McCormick (Missouri) over Geoffrey Alexander (Maryland) Dec 4-1
141 Nicholas Hucke (Missouri) over Shane Arechiga (Maryland) Dec 6-2
149 Drake Houdashelt (Missouri) over Louis Mascola (Maryland) Maj 13-4
157 Kyle Bradley (Missouri) over Danny Orem (Maryland) Maj 12-1
165 Zach Toal (Missouri) over Domenic Derobertis (Maryland) Dec 8-1
174 Josh Asper (Maryland) over Todd Porter (Missouri) Dec 3-1 0
184 Jimmy Sheptock (Maryland) over Johnny Eblen (Missouri) Maj 10-2
197 Christian Boley (Maryland) over Brent Haynes (Missouri) Pin 2:59
285 Dominque Bradley (Missouri) forfeit

Purdue 20, Wyoming 16
125 Tyler Cox (Wyoming) over Camden Eppert (Purdue) Maj 19-7
133 Cashé Quiroga (Purdue) over Kasey Garnhart (Wyoming) Maj 12-4
141 Brandon Nelsen (Purdue) over Zach Zehner (Wyoming) Pin 6:15
149 Ivan Lopouchanski (Purdue) over Brandon Richardson (Wyoming) Dec 4-1
157 Andy McCulley (Wyoming) over Tommy Churchard (Purdue) Dec 6-2
165 Dakota Friesth (Wyoming) over Pat Robinson (Purdue) Dec 7-3
174 Chad Welch (Purdue) over Lee Helbig (Wyoming) Maj 13-1
184 Shane Woods (Wyoming) over Kyle Mosier (Purdue) Dec 3-2
197 Alfonso Hernandez (Wyoming) over Braden Atwood (Purdue) SV-1 9-7
285 Alex White (Purdue) over Leland Pfeifer (Wyoming) Dec 4-1

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