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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Grand View retains No. 1 NAIA national ranking for fifth-straight week

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Behind the strength of 12 ranked wrestlers, Grand View (Iowa) holds the top spot for the fifth-straight week in the NAIA Wrestling Coaches' Top 20 Poll, the national office announced Wednesday. The Vikings racked up 161 points in the fifth regular-season edition of the poll.

Grand View is 9-0 in duals this season, including six victories against teams currently ranked in the Top 20. The Vikings, who have won 24-straight duals, last lost in a dual match on Jan. 16, 2011 against former NAIA member Lindenwood (Mo.).

Similarly to Grand View, the Nos. 2 - 4 ranked teams stay consistent for the fourth-straight poll. No. 2 Southern Oregon checks in at No. 2 with 116.5 points and 10 ranked wrestlers, including a poll-high three top-ranked individuals. No. 3 Great Falls (Mont.) and No. 4 Montana State-Northern round out the trio with 99.5 and 92.5 points.

No. 5 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) joins the top five for the first time since the 2011-12 postseason edition with 88 points. The Blue Raiders, who had three wrestlers finish second at the Cumberland (Tenn.) Open on Jan. 19, boast 10 ranked individuals, highlighted by second-ranked Joseph Stephens at 184 pounds.

No. 11 Cumberland made the biggest improvement this week, vaulting seven places after having three individuals claim titles at the Cumberland Open. Additionally, the Bulldogs have won five-straight duals, including a 23-16 victory over No. 15 Cumberlands (Ky.) on Tuesday.

No. 18 William Penn (Iowa) and No. 20 Jamestown (N.D.) are this week's newcomers. Both squads were last ranked on March 9, 2012. Bacone (Okla.) (No. 20) and Waldorf (Iowa) (No. 20) fell from the rankings.

Two weight classes, 149 and 184 pounds, have a new No. 1 wrestler. Taking over at 149 pounds is Great Falls' Mike Vassar. The junior has won 12 of his last 13 bouts, including three-straight victories against then-ranked opponents. Montana State-Northern's Kody Reed, who is 21-2 overall this season and 8-0 against NAIA competition, took over at No. 1 in the 184-pound class. Reed is currently riding a seven-match winning streak.

Southern Oregon's Mitchell Lofstedt (125 pounds) extends his streak at No. 1 to 15-straight polls, while Brock Gutches (174 pounds) of Southern Oregon and Ethan Hinebauch (165 pounds) of Montana State-Northern receive their sixth-consecutive No. 1 ranking of the season, including the preseason poll.

The poll was voted upon by a panel of head coaches representing each of the four Qualifying Groups.

Notes: (all information dates back to 2000-01 season) There have been 24 teams represented through six polls this season (includes preseason poll) ... Grand View's (Iowa) No. 1 ranking is its 10th all-time, which ranks third since 2000-01 ... Former NAIA member Lindenwood (Mo.) boasts the most all-time No. 1 rankings with 39, while former NAIA member Notre Dame (Ohio) is second with 14 ... Nine programs have appeared in the top 20 for at least 20-consecutive editions, led by No. 3 Great Falls' (Mont.) and No. 6 Campbellsville's (Ky.) current run of 60-straight polls, dating back to the 2005-06 season ... No. 4 Montana State-Northern is the only other school with at least 50-straight appearances (52) ... Southern Oregon's Mitchell Lofstedt has been ranked No. 1 at 125 pounds for 15-straight polls ... Lofstedt (125 pounds), Brock Gutches (174 pounds) of Southern Oregon and Montana State-Northern's Ethan Hinebauch (165 pounds) have been ranked atop their respective weight class in all six polls this season ... No. 18 William Penn (Iowa) and No. 20 Jamestown (N.D.) are making its first Top 20 appearance since March 9, 2012 ... Notre Dame and Lindenwood are the only programs that have spent an entire season ranked No. 1 (Notre Dame: 2010-11; Lindenwood: 2006-07).

2012-13 NAIA Wrestling Coaches' Top 20 Poll - No. 5 (Jan. 23)
Rank/Prvs./School/Total/Team Points
1 1 Grand View (Iowa) 161
2 2 Southern Oregon 116.5
3 3 Great Falls (Mont.) 99.5
4 4 Montana State-Northern 92.5
5 8 Lindsey Wilson (Ky.) 88
6 5 Campbellsville (Ky.) 82
7 7 Morningside (Iowa) 67
8 9 Dickinson State (N.D.) 63.5
9 6 Oklahoma City 61
10 10 Missouri Valley 58
T11 18 Cumberland (Tenn.) 42.5
T11 12 Baker (Kan.) 42.5
T13 17 Midland (Neb.) 42
T13 13 Missouri Baptist 42
15 11 Cumberlands (Ky.) 31.5
16 16 Indiana Tech 29
17 14 Dakota Wesleyan (S.D.) 26.5
18 RV William Penn (Iowa) 24.5
19 15 Menlo (Calif.) 20.5
20 RV Jamestown (N.D.) 15

Others receiving votes: Hastings (Neb.) 13.5; York (Neb.) 10.5; Simpson (Calif.) 9; Northwestern (Iowa) 6; Hannibal-LaGrange (Mo.) 5; Benedictine (Kan.) 4.5; Embry-Riddle (Ariz.) 4; Life (Ga.) 3.5; Bacone (Okla.) 3; Waldorf (Iowa) 3; Calumet (Ind.) 2.

125 pounds
1. Mitchell Lofstedt (Southern Oregon)
2. Gabriel Roman (Missouri Baptist)
3. Kory Kistner (Morningside)
4. Bryden Lazaro (Dickinson State)
5. Kidd Gomez (Oklahoma City)
6. Sean Blumhardt (Jamestown)
7. Derteoreious Prayther (Missouri Baptist)
8. Aaron LaFarge (Montana State-Northern)
9. Oscar Marin (York)
10. Sean Silva (Embry-Riddle)
11. Aspen Kmlec (Midland)
12. Alan Callahan (Baker)
13. Andrew Tillman (Cumberlands – KY)
14. Ryan Stearns (Missouri Valley)
15. Drake Madieros (Menlo)
16. Kristopher McKinley (Indiana Tech)

133 pounds
1. Prescott Gardner (Southern Oregon)
2. Angel Garcia (Menlo)
3. Joao Vicente (William Penn)
4. Luis Baltazar (Southern Oregon)
5. Richard Rios (Dakota Wesleyan)
6. Cameron Neiss (Montana State-Northern)
7. Travis Barroquillo (Indiana Tech)
8. Tyler Alsip (Campbellsville)
9. Chris Williams (Montana State-Northern)
10. Dennis Welch (Missouri Valley)
10. Chris Padilla (Missouri Baptist)
12. Blake Pursel (Baker)
13. Jared Wilmert (Midland)
14. Tanner Werner (Grand View)
15. Nathan Ryan (Morningside)
16. Jacob McCombs (Lindsey Wilson)

141 pounds
1. Myles Mazurkiewicz (Great Falls)
2. Gustavo Martinez (Grand View)
3. Wismit Moinius (Lindsey Wilson)
4. Jake Williams (Cumberland – TN)
5. Blake Fruchti (Hastings)
5. Chris Teague (Campbellsville)
7. Ryan Martin (Great Falls)
8. Garrett Lambrecht (Morningside)
9. Kevin Olson (Morningside)
10. Dillon Kifer (Jamestown)
11. Brandon Westerman (Campbellsville)
12. Hunter Azure (Montana State-Northern)
13. Joel Olivas (Baker)
14. Josh Lopez (York)
15. Dillon Schouw (Life)
16. Tyler Klinkhammer (Bacone)

.149 pounds
1. Mike Vassar (Great Falls)
2. Jimmy Eggemeyer (Southern Oregon)
3. Isaiah Tatum (Grand View)
4. Brad Steele (Dickinson State)
5. Steven Sandefer (Cumberland – TN)
6. Anthonie Linares (Cumberlands – KY)
7. Jake Ekster (Missouri Valley)
8. Shawn McGhee (Campbellsville)
9. Nick Haugen (Baker)
10. Nester Ruleas (Dickinson State)
11. Marco Fratantoni (Simpson)
12. Luke Zeiger (Great Falls)
13. Kyle Terry (Campbellsville)
14. Cody Green (Midland)
15. Josh Stewart (Oklahoma City)
15. Jeremiah Lutz (Brewton-Parker)

157 pounds
1. Conor Young (Campbellsville)
2. Ryan Leonard (Great Falls)
3. Mark Meyer (Oklahoma City)
4. Quinten Haynes (Grand View)
5. Chad Lowman (Grand View)
6. Trever Devestern (Dakota Wesleyan)
7. Joe Cozart (Lindsey Wilson)
8. James Bennett (Indiana Tech)
9. Kyle Gerlach (Dakota Wesleyan)
10. Dalton Urrutia (Southern Oregon)
11. Dylan King (Missouri Valley)
12. Javier Arellano (Cumberlands – KY)
13. Sterling Terry (Midland)
14. Tyler McMichael (Midland)
15. Michael Gonzalez (Cumberland-TN)
16. Arnol Arroliga (Bacone)

165 pounds
1. Ethan Hinebauch (Montana State-Northern)
2. Jimmie Schuessler (Grand View)
3. Dallas Houchins (Grand View)
4. James Haywood (Lindsey Wilson)
5. Gian Traverso (Missouri Valley)
6. Shawn Lau (Great Falls)
7. Zach Skates (Oklahoma City)
8. Nathan Sommer (Baker)
9. Zachary Barkett (Cumberlands – KY)
9. Zach Fishman (Northwestern)
11. Bryce Alexander (Hannibal-LaGrange)
12. Chad Morehead (Morningside)
13. Cadyn McKeeth (Lindsey Wilson)
14. Brady Beamon (Simpson)
15. Tyler Schaefer (Northwestern)
16. Michael Nord (Jamestown)
16. Eric Lopez (Menlo)

174 pounds
1. Brock Gutches (Southern Oregon)
2. Max Payne (Montana-State Northern)
3. Thomas Moman (Grand View)
4. Eziekiel Hunt (Cumberland – TN)
5. Jameel Bryant (Lindsey Wilson)
6. Tanner Martin (Indiana Tech)
7. Cody Swim (Grand View)
8. Rulin Pederson (Morningside)
9. Stephen Loosbrock (Benedictine)
10. Cameron Schrempp (Dickinson State)
11. Taylor Vaughan (Great Falls)
12. Anthony Pike (Waldorf)
13. Teagan Franco (Oklahoma City)
14. Michael Johnson (Campbellsville)
15. Nathan Downs (Hannibal-LaGrange)
16. Parker Owen (Baker)

184 pounds
1. Kody Reed (Montana State-Northern)
2. Joseph Stephens (Lindsey Wilson)
3. Brian Block (Morningside)
4. Mitchell Eichenauer (Oklahoma City)
5. Jesse Hellinger (Dickinson State)
5. Josh Ashbrook (Campbellsville)
7. Weston Keleher (Missouri Baptist)
8. Jahsua Marsh (Midland)
9. Jacob Abrams (Southern Oregon)
10. Christian Mays (Grand View)
11. Cody Sivertsen (Oklahoma City)
12. Cody Linton (Cumberland – KY)
13. Brett Bader (Missouri Valley)
14. Trey Hicks (Life)
15. Jared Price (Baker)
16. Tyler Thomas (Southern Oregon)

197 pounds
1. Derek Nightser (Grand View)
2. Kolton Kersten (Midland)
3. Allen Scruggs (Campbellsville)
4. Charles Johnson (Southern Oregon)
5. Josh Manu (Missouri Valley)
6. Toby Cheff (Montana State-Northern)
7. Jacob Bradford (Lindsey Wilson)
8. Kyle Soderblom (William Penn)
9. Kevin Keisler (Dickinson State)
10. Carl Lawrence (Missouri Valley)
11. Fred Byars (Cumberlands KY)
12. Mike Brown (Oklahoma City)
13. Andrew Hairston (Lindsey Wilson)
14. Eric Johnson (Calumet)
15. Grant Harrill (Hastings)
16. Dylan Lemery (Great Falls)

285 pounds
1. Brandon Gebhardt (Baker)
2. Eric Thompson (Grand View)
3. Sears Tiernan (Great Falls)
4. Jose Lopez (Dickinson State)
5. Tyler Kacmarynski (Morningside)
6. Daniel Mueller (Missouri Valley)
7. Michael Pezzuto (Cumberlands – KY)
8. Theodore Furnish (Lindsey Wilson)
9. Lonnie Brown (Midland)
10. Julius Anglikas (Missouri Baptist)
11. Austin Lobsinger (Simpson)
12. Ray Johnson (York)
12. Logan Rimmer (Indiana Tech)
12. Bubba Owens (Southern Oregon)
15. Nate Veverka (William Penn)
16. Stanley Lattimore (Oklahoma City)

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