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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

U.S. wins three medals at the Kiev Grand Prix in Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 18-19

Williams claims silver medal; Ironside and Thompson claim bronze medals at the Kiev Grand Prix in Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 18-19

Three United States freestyle wrestlers claimed medals at the Kiev Grand Prix in Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 18-19: Joe Williams (Coralville, Iowa/Hawkeye WC), Mark Ironside (Iowa City, Iowa/Hawkeye WC) and Tolly Thompson (Cedar Falls, Iowa/Sunkist Kids).

Williams claimed the silver medal at the 167.5-pound weight class. He first scored a decision over Buzaen Muhamedali of Tunisia, 10-0, then a decision over Sergei Kozir of Ukraine, 4-2. There was a double disqualification in the first place match, so Williams' bronze-medal match became the gold-medal match. Williams lost by injury default to Kakha Eremadze of Ukraine.

Ironside won the bronze-medal match with a 10-0 decision over Andriy Shapka of Ukraine at 127.75 pounds. He first recorded two decisions to make it out of his pool. He scored a decision over Vasiliy Struchkov of Russia, 5-2, then over Prokopiy Petriv of Russia, 6-2. He then lost a decision to the eventual gold medalist Musa Sidulbatalov of Ukraine, 10-0, to go for the bronze medal.

Thompson lost his first match by a pin to Yuri Chobitko of Ukraine, in 1:50, then came back to win three decisions for the bronze medal at 286 pounds. He first decisioned Sven Tyele of Germany, 5-1, then Ivan Ischenko of Ukraine, 3-1, and Sucru Kazan of Turkey, 7-2.

Chad Lamer (Iowa City, Iowa/Hawkeye WC) placed fourth at 213.75 pounds. Eric Guerrero (Stillwater, Okla./Cowboy WC) was sixth at 127.75 pounds. Lee Fullhart (Iowa City, Iowa/Hawkeye WC) placed seventh at 187.25 pounds and Alan Fried (Beachwood, Ohio/Sunkist Kids) placed eighth at 152 pounds. Terry Steiner (Madison, Wis./Team Excel) finished ninth at 152 pounds.

The U.S. team was coached by Mike Duroe of Colorado Springs, Colo., the National Freestyle Developmental Coach for USA Wrestling.

Sixteen nations participated in this annual international event, which honors outstanding Ukrainian wrestlers.


at Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 18-19


119 - 1st - Chechen ool Mongush (Russia); 2nd - Moulen Mamirov (Kazakhstan); 3rd - Ivan Tzonov (Bulgaria)

127.75 - 1st - Musa Saidulbatalov (Ukraine); 2nd - Vasiliy Fedorishin (Ukraine); 3rd - Mark Ironside (USA)

138.75 - 1st - Elbrous Tedeev (Ukriane); 2nd - Serafim Barzakov (Bulgaria); 3rd - Vitaliy Kozlov (Ukraine)

152 - 1st - Shakhamir Osmanov (Russia); 2nd - Artur Tavkazakov (Russia); 3rd - Roman Motrovich (Ukraine)

167.5 - 1st - Kakha Eremadze (Ukraine); 2nd - Joe Williams (USA); 3rd - Enzor Bedineishvili (Georgia)

187.25 - 1st - Makharbek Khadartsev (Russia); 2nd - Magomed Krugliev (Kazakhstan); 3rd - Plamen Paskalev (Bulgaria)

213.75 - 1st - Sergey Kovalevskiy (Russia); 2nd - Sergei Priadun (Ukraine); 3rd - Eldar Kourtanidze (Georgia)

286 - 1st - Alexandr Kovalevskiy (Kirghizistan); 2nd - Yuriy Chobitko (Ukraine); 3rd - Tolly Thompson (USA)

U.S. performances

119 - Mike Mena, Iowa City, Iowa, dnp - dec. Maulen Mamirov (Kazakhstan), 4-3; lost dec. to Pavel Kapitonov (Russia), 4-2

119 - Burke Tyree, Colorado Springs, Colo., dnp - lost dec. to Ivan Dzorev (Bulgaria), 10-0; dec. Alexander Golin (Ukraine), 4-3, ot

127.75 - Eric Guerrero, Stillwater, Okla., 6th - won by inj. def. over Andrey Kazapolanskiy (Belarus); dec. Martin Berberyan (Armenia), 5-0; lost dec. to Vasiliy Fedorishin (Ukraine), 7-4

127.75 - Mark Ironside, Iowa City, Iowa, 3rd - dec. Vasiliy Struchkov (Russia), 5-2; dec. Prokopiy Petriv (Russia), 6-2; lost dec. to Musa Sidulbatalov (Ukraine), 10-0, 2:58; dec. Andriy Shapka (Ukraine), 10-0, 5:19

138.75 - Bill Zadick, Iowa City, Iowa, dnp - dec. Magomed Magomedov (Russia), 10-7; lost by pin to Serafim Barzakov (Bulgaria), 3:30

152 - Terry Steiner, Madison, Wis., 9th - lost dec. to Andriy Shiyka (Ukraine), 6-5; dec. Vladimir Eloiyan (Ukraine), 10-0, 5:43

152 - Alan Fried, Beachwood, Ohio, 8th - dec. Alexander Demchenko (Belarus), 7-0; dec. Papuna Karelidze (Georgia), 6-0; lost dec. to Shekhamir Osmanov (Russia), 9-4

167.5 - Joe Williams, Iowa City, Iowa, 2nd - dec. Buzaen Muhamedali (Tunisia), 10-0; dec. Sergei Kozir (Ukraine), 4-2; lost by inj. def. to Kakha Eremadze (Ukraine)

187.25 - Lee Fullhart, Iowa City, Iowa, 7th - dec. Dmitry Dementiev (Ukraine), 9-4; dec. Andrey Vishar (Ukraine), 8-2; lost dec. to Shamil Gitinov (Russia), 3-1, ot

187.25 - Aaron Simpson, Tempe, Ariz., dnp - lost dec. to Yuri Korluk (Ukraine), 3-1; lost by pin to Sergei Goubrenuk (Kazakhstan), 0:57

213.75 - Chad Lamer, Iowa City, Iowa, 4th - dec. David Xantopulos (Greece), 7-6; won by inj. def. over Trango Angelov (Macedonia); dec. Evgeniy Doukhin (Ukraine), 11-5; lost by pin to Sergei Priadun (Ukraine), 4:32; lost dec. to Eldar Kourtanidze (Georgia), 6-0

286 - Tolly Thompson, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 3rd - lost by pin to Yuri Chobitko (Ukraine), 1:50; dec. Sven Tyele (Germany), 5-1; dec. Ivan Ischenko (Ukraine), 3-1; dec. Sucru Kazan (Turkey), 7-2

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