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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

2000 Northwest Junior Regionals results at Corvallis, Ore.

2000 Northwest Junior Regional Results in Corvallis, Ore., March 25-26


in Corvallis, Ore., March 25-26


Junior Greco-Roman

98 - 1st - Cheney Haught (UT) pinned Kevin Hunter (UT), 1:38; 3rd - Andy Hulings (OR) def. Travis Warrington (WA)

105.5 - 1st - Darryl Spackman (UT) dec. Eric Stevenson (OR), 10-5; 3rd - Roberto Martinez (CA) pinned Ty Van Burger (OR), 2:35

114.5 - 1st - Ben Sullivan (UT) pinned Justin Pearch (OR), 1:24; 3rd - Patrick Redmon (CA) dec. P.J. Gemin (WA), 12-5

123 - 1st - Ryan Snegirev (OR) pinned Anthony Haukenberry (WA), 4:25; 3rd - Christian Bowerman (CA) won by tech. fall over Kris Conway, 10-0

132 - 1st - Mike Unger (OR) dec. Daniel Price (CA), 9-8; 3rd - Zack Lamano (UT) won by tech. fall over Kennedy Nate (UT), 12-0

143 - 1st - Cooper Fouch (CA) pinned Pat Pitsch (WA), 5:35; 3rd - Rob Maxwell (UT) pinned K.C. Banks (OR), 4:31

154 - Anthony Weber (OR) pinned Nathan Hordichok (OR), 2:31; 3rd - Cody Stacy (MT) won by tech. fall over Tom Wehe (OR), 10-0

165 - 1st - Kenneth Cook (CA) won by tech. fall over Daniel Stewart (OR), 10-0; 3rd - Dan Pitsch (WA) pinned Eric Jolley (MT), 2:00

178 - 1st - Drew Hageman (OR) won by tech. fall over Craig Winona (WA), 10-0; 3rd - Sean Reid (CA) won by tech. fall over Eddie Locke (CA), 14-4

191.5 - 1st - Mike Clarkston (CA) won by tech. fall over Bridger Sacher (OR), 10-0; 3rd - Markus Powell (CA) def. Allenj Gullette (WA)

220 - 1st - Jamie Rakevich (WA) pinned Will Goodman (CA), 2:52; 3rd - Tom Drake (OR) won by tech. fall over Kelly Jones (OR), 10-0

275 - 1st - Hosia Nall (OR) won by def. over Kelly Anundson (WA); 3rd - Justin Breckel (WA) def. Chad Harrell (OR)

Most falls - Daniel Stewart (OR), 4 falls in 8:49

Outstanding Wrestler - Anthony Weber (OR)

Junior Freestyle

98 - 1st - Kevin Hunter (UT) won by inj. def. over Cheney Height (UT); 3rd - Andrew Swanson (OR) won by tech. fall over Travis Warrington (WA), 12-2

105.5 - 1st - Eric Stevenson (OR) won by inj. def. over Daryl Spackman (UT); 3rd - Roberto Martinez (CA) pinned Joe Smith (OR), 0:33

114.5 - 1st - Justin Pearch (OR) dec. Taylor Graham (OR), 4-3, ot; 3rd - Patrick Redmon (CA) dec. James Mitchell (CA), 6-4

123 - 1st - Burke Barnes (WA) won by tech. fall over Ryan Snegirev (OR), 15-3; 3rd - Fred Farmer (WA) won by tech. fall over Casey Underwood (WA), 11-0

132 - Mike Unger (OR) dec. Matt Gentry (OR), 8-7; 3rd - Dustin May (KS) won by inj. def. over Ariel Garza (WA)

143 - 1st - Keith Kroeger (CA) won by inj. def. over Robb Maxwell (UT); 3rd - Rich Vigorito (WA) pinned Dustin Tillman (CA), 3:13

154 - Anthony Weber (OR) dec. Derek Weaver (OR), 12-4; 3rd - Chet McBee (OR) won by inj. def. over John Zamora (WA)

165 - Kenneth Cook (CA) dec. Dan Pitsch (WA), 7-3; 3rd - Joe Stevenson (CA) dec. Kevin Hanson (OR), 10-4

178 - 1st - Craig Winona (WA) dec. Scotty Nelson (OR), 5-4; 3rd - Drew Hageman (OR) won by tech. fall over James Mannenbach (OR), 10-0

191.5 - 1st - Mike Clarkston (CA) pinned Bridger Sacher (OR), 2:27; 3rd - Brenden McLean (OR) won by def. over Joe Forsman (ID)

220 - 1st - K.C. Walsh (WA) dec. Aristo Arana (ID), 9-2; 3rd 0 David Walker (WA) pinned Colter Bolton (OR), 1:17

275 - 1st - Justin Breckel (WA) pinned Hosea Nau (OR), 0:54; 3rd - Kelly A (WA) def. George Willoughby (CA)

Most falls, Justin Breckel (WA), 4 falls in 3:17

Outstanding Wrestler - Mike Unger (OR)

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