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Top News Stories... moving to USOC website platform with new look and functionality

This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

USA Wrestling announces 2001 preseason age-group menís Greco-Roman rankings

Each year, USA Wrestling presents its annual age-group national rankings in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. These rankings are prepared to reward athletes for their success in past USA Wrestling events, and encourage their participation in this year's series of major competitions. The men's Greco-Roman rankings are created by Ike Anderson, USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman Developmental Coach. USA Wrestling hosts a series of regional and national events at each age level. In addition, there is a World Team Trials event on the FILA Junior level for both men and women, which determine the athletes who will compete at the 2001 Junior World Championships. The USA Wrestling Cadet age level includes athletes who are 15-16 years old. There are six USA Wrestling regional events for Cadet wrestlers. The showcase event for the Cadet level is the Cadet National Championships, scheduled for the Fargodome in Fargo, N.D., July 21-28. Returning Cadet National Greco-Roman champions include Gabriel Mooney of Minnesota (88), Matt Bauman of Wisconsin (182.5), Grant Miller of Illinois (209) and Patrick Barrentine of Ohio (242). The FILA Cadet age level includes athletes who are 15-17 years old. The men's FILA Cadet National Championships will be held in Evanston, Ill., March 28-April 1. Returning FILA Cadet champions in Greco-Roman are Kevin Hunter of Utah (92.5), Josh Wagner of Wisconsin (101.25), Daryl Spackman of Utah (110), C.P. Schlatter of Ohio (127.75) and Grant Miller of Illinois (187.25). The USA Wrestling Junior age level includes athletes in grades 9-12. USA Wrestling hosts eight Junior Regional Championships, which are open to all Junior-age wrestlers in the nation. The most prestigious youth wrestling event is the Asics Vaughan Junior Nationals, hosted at the Fargodome in Fargo, N.D., July 22-29. Returning Junior National Greco-Roman champions are Willy Holst of Wisconsin (98), Eric Stevenson of Oregon (105), Cam Jones of Utah (123), Matt Nagel of Minnesota (143) and Kenneth Cook of California (154). The FILA Junior World age level includes athletes from 17-20 years old. FILA, the international federation, hosts a World Championships at this age group each year. The FILA Junior Nationals and World Team Trials for men will be hosted at the Univ. of Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb., May 11-14. The champions from this event will be eligible to represent the United States at the FILA Junior World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Aug. 22-26. Returning Greco-Roman champions are Travis Harrison or Oregon (110), Clint Wolfley of Idaho (119), Zach Allen of West Virginia (127.75), Josh Lamano of Utah (138.75) and Tommy Rowlands of Ohio (213.75). The University level includes athletes who are 18-24 years old, whose class has graduated high school. The University Nationals for both men and women will be hosted at Northwestern Univ. in Evanston, Ill., Evanston, Ill., March 28-April 1. Men's Greco-Roman champions returning include Davey Starks of Wisconsin (110), Camillo Gonzales of California (119), Kenny Cox of Oregon (127.75), Scott Munsey of Virginia (138.75), Tom Ciezki of Illinois (167.5), Chael Sonnen of Oregon (187.25) and Josh Etu of New York (286). Ike Anderson, USA Wrestling's Greco-Roman Developmental Coach, is responsible for the national age-group Greco-Roman program. Contact Ike at any time with questions, concerns and ideas, by phone at 719-598-8181 or by email at 2001 MEN'S AGE-GROUP GRECO-ROMAN RANKINGS CADET (1985-86) 83.5 - 1. Tony Valdez (NE); 2. Tyler Safratowich (MN); 3. Eric Saleh (MI); 4. Reese Whitley (WA); 5. Chris Hollinger (PA); 6. Jayson Ness (MN); 7. Elijah Hutchison (AK); 8. Jonny Gilberton (WA) 88 - 1. Gabriel Mooney (MN); 2. Mike Compton (OH); 3. Paul Donahoe (MI); 4. Josh Hansen (MN); 5. Cash Coolidge (NE); 6. Scott Prutzman (NY); 7. Lance Palmer (OH); 8. Brett Land (CA) 94.5 - 1. Drew Headlee (PA); 2. Jordan Crass (WI); 3. Clay Leef (IN); 4. Jeff Taylor (OR); 5. Tristen DeShazer (KS); 6. Jordan Frishkorn (VA); 7. Nathan Decker (WA); 8. Khalid Andwele (FL) 103.5 - 1. Gabe Flores (CA); 2. Chase Walker (UT); 3. Mark Throckmorton (PA); 4. Charles Knox, Jr (KS); 5. Mike Rodriguez (WA); 6. Jay Borshel (IN); 7. Nick Mamlis (WY); 8. Yaddiel Marin (FL) 112 - 1. Steve Anceverage (PA); 2. Micah Flodeen (MN); 3. Matt Stuart (NY); 4. Dustin Schlatter (OH); 5. Angel Escobedo (IN); 6. Daniel LeClare (IA); 7. Neil Erisman (KS); 8. Gilbert Carrico (CA) 121 - 1. Eric Tannenbaum (IL); 2. Joe Gomez (IL); 3. Andrew Geving (WI); 4. David Craig (FL); 5. Tony Kubek (WA); 6. Rocky Cozart (FL); 7. Stephen Schantin (OR); 8. Kyle Hanson (IA) 132 - 1. Scott Loescher (OR); 2. Joseph Rico (CA); 3. Brandon Lozoviski (IL); 4. Michael Roberts (NY); 5. Brent Metcalf (MI); 6. Levi Price (MN); 7. Adam Kuapil (WI); 8. Brandon McAuly (WI) 143 - 1. Narles Layne (MT); 2. Brandon Mason (IA); 3. Dylon Wheaton (NE); 4. Casey Kelly (MT); 5. Chas Betts (MN); 6. Shawn Brunson (UT); 7. Dan Ryan (MI); 8. E. J. Howe (CO) 154 - 1. Yuri Kalika (CA); 2. Patrick Bond (VA); 3. Adam Steinmetz (IN); 4. Adam Monks (KS); 5. Matt Saldana (CA); 6. Marcus Garcia (CA); 7. Matt Jabaut (NY); 8. Steve Skinner (WY) 167 -1. Michael Maresh (MN); 2. Alex Tennison (MN); 3. Brent Jones (VA); 4. Paul Vasques (AZ); 5. Heath Van Deventer (IN); 6. Grant Smith (MN); 7. Justin Jones (IA) 182.5 - 1. Matt Bauman (WI); 2. Gerard Habibian (UT); 3. Kyle Massey (MN); 4. Samuel Elmore (IN); 5. Mark Durant (KS); 6. Jerrod Stapleton (OK); 7. Kyle Hood (NC): 8. Tony Thorman (NE) 209 - 1. Grant Miller (IL); 2. Bryan Whetstone (CA); 3. Robert Hoy (NC); 4. James LeFord (OK); 5. Dallas Woods (IN); 6. Dustin Miller (IN); 7. Mike Newkirk (WI) 242 - 1. Patrick Barrentine (OH); 2. Trevor Laws (MN); 3. Cosell Beavers (MI); 4. Alex Cornette (WI) FILA CADET (1984-85, 1986 with medical certificate) 92.5 - 1. Kevin Hunter (UT); 2. Cesar Grajales (FL); 3. Paul Donahue (MI); 4. Christian Smith (VA); 5. Gabriel Mooney (MN); 6. Mike Compton (OH) 101.25 - 1. Josh Wagner (WI); 2. Cheney Haight (UT); 3. Drew Headlee (PA); 4. Mat Garder (OR); 5. Tony Valdez (NE); 6. Josiah Jensen (NV) 110 - 1. Daryl Spackman (UT); 2. Andrae Hernandez (IN); 3. Alex Tsirtsis (IN); 4. Corey Swenson (MN); 5. Dustin Coffin (MN); 6. Tim Kephart (MO) 119 - 1. Burke Barnes (WA); 2. Donny DePatto (MN); 3. Eric Tannenbaum (IL); 4. A.J. Lavender (IL); 5. Mark Hastings (CO); 6. Steve Anceravage (PA) 127.75 - 1. C.P. Schlatter (OH); 2. Zach Lamano (UT); 3. Ruben Villareal (IL); 4. Chase Metcalf (MI); 5. Jim Friend (IL); 6. James Mead (MN) 138.75 - 1. Nathan Galloway (PA); 2. Mitch Kuhlman (MN); 3. Danny Cadwallader (CA); 4. Alonzo Martinez (NE); 5. Patrick Pitsch (WA); 6. Scott Loescher (OR) 152 - 1. Chris Kratz (WI); 2. Casey Streeter (MI); 3. Nick Terbay (OH); 4. Clint DeGain (MI); 5. Ben Asken (WI); 6. Jake Fisher (MO) 167.5 - 1. Daniel Bedoy (IN); 2. Roger Kish (MI); 3. J.D. Bergman (OH); 4. Michael Maresh (MN); 5. Ryan Feltz (NY) 187.25 - 1. Grant Miller (IL); 2. Tyler Babb (WI); 3. Matt Baumann (WI); 4. Jared Massey (MN); 5. Anthony Rubalacava (CA); 6. William Kent (CA) 220.25 - 1. Spencer Nadolsky (MI); 2. James Hollis (CA); 3. Patrick Barrentine (OH); 4. Derrick Bendau (OH); 5. Josh Bresnahan (MI); 6. Joshua Sears (OH) JUNIOR (born 9/1/81 and after, plus grades 9-12) 98 - 1. Willy Holst (WI); 2. Sterling Oglesby (WY); 3. Cheney Haight (UT); 4. Sammy Vigil (CO); 5. Roberto Martinez (CO); 6. Brook Zollinger (ID); 7. J.W. Bykowsky (NJ); 8. Dominic Schomberg (WI) 105 - 1. Eric Stevenson (OR); 2. Darryl Spackman (UT); 3. Luke Smith (WI); 4. Justin Pearch (OR); 5. Luke Metzler (KS); 6. Mike Wilding (ID); 7. Rob Deurwesteil (OH); 8. Kevin Hunter (UT) 114.5 - 1. Shawn Bunch (KS); 2. Travis Lee (HI); 3. Todd Meenley (NE); 4. Ethan Kyle (MO); 5. Nate Gallick (AZ); 6. Jim Collins (PA); 7. Tim Kephart (MO); 8. Derek Moore (CA) 123 - 1. Cam Jones (UT); 2. Tom Vargas (CA); 3. Skyler Woods (NV); 4. A. J. Lavender (IL); 5. Christian Bowerman (CA); 6. Josh Stenglein (NY); 7. Lucas Hambleton (OR); 8. Dustin
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