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Fortune continues dominance at Accelerade Cadet Freestyle Nationals; Eight wrestlers qualify for finals

FARGO, N.D. - Tyrell Fortune of Oregon is unbeaten after two days of wrestling at the Accelerade Cadet Freestyle Nationals Championships in the Fargodome on Thursday.

Fortune is attempting to be a four-time Cadet National champion. He was a double champion last year, winning both freestyle and Greco-Roman and was a winner in the Cadet Greco-Roman Nationals which ended on Monday.

Fortune has won six matches in the tournament, and has to face one more opponent in his pool, Marcel Dubose of Michigan. If Fortune wins, he advances to the championship finals on Friday night.

Other athletes who have already secured spots in the gold-medal round are Richy Reineohl of Pennsylvania at 84 pounds, Jamie Clark of Ohio at 91 pounds, Mark Rappo of Pennsylvania, Nate Moore of Iowa at 119 pounds, Colin Johnston of Pennsylvania at 125 pounds, Eric Cubberly of Ohio at 152 pounds, Hunter Collins of California at 171 pounds and Jacob Scharbrough of Idaho at 189 pounds.

Reineohl was a Cadet National runner-up last year at 84 pounds.

By making the finals, Moore still has a chance to win the 2006 Cadet Triple Crown.

The Cadet Triple Crown is given to any wrestler who wins the USA Wrestling Cadet National titles in folkstyle, Greco-Roman and freestyle during the same year. The USA Wrestling Folkstyle Nationals were held in Iowa in April. Moore and Rutt added a Greco-Roman national title on Monday to their folkstyle national title earned in April

It has not yet been determined if Triple Crown candidate Travis Rutt of Minnesota will be in the finals at 152 pounds. Rutt is undefeated and has qualified for the roundrobin in his pool, but he still must wrestle two more matches to determine if he will be in the gold-medal finals.

David Taylor of Ohio, who won a Cadet Nationals title last year at 91, is competing for his third career Cadet National title. Taylor was a Cadet National Greco-Roman champion on Monday night at 98 pounds, his second career Cadet title.

Taylor was unbeaten in six matches, with four pins and a technical fall. He will face Kyle Dake of New York in his pool roundrobin finals, with the winner qualifying for the gold-medal finals.

There are four more 2006 Cadet National Greco-Roman champions who are unbeaten and still have a chance to qualify for the finals: Ryan Mango of Missouri at 84 pounds, Romero Cotton of Kansas at 171 pounds, Ryland Geiger of Oregon at 189 pounds and Paul Snyder of Pennsylvania (275).

Cadet National Greco-Roman champions who were eliminated and will not earn All-American honors in freestyle include Dylan Carew of Iowa at 112 pounds, Cole Schmitt of Wisconsin at 140 pounds.

Two returning Cadet National runners-up were beaten and will be All-Americans, but can not advance to the finals: B.J. Futrell of Illinois at 98 pounds and Jason Chamberlain of Utah at 125 pounds

The team from Okinawa, Japan which has been competing at the Cadet and Junior Nationals for the last two years, earned its first All-American when Max Huntley placed fourth in the 171 B pool with a 5-2 record and will advance to the seventh-place match on Friday. The team consists of American citizens who have followed parents in the U.S. military to Okinawa where they are stationed. Huntley will return to the U.S. in the fall with his family and be a sophomore at Colonial Forge High School in Virginia.

Among the prominent athletes eliminated during the evening session was Nick Lester of Missouri at 119 pounds. Lester was third at the Cadet Nationals last year at 98 pounds. He was beaten in the eighth round by Jarod Garnett of Delaware, 3-1, 1-2, 7-0, and did not make the top four in the pool.

Wrestlers alive in the competition

84 A
1st - Richy Reineohl (PA)
2nd - Devin Scott (MN)
3rd - Brenan Lyon (MI)
4th - Jeff Vesta (KS)

84 B
West Johnson (CT)
Ryan Mango (MO)
Zack Zimmer (CA)
4th - Jacoby Bergeron (MN)

91 A
Alex Kostenborder (OR)
Sharky Slyter (KS)
3rd - Damonte Riley (IL)
4th - Jerry Huff (CO)

91 B
1st - Jamie Clark (OH)
2nd - Max Nowry (IL)
3rd - Allen Tate III (IL)
4th - Daniel Baucke (TN)

1st - Mark Rappo (PA)
2nd - Laddie Rupp (OK)
3rd - Alan Waters (MO)
4th - BJ Futrell (IL)

Kyle Dake (NY)
David Taylor (OH)
3rd - Schuyler Swanton (FL)
4th - Josh Kriemier (CO)

Chris Villalonga (NJ)
Samuel White (OH)
3rd - Mac Bailey (MO)
4th - David Thorn (MN)

Nicky Gordon (PA)
Logan Stieber (OH)
Tracey Huffman (OR)
4th - Joe Roth (IL)

Jim Belleville (WA)
Josh Kindig (PA)
3rd - Thomas Williams (CA)
4th - Erik Spjut (TX)

112 B
Ian Paddock (NY)
Jordan Oliver (PA)
3rd - Tony Ramos (IL)
4th - Brad Squires (OH)

Brian Stephens (OH)
Matt McDonough (IA)
Jarrod Garnett (DE)
4th - Derek Olson (WI)

119 B
1st - Nate Moore (IA)
Collin Palmer (OH)
Jake Tanenbaum (KS)
4th - Drew Partain (OK)

125 A
1st - Colin Johnston (PA)
Jason Chamberlain (UT)
Brock Gutches (OR)
4th - Bob Barnhisel (IL)

Trey Bertram (MN)
Andrew Alton (PA)
Blake Mangum (UT)
4th - Shane Strumwasser (NY)

130 A
Eric Galka (IN)
Derek St. John (IA)
Kendrick Sanders (FL)
4th - Stephen Swan (OK)

Mike Kelly (IA)
Joshua Wiseman (MN)
3rd - Matt Stephens (OH)
4th - Josh Warner (ID)

135 A
4th - Jared Hatley (WY)
CJ Napier (KS)
Ky Lucero (UT)
Jamal Lyons (PA)

135 B
Grant Daffin (OK)
Eric Jones (WA)
Austin Meys (NY)
4th - Torey Stewart (MN)

140 A
Chris Collura (NY)
Seth Easter (WV)
Conrad Polz (IL)
Theran Goodale (IA)

140 B
Tico Baez (FL)
Andrew Gasber (OH)
Tyler Koehn (KS)
Don Vinson (NY)
Jess Stevens (OH)

145 A
Alex Meade (PA)
Chris Kline (OH)
Trent Weatherman (IA)
4th - Jim Duffy (IL)

145 B
Jedd Moore (OH)
Ethan Lofthouse (UT)
Marcus Edgington (IA)
4th - Steve Zimmerman (IL)

Elias Larson (IL)
Joey Sheridan (OK)
Travis Rutt (MN)
4th - Zach Mastro (FL)

152 B
1st - Eric Cubberly (OH)
Cody Brown (WY)
Hunter Meys (NY)
4th - J.T. Rice (OH)

160 A
Bryan Bourne (NY)
Grant Gambrall (IA)
Reid Chivers (WA)
4th - Ryan Kocer (SD)

160 B
Cody Yohn (CO)
Scott Boner (WY)
Corey Peltier (RI)
4th - Taylor Sare (AZ)

171 A
Romero Cotton (KS)
Derek Thompson (OK)
Tito Pica (CA)
4th - Nick Hylton (WV)

171 B
1st - Hunter Collins (CA)
Chris Perry (OK)
Zac Bennett (PA)
4th - Max Huntley (Okinawa)

189 A
Zac Benzio (PA)
Ryland Geiger (OR)
3rd - Caleb Lines (MN)
4th - Colin Berry (NY)

1st - Jacob Scharbrough (ID)
2nd - Dylan Wrage (IA)
3rd - Ben Grisz (TX)
4th - Andrew Wilson (AK)

Marcel Dubose (MI)
Tyrell Fortune (OR)
3rd - Dillon Heesch (IA)
4th - Oney Snyder (OH)

215 B
Ben Apland (IL)
Josh Boger (OK)
Atticus Disney (KS)
4th - Travis Pettengill (MI)

275 A
Paul Snyder (PA)
Stephen Andrus (KS)
3rd - Andrew Miller (VA)
4th - Tom Saucedo (CO)

275 B
Bubba Owens (OR)
Ryan Jackson (VA)
Orlando Scales (OH)
4th - Jake Bruns (ND)
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