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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

EIWA gold-medal summaries posted live

(EIWA seeds included in agate)

125 lbs.
No. 1 Troy Nickerson (Cornell) dec. No. 2 Matt Fisk (Lehigh), 2-1

In a battle of true freshmen, Nickerson, ranked No. 4 in the nation, won a close contest. There was no scoring in the first period as neither wrestler could complete an attack. Nickerson chose to wrestle on the feet to start the second period and kept up the pressure, but could not score during the entire period. Fisk chose the bottom position in the final period and got a quick escape for a 1-0 lead. Nickerson scored a takedown on a counter with just 45 seconds to go, and rode out Fisk.

133 pounds
No. 1 Matt Valenti (Penn) dec. No. 3 Robbie Preston (Harvard), 4-2, ot

There was no scoring in the first period. Valenti, ranked No. 7 in the nation, took the bottom in the second period, and Preston was able to score a two-point tilt to take a 2-0 lead. Valenti scored a reversal with 34 seconds left in the period to tie the bout at 2-2. Valenti rode out the period, and took away enough riding time to get it down to less than a minute. Preston chose to start the third period on the feet. Valenti shot in on a single leg, but Preston was able to kick it out on the edge with less than a minute to go. Preston was in on a leg attack when time ran out, ending the regulation at a 2-2 tie.

In the first overtime session, the sudden death from the feet, Valenti limped back to the center after an exchange went out of bounds. No points were scored. In the 30-second rideout periods, Preston was down first, but Valenti rode him out. When Valenti was down, he rolled through and got a reversal with five seconds to go for the 4-2 win. It was Valenti's 100th win, the first time ever for a Penn junior.

141 pounds
No. 1 Cory Cooperman (Lehigh) dec. No. 2 Max Meltzer (Harvard), 5-2

It was a battle of two wrestlers who attended Blair Academy in New Jersey. Cooperman, ranked No. 3 in the nation, scored the first takedown quickly for a 2-0 lead. After Cooperman rode for 1:14, Meltzer got an escape to make it 2-1 with 54 seconds left. Cooperman chose the down position in the second period. Cooperman escaped to make it 3-1, and still had a 1:10 riding time advantage. Meltzer was in on a double leg attack during a scramble and slammed Cooperman to the mat, injuring him. Officials stopped the bout and penalized Meltzer one point for the slam, giving Cooperman a 4-1 lead. After some injury time, Cooperman was able to continue and the second period ended with them still on their feet. In the third period, Meltzer was on the bottom. Cooperman was able to ride Meltzer for a minute, until officials stopped the action and warned Cooperman for stalling. Meltzer got his escape with 33 seconds left, making it 4-2, but Cooperman had already clinched the riding time point. Melzter hit a leg attack with 20 seconds left, and Cooperman countered until time ran out. Cooperman had 2:28 of riding time, making it 5-2.

149 pounds
No. 1 Matt Dragon (Penn) maj. dec. No. 6 Trevor Chinn (Lehigh), 11-1

Dragon, a true freshman, entered the match with a No. 15 national ranking. Chinn was a long shot, only seeded sixth in the EIWA tournament. Chinn had a good early leg attack, and officials initially scored the takedown with Dragon out of bounds but changed the call for no takedown. Chinn again went out of bounds with a single leg but no points were scored. Dragon was hit with a stall warning, but then got behind Chinn for a takedown with nine seconds left, then hit a tilt for three backpoints as time ran out for a 5-0 lead. Dragon chose the top position in the second period. Dragon rode for a time, and was hit with a second stall call, this time for a point, making it 5-1 with 1:01 left in the period. Dragon hit a tilt with 45 seconds to go for another three points, taking an 8-1 lead. The third period started on the feet, which was Chinn's choice. Chinn got in on a single leg, which Dragon countered for a takedown with 17 seconds left, making it 10-1. Dragon added 2:26 in riding time for an 11-1 win.

157 pounds
No. 3 Andrew Flanagan (Harvard) won by inj. dft. over No. 1 Dustin Manotti (Cornell), 0:12

Manotti entered the match with a No. 8 national ranking. Manotti quickly shot in on Flanagan and almost scored a takedown, but during the scramble, action was stopped by officials when Manotti was knocked out with an accidental strike to the head, Manotti could not continue, and Flanagan was declared champion by injury default.

165 pounds
No. 2 Muzaffar Abdurakmanov (American) dec. No. 4 Steve Anceravage (Cornell), 9-3

Abdurakhmanov holds a No. 4 national ranking entering the match. He started the match with a double overhook position, scoring a takedown on a throw. Anceravage got out of the hold on the edge for an escape and a 2-1 score. There was a timeout taken when Abdurakhmanov was bleeding. Adburakhmanov got behind, then finished with a single leg takedown for a 4-1 lead with 2:15 left in the period. Anceravage got the escape making it 4-2. Abdurakhmanov hit a double leg takedown with 18 seconds left and rode out the period, making it 6-2 after one period. Anceravage got an escape to make it 6-3. Abdurakhmanov hit a takedown with 15 seconds left for an 8-3 lead. Abdurakhmanov started the third period on the bottom and got his escape quickly, for a 9-3 lead. No more takedowns occurred, and there was no riding time, so Abdurakhmanov won his second EIWA title by a 9-3 score.

174 pounds
No. 1 Travis Frick (Lehigh) dec. No. 2 Matt Herrington (Penn), 3-1, ot

Frick was ranked No. 12 and Herrington No. 17 on the national level entering the match. The first period was a tough tussle for position. With 17 seconds to go, Herrington had a single leg and the athletes went out of bounds with no scoring. The period ended at 0-0. Frick took the bottom position in the second period, and escaped in nine seconds for a 1-0 lead. No takedowns could be executed and the period ended at 1-0 for Frick. In the third period, it was Herrington on the bottom. After going out of bounds once, Herrington hit a quick sitout for an escape and a 1-1 tie. Again, no takedowns were scored and the regulation ended tied at 1-1.

The first sudden victory period featured a Frick single leg attack which he finished by grabbing a cradle and taking Herrington down for the 3-1 win.

184 pounds
No. 1 Josh Glenn (American) dec. No. 2 Joe Mazzurco (Cornell), 4-0

These athletes hold the top two rankings in the nation at this weight class, with Glenn at No. 1 and Mazzurco at No. 2. Glenn started the scoring with a takedown with 1:48 left in the period for a 2-0 lead. Glenn was able to ride for the remainder of the period, running up 1:49 in riding time. Glenn chose down for the second period, and quickly got a standup escape for a 3-0 lead. Mazzurco hit a single leg attack, which Glenn countered and forced a stalemate. Mazzurco hit a single leg, checked to a double, but Glenn countered and almost got a low single as time ran out, ending the period at 3-0. Mazzurco chose on the feet for the third period. Neither wrestler could score, and with Glenn's 1:46 in riding time added, Glenn won the bout 4-0.

197 pounds
No. 2 Matt Cassidy (Lehigh) dec. No. 1 Jerry Rinaldi (Cornell), 4-2, ot

Rinaldi was ranked No. 7 nationally and Cassidy at No. 16 coming into the bout. The first period included little action, and neither wrestler was able to score, ending it at 0-0. Rinaldi chose the bottom position in the second period. Rinaldi executed a standup escape in seven seconds to take a 1-0 lead. After a scramble, Rinaldi almost scored a takedown but the action went out of bounds. No takedown were scored. In the third period, Cassidy selected the down position. Rinaldi tried to put in legs, but Cassidy shook him off and got an escape in short manner, tying the bout at 1-1. Time ran out with no takedown, ending regulation at 1-1.

In the first sudden victory overtime, the official warned Rinaldi for stalling. Cassidy went in on a single leg, Rinaldi countered and grabbed a cradle but did not secure control, so no takedown was scored. Rinaldi was down in the first 30-second tiebreaker and got a quick escape to lead 2-1. Cassidy was down next, and missed getting out on standup. Rinaldi got cautioned twice for jumping the whistle. Cassidy got his escape with 15 seconds left, and the bout was tied 2-2. Another sudden victory period followed on the feet. Rinaldi had a low single leg and there was a scramble position. The official gave a two point takedown with 25 seconds left to Cassidy for the win, 4-2.

285 pounds
No. 2 Bode Ogunwale (Harvard) dec. No. 1 Tanner Garrett (Navy), 3-2, ot

Garrett held a No. 5 national ranking and Ogunwale a No. 8 coming into the bout. The athletes battled on their feet in the first period, and no takedowns were scored. Ogunwale was down in the second period, and was able to get to his feet for a 1-0 lead. No takedown was scored in the second period. In the third period, Garrett took the bottom position, and quickly got a standup escape for a 1-1 tie. Garrett secured a single leg attack, but action went out of bounds with no score. With 50 seconds left, Garrett got another single leg, but Ogunwale kicked out of it. A single leg with 20 seconds left by Garrett went out of bound with five seconds left, again with no takedown. The regulation ended at 1-1.

In the first sudden victory overtime, no takedowns were secured. In the 30-second tiebreaker, Garrett started on the bottom position and executed an escape in six seconds. Ogunwale took the bottom and stood up in just three seconds, tying the bout at 2-2. The next sudden victory period included a single leg by Garrett which ended up out of bounds midway in the period, and again no takedown was scored. Another set of rideouts came. Ogunwale was down first, and got his escape quickly to make it 3-2. Garrett was then placed on the bottom, and Ogunwale was able to get him down to the mat. He then grabbed a single leg and the athletes went out of bounds. Riding the final two seconds, Ogunwale won the match, 3-2.

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