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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Real Time results - Harvard at Pennsylvania dual meet

Match-by-match results and coverage to come on Saturday, February 3. Today's Line up (meet to start at hwt.) Penn wrestlers listed first HWT MIke Faust 5 David Rechul 3 Penn 3 Harvard 0 125 Mason Lenhard 7 Kevin El-Hayek 6 Penn 6 Harvard 0 133 Jeff Eveleth 0 Matt Picarsic 9 Penn 6 Harvard 4 141 Doug McGraw 5 Nick Picarsic 1 Penn 9 Harvard 4 149 Joe Henson 0 Jesse Jantzen 11 Penn 9 Harvard 8 157 Yoshi Nakamura 10 Max Odom 4 Penn 12 Harvard 8 165 Tim Ortman 11 Pat O'Donnell 5 Penn 15 Harvard 8 174 Josh Henson 16 Adam Truitt 6 Penn 19 Harvard 8 184 Tim DeAngelo 2 Fran Volpe 4 Penn 19 Harvard 11 197 Mike Fickell fall 1:00 Reggie Lee Penn 25 Harvard 11 Final team score: Penn 25 Harvard 11 Wrestlers have come out for introductions. Meet to start shortly. George Chilmonk will be today's referee Harvard will have choice in odd matches Mike Faust vs. David Rechul Opening period both guys battle for position. Each trying to control the tie. At two minutes into the period double stall call is made as both guys do a lot of pushing on each other. First period ends 0-0. Rechul takes bottom to start the second and quickly scores an escape. Both guys continue to work on the head looking for position. Second double stall call is made with less than a minute into the second. Each wrestler is awarded a point. FIrst good shot attempt is made by Rechul but countered easily by Faust. Action starts to pick up late in the period but ends with Rechul up 2-1. Faust starts the third on bottom and get the tying point :15 seconds into the period. Each guy is busy working for position but no real shot attempts as the third double stall call is made. The period ends regulation tied at 3-3. Sudden victory starts with Faust having choice if no points are scored. Rechul shoots a nice outside single that is countered by Faust. Period ends with no points scored. The match goes to the rideout with Faust on bottom. Rechul slips legs in and rides for :29 seconds but Faust rolls out of the leg and reverses at the buzzer for a 5-3 win. The reversal was singaled as the buzzer went off. Final Score: Faust 5 Rechul 3 Mason Lenhard vs. Kevin El-Hayek Match starts out very fast as El-Hayek scores a quick takedown off a front headlock roll after a Lenhard shot. Lenhard quickly escapes and scores a takedown when El-Hayek again tries the front headlock roll and is countered to his back. No backs were scored and El-Hayek escapes quickly. Lenhard scores another takedown of a barrel roll to end the period and to be up 5-4. Lenhard starts the second on bottom and counters El-Hayek's legs to score a reversal. El-Hayek comes back with another escape. No further scoring in the period and Lenhard leads 7-5 going into the third. El-Hayek starts on bottom and quickly scores an enscape to close the score 7-6. Lenhard nearly scores on the edge of a high crotch but is countered nicely by El-Hayek. El-Hayek again nearly scores in the closing 10 seconds off the front headlock roll but Lenhard floats out of it to preserve a key 7-6 win. Final Score: Lenhard 7 El-Hayek 6 Jeff Eveleth vs. Matt Picarsic Picarsic comes out quickly controlling the tempo of the match. Eveleth gets a stall warning at :30. Picarsic scores the first takedown at the one minuts mark with a single off a little head snap. Picarsic rides on top and locks up a bar and turns Eveleth to his back but gets only a one count as the period ends. Picarsic leads 2-0 after one. Eveleth chooses neutral to start the second but Picarsic scores his second takedown with a snap and spin. Picarsic continues to dominate from top and Eveleth is given his second warning of the match. Picarsic bars up Eveleth and turns him over for three backpoints. Picarsic leads 7-0 going to the third. Picarsic starts the third and quickly gets out for one. Eveleth is being more active in the third and forces a stall call on Picarsic. No further scoring in the match and with the riding time point Picarsic wins 9-0. Final Score: Picarsic 9 Eveleth 0 Doug McGraw vs. Nick Picarsic In another key match to the dual meet, McGraw scores the first points with a takedown on the edge of the mat. Picarsic escapes in :15. Both guys have a good scoring opportunities but no further scoring in the period. McGraw leads 2-1. McGraw starts on bottom to start the second. Picarsic builds up riding time but gets sloppy on top using legs and is reversed by McGraw with :40 to go in the period. McGraw rides out Picarsic the rest of the period and leads 4-1. Picarsic starts on bottom in the third. McGraw uses legs and a short half on top to build up his own riding time. McGraw used the strong ride throughout the third to add a riding time and takes the win 5-1. Final Score: MCgraw 5 Picarsic 1 149lbs. Joe Henson vs. Jesse Jantzen Both guys come out active and are battling for position in this feature match. Jantzen begins to stalk Henson and Henson is warned for stalling with :15 to go in the period. The period ends 0-0. Jantzen starts bottom to start the second and after nearly getting caught on his back escapes for the first points of the match. Jantzen continues to press Henson on his feet and forces the second stall call on the Penn wrestler. Henson shoots a double to Jantzen's back but Jantzen somehow is able to scramble out of the position in a great exchange of wrestling to end the period. Jantzen leads 2-0. Henson is on bottom to start the third. Jantzen begins to control the match when he quickly turns Henson twice with his patent crab and half. Henson gets called for a stall call and then is turned again with the tilt. With the riding time point Jantzen scores nine points in the period. Jantzen wins a key 11-0 match. Final Score: Jantzen 11 Henson 0 Seven minute intermission break. 157lbs. Yoshi Nakamura vs. Max Odom First period begin with both guy feeling each other out. Odom gets the first good scoring attempt when he gets a single in the air but Nakamura using his amazing balance easily counters the shot. Nakamura hits a nice throw but ends up out of bounds as the period ends 0-0. Nakamura takes bottom to begin the second and quickly escapes for a 1-0 lead. Nakamura continues to come close to scoring with a throw of the body lock position. Nakumara hits a beautiful inside trip to Odom's back. Odom gets out for one to end the period but Nakamura opens up a 6-1 lead. Odom starts on bottom and his nearly turned twice by Nakamura before cuts him loose for one. Nakamura controls the action from his feet and Odom is warned for stalling. Nakamura hits another inside trip for a takedown and quickly cuts Odom loose. Odom is hit with another stall call and with the riding time point Nakamura takes a 10-4 win. Final Score: Nakamura 10 Odom 4 165lbs. Tim Ortman vs. Pat O'Donnell Ortman comes out quickly and takes O'Donnell down with a double. Ortman adds three back points when he catches O'Donnell trying to roll out on bottom. Ortman continues to ride tough on top and builds up his riding time. O'Donnell is able to escape but is quickly takendown by Ortman on a double to trail 7-1 at the end of the period. O'Donnell takes bottom to start the second. Ortman continues his impressive ride in the second. O'Donnell is able to escape and quickly tacks on a takedown to cut the lead to three. O'Donnell uses his own good ride but Ortman is able to escape with :10 to go and lead 8-4. Ortman chooses neutral to start the third and makes it work to his advantage as he again scores off his double. He cuts O'Donnell loose as he looks for the major. The pace of the match picks up tremendously with a lots of shots and re-shots by both guys. Neither guy scores to end the period and Ortman takes a 11-5 win. Final Score: Ortman 11 O'Donnell 5 174lbs. Josh Henson vs. Adam Truitt In a key match for Harvard to be able to pull out a win, Henson scores a takedown and rides Truitt for the remainder of the period to lead 2-0. Henson takes b
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