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This week, will move to the USOC platform, with a new look, new functionality, but with the same favorite features....

Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Real-time Results - NWCA All-Star Classic

141 - Doug Schwab (Iowa) dec. Shawn Gray (Virginia Tech), 12-7 149 - Dave Esposito (Lehigh) dec. Jamarr Billman (Lock Haven), 6-4 149 - Marc Hoffer (American) dec. Eric Schmeising (Hofstra), 6-4 157 - Yoshi Nakamura (Pennsylvania) dec. Cole Sanderson (Iowa State), 9-3 157 - Mike Bookwalter (Millersville) dec.Isaiah Hankel (F&M), 5-2 165 - Don Pritzlaff (Wisconsin) dec. Joe Heskett (Iowa State) 3-2TB 174 - Josh Koscheck (Edinboro) dec. Otto Olson (Michigan) 6-1 184 - Cael Sanderson (Iowa State) pin Shawn Scannell (Rider), 0:39 197 - Mark Munoz (Oklahoma State) dec.Brad Vering (Nebraska), 3-2 285 - Tommy Rowlands (Ohio State) dec Josh Pearce (Edinboro), 5-3 125 - Jody Strittmatter (Iowa) dec. A.J. Grant (Michigan), 10-3 133 - Eric Juergens (Iowa) dec Todd Beckerman (Nebraska), 10-2 Dual to start in five minutes. Wrestlers are being introduced. The 34th Annual All-Star Classic will start at 141lbs with Schwab versus Gray. There is a standing room only crowd of 2800 at Mayser Gym. Tonights officials are Gary Kessel and Bob Derr. The honorary coaches are Greg Strobel, Roger Reina, Steve Strellner and David James. Schwab versus Gray. Gray comes out scoring two quick takedowns and locking up a solid cradle on Schwab to end the first. The action remained fast and furious in the second as Schwab begins to take control. After scoring at takedown late in the second offa wild scramble, Schwab took a one point lead into the third. Schwab's continued forcing off the pace begins to wear Gray down. Schwab scores two takedowns and a set of backpoints to win 12-7. Final Score Schwab 12 Gray 7 An exciting start to the 149lbs match as Billman and Esposito wowed the crowd with non-stop action. Each exchanging takedowns. Billman's takedown came off a tremendous scramble that brought the crowd to their feet. The pace didn't slow down in the second as they continue to attack one another. Esposito scores a late takedown in the period with a body lock to Billman's back but scores no backs as Billman's shoulders were out of bounds. Esposito begins to control the pace in the third but Billman comes close to scoring a late takedown with a nice outside shot. The match ends in the neutral position. Adding the riding time point Esposito wins a very exciting 6-4 match. Final Score: Esposito 6 Billman 4 The match many in the crowd of 2800 came to see Lancaster, PA native Mark Hoffer took on Schmiesing of Hofstra. First period was filled with a great deal of pushing and shoving as the period ends scoreless. Hoffer gets the first points on the board with an early escape in the second but Schmiesing gets on the board with a takedown on the edge of the mat. The pace begins to pick up late in the second as Hoffer excites the crowd with a nice takedown off a low leg shot. Hoffer gets another takedown at the buzzer with another single leg takedown. Schiemsing presses the action in the third and nearly scores on several occasions but great defensive scrambling by Hoffer holds him off. Hoffer delights the hometown crowd with a 6-4 upset win over Schmiesing. Final Score: Hoffer 6 Schmiesing 4 The meet moved onto 157 as Yoshi Nakamura and Cole Sanderson battled to a scoreless first period tie. The Penn coaches were looking for a stall call as Nakumura stalked Sanderson for much of the first period. Nakamura nearly scored on the edge with a slick inside trip. The second period continues much like the first with Nakamura chasing Sanderson. Nakamura scores the first takedown after missing with his inside trip he converts into a single during the scramble. In the third Nakamara snaps Sanderson and scores another takedown to cushion his lead. Sanderson begins to get sloppy and Nakamura capitilizes with a late takedown and backpoints. The match ends with a more wild scrambling and Nakamura winning 9-3. Final Score: Nakamura 9 Sanderson 3 In the local feature match F&M's Isaiah Hankel battled with Mike Bookwalter from Millersville. Showing no signs of nerves wrestling in such a major event each guy attacked one another throughout the first period. After a scoreless first period Bookwalter uses the strenght of two takedowns in the second period to win a 5-2 match. Final Score: Bookwalter 5 Hankel 2 In one of the most anticipated matchups of the evening Joe Heskett and Don Pritzlaff met up in a re-match of last year's NCAA finals. Each guy worked for position but no scoring took place in the period. Pritzlaff came close to scoring three times off snatch singles. The athletic ability of Heskett held him off each time. Pritzlaff takes neutral in the second and continues to come close to scoring off the snatch single. Pritztlaff has been the clear aggressor for much of the match and gets a stall against Heskett. The match moved into the third scoreless and after a quick Heskett escape each guy begins to attack and re-attack. The action becomes intense as each guy comes close to scoring the winning the takedown. Pritztlaff hits a nice single leg off a headsnap for a takedown on the edge of the mat with twenty seconds to go. However, Heskett gets a late escape to send it into sudden victory. In the sudden death period the crowd continues look for a stall call against Heskett as Pritzlaff remained the aggressor but there is no call or takedown as the one minute period ends. Pritzlaff takes bottom in the rideout and gets out in a quick escape in just six seconds. Final Score: Pritzlaff 3 Heskett 2 In the second one versus two match up Joe Heskett took on Otto Olson. Kosheck came out aggressive and scored a quick takedown in just :28 off a single. Kosheck used a brutal and punishing first period ride to build up nearly 2:30 riding time. Kosheck picked up the second where he left off in the first by taking the action to Olson. Kosheck scores a late takedown with a power doubleto build his lead. Kosheck continues his ride in the third as he racks up nearly five minutes riding time to win going away 6-1 and solidify his number one ranking. Final Score: Kosheck 6 Olson 1 The 184lbs match was over before you could sit down from the previous match. Cael Sanderson extended his win streak to 107 after pinning Shawn Scannel in just :39. The pin came off a scramble that Sanderson converted into a cradle for the fall. Scannel was a late replacement for Dan Cormier. Final Score: Sanderson by fall in :39 The meet moved on to 197 as Brad Vering met Mark Munoz for the 10th time in the last two years. The first period was marked by a lot of battling for position as it was obvious both wrestlers were familiar with each others style. The first period ended scoreless. After swapping escapes in each of the next two periods the wrestlers contunued to attack one another in the third. Munoz uses a late single takedown to grab a two point lead and seal the win. Vering gets a late escape but it is not enough as Munoz holds on for the 3-2 upset win. Final Score: Munoz 3 Vering 2 At 285lbs Tommy Rowlands put his number one ranking on the line versus Josh Pearce of Edinboro. Rowlands excited the crowd with his speed and athletic ablilty as he scored two first period takedowns off singles. The action slowed down in the second as the only scoring was a Rowlands escape. Pearce escaped to begin the third and Rowlands and Pearce each traded good opportuntied but there was no further scoring. Rowlands demonstrated some great scrambling ability for a heavyweight to defend off a late Pearce scoring chance. Rowlands on the strength of two first period takedowns wins 5-3 Final Score: Rowlands 5 Pearce 3 At 125lbs Pennsylvanian native Jody Strittmater took to the mat against A.J. Grant. After defending off several Grant shots Strittmater scored the first points with a takedown. After putting a good ride onto Grant, Grant chose neutral to start the second but Strittmatter's pressure resulted in another takedown. Strittmatter ends the second by building up his riding time to 1:30. Strittmatter took bottom to start the third and quickly scores an escape. Grant scores his first offensive points of the match
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