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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Fargo Is the Granddaddy Of Them All

Willie Saylor Flowrestling

A tournament so revered and filled with history that it goes simply by the name of the city. Formally, it’s the ASICS/Vaughan Cadet and Junior National Championships. To wrestling junkies it’s ‘Fargo.’

Each July the most talented wrestlers in high school annually make a pilgrimage to the Fargodome in North Dakota for what is a sight unto itself. A village of wrestling culture descends on a town that welcomes us with open arms. Talent from every nook of the country compete for the coveted title which takes the form of an octagonal wooden plaque that’s become known as ‘the stop sign,’ which tradition insists you hold high above your head when presented. On the floor and in the stands, college coaches, including legends and pioneers of our sport, scout for talent.

It’s an intense but unique experience. And there’s no better barometer for future success than Fargo. It’s the largest and most competitive high school tournament on the planet, producing over 75% of future NCAA Division I Champions and 60% of all NCAA Division I All Americans.

This year’s field will feature the next wave of talent that will no doubt go on to future high school and college success. Of the 70 wrestlers currently ranked in the Top 5 of their respective weight classes, over 50 are expected to compete in Fargo this year. The nation’s top talent like Spencer Lee, Brent Fleetwood, Stevan Micic, Joey McKenna, Hayden Tuma, Aaron Pico, Fox Baldwin, Jon Jay Chavez, Mark Hall, Bo Nickal, Michael Pixley, and Sam Stoll will be there, all ranked #1 or #2. And that’s just the underclassmen!

For the wrestling fanatics that can’t be there, FLO PRO will offer over a week of coverage, LIVE! Watch every single second of every single match on every mat from the fargo dome.

Of course, all the finals and medal matches are incredibly compelling. But I have a particular suggestion: don’t miss the round robins, especially Friday’s Junior Freestyle Session IV, which is one of the most riveting in all of wrestling. With vertical pairing and scoring, it creates all sorts of scenarios and spots in the finals are on the line!

Here’s your schedule: (All Times Central)

Saturday, July 13 - Cadet Women Session I - 2PM
Saturday, July 13 - Cadet Women Finals - 7PM

Sunday, July 14th - Cadet Greco Session I - 9AM - 1PM
Sunday, July 14th - Cadet Greco Session II - 3PM - 7PM

Monday, July 15th - Cadet Greco Session III - 9AM - 1PM
Monday, July 15th - Junior Greco Session I - 9AM - 1PM
Monday, July 15th - Cadet Greco Finals - 2PM - 5PM
Monday, July 15th - Junior Greco Session II - 6PM - 9PM
Monday, July 15th - Junior Women Session I - 6PM - 9PM

Tuesday, July 16th - Junior Greco Session III - 9AM - 1PM
Tuesday, July 16th - Junior Women Session II - 9AM - 1PM
Tuesday, July 16th - Junior Greco Finals - 2:15PM - 5:15PM
Tuesday, July 16th - Junior Women Finals - 5:45PM - 8:30PM

Wednesday, July 17th - Junior Women Duals - 9:30AM - 1:30PM
Wednesday, July 17th - Cadet Freestyle Session I - 9:30AM - 1:30 PM
Wednesday, July 17th - Junior Women Duals Finals - 3:30PM - 7:30PM
Wednesday, July 17th - Cadet Freestyle Session II - 3:30PM - 7:30PM

Thursday, July 18th - Junior Freestyle Session I - 9AM - 1:30PM
Thursday, July 18th - Cadet Freestyle Session III - 3:30PM - 7:30PM
Thursday, July 18th - Junior Freestyle Session II - 3:30PM - 7:30PM

Friday, July 19th - Cadet Freestyle Session IV - 9AM - 1PM
Friday, July 19th - Junior Freestyle Session III - 9AM - 1PM
Friday, July 19th - Cadet Freestyle Finals - 2PM - 5PM
Friday, July 19th - Junior Freestyle Session IV - 6PM - 8PM

Saturday, July 20th - Junior Freestyle Finals - 10AM - 1PM

Last Year’s Finals:

Cadet Women:
84: Malie Gonsalves (HI)
95: Brittnee Cook (Washington) over Rebbeca Forsyth (Virginia) Fall 7-0,0:50
101: Jessica DeHart (Oregon) over Marizza Birrueta (Washington) Dec 6-0,1-0
108: Cadence Lee (California) over Llanes Angelica (California) Fall 1:55
115: Cassandra Herkelman (Iowa) over Francesco Giorgio (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-4,1-0,2-1
124: Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Maya Nelson (Colorado) Dec 4-3,2-2,4-1
132: Becca Leathers (Oklahoma) over Shannon Paaaina (Hawaii) Dec 2-0,1-4,5-1
154: Autumn Rux (Michigan) over Samantha Cushard (Michigan) Fall 4-0,0-3,1:43
172: 1st Place - Ryan Gibbons of Washington

Cadet Greco:
88: Devin Schnupp (Pennsylvania) over Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) Fall 2-1,1:04
94: Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Jon Gabriel (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0,6-2
100: Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) over Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,2-1
106: Kyle Norstrem (Florida) over Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-1,7-0
113: Coy Ozias (Virginia) over Drake Foster (Idaho) Dec 5-0,0-4,1-0
120: Vincent Turk (Illinois) over Jonathan Marmolejo (Illinois) Dec 1-2,4-0,2-0
126: Cole Weaver (Michigan) over Seth Gross (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,5-0
132: Aaron Pico (California) over Brady OKeefe (Nevada) TF 6-0,6-0
138: Joseph Nelson (Wisconsin) over Joey Gunther (Illinois) Dec 3-0,1-0
145: Mason Manville (Minnesota) over Dustin Williams (Kansas) Dec 2-0,1-0
152: Bo Nickal (Texas) over Keiffer Taylor (Utah) Dec 7-0,1-0
160: Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Nick Fiegner (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
170: Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Ryan Christensen (Washington) Fall 0:34
182: Samuel Colbray (Oregon) over Michael Pixley (Missouri) Dec 1-0,0-1,3-0
195: Lance Benick (Minnesota) over Landon Pellham (Michigan) Fall 0:40
220: Roy Nash (Utah) over Connor Tolley (Indiana) Dec 4-0,1-0
HWT: Wyatt Spears (Oregon) over Tanner Farmer (Illinois) Dec 0-8,3-2,2-0

Junior Women:
97: Amy Hou (Georgia) over Thai Ha Sloan (Hawaii) Dec 1-0,1-0
105: Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Haley Moreno (Texas) Dec 6-0,6-3
112: Megan Black (Iowa) over Hanna Grisewood (New York) Dec 3-0,2-0
117: Hope Steffensen (Alaska) over Cassandra Herkelman (Iowa) Dec 0-1,3-1,6-4
121: Kayla Miracle (Indiana) over Steffanie Hampton (Michigan) Dec 4-0,8-2
125: Evalyn Reyna (Texas) over Jenna Elmlinger (Wyoming) Dec 2-0,1-0
130: Katie Germain (Florida) over Rachel McFarland (Michigan) Fall 1:20
139: Alexis Porter (New York) over Jasmine Mendoza (California) Dec 1-0,1-0
148: Natalia Hinojo (Texas) over Desiree Harms (Washington) Dec 0-1,3-0,2-0
159: Mary Westman (New York) over Kiaya Van Scoyoc (Washington) Dec 2-7,7-2,3-1
172: Sam Urban (Oregon) over Kaitlyn Hill (Michigan) Dec 3-2,1-5,5-0
198: Kierra Boyce (Texas) over Tiaira Scott (Illinois) Dec 3-2,1-0

Junior Greco:
100: Jabari Moody (Illinois) over JJ McClelland (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,3-1
106: Nkosi Moody (Illinois) over Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) Dec 2-0,0-3,3-1
113: Jarred Oftedahl (Minnesota) over Javier Vieyra (Kansas) Dec 1-2,1-0,1-0
120: Kevon Powell (Illinois) over Josh Newberg (Washington) Dec 6-0,0-1,1-0
126: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Joel Shump (Illinois) TF 9-0,6-0
132: Zane Richards (Illinois) over Tyson Dippery (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,2-0
138: Hayden Tuma (Idaho) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,0-2,2-0
145: Grant LaMont (Utah) over Ryan Blees (North Dakota) Fall 7-0,1:42
152: Oliver Pierce (Texas) over T.J. Fox (Ohio) Dec 7-0,2-0
160: Geordan Speiller (Florida) over Matt Gray (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,3-0
170: Alex Meyer (Iowa) over Justin Koethe (Iowa) Fall 0-5,0:56
182: Sam Brooks (Illinois) over Kevin Beazley (Michigan) Dec 2-0,1-0
195: Ryan Solomon (Pennsylvania) over Alen Turcinhodzic (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,3-0
220: Kyle Snyder (Maryland) over Daniel Chaid (California) Dec 2-0,1-1
HWT: Adam Coon (Michigan) over Josh Marchok (Illinois) Dec 1-0,8-0

Junior Women Duals
1st Place - California #1
2nd Place - California #2
3rd Place - Hawaii
4th Place - Washington
5th Place - Texas
6th Place - Wisconson
7th Place - Michigan
8th Place - New York

Cadet Freestyle
88: Devin Schnupp (Pennsylvania) over Michael Doetsch (Maryland) Dec 1-2,2-1,5-2
94: Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Nick Lukanich (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-0
100: Miguel Silva (Illinois) over Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) Dec 4-1,1-5,3-1
106: Scott Parker (Pennsylvania) over Kaid Brock (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,1-4,4-0
113: Zahid Valencia (California) over Charles Tucker (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,1-0
120: Matthew Kolodzik (Ohio) over Joe Smith (Oklahoma) Dec 3-0,6-0
126: Seth Gross (Minnesota) over Cole Weaver (Michigan) Dec 0-2,4-4,4-3
132: Aaron Pico (California) over Cody LeCount (Indiana) Dec 4-0,4-0
138: Anthony Valencia (California) over Pat Duggan (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,5-1
145: Fox Baldwin (Florida) over Mason Manville (Minnesota) Dec 0-3,5-1,5-3
152: Mark Hall (Michigan) over Myles Martin (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,3-1
160: Bo Nickal (Texas) over Kimball Bastian (Utah) Dec 1-1,1-0
170: Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Chandler Rogers (Washington) Dec 3-1,2-1
182: Michael Pixley (Missouri) over Chip Ness (Georgia) Dec 2-1,5-3
195: Lance Benick (Minnesota) over Landon Pelham (Michigan) TF 7-0,6-0
220: Roy Nash (Utah) over Kyler Childers (Oklahoma) Dec 4-1,4-0
HWT: Wyatt Spears (Oregon) over Nicky Allegretti (Illinois) Dec 2-0,4-0

Junior Freestyle
100: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) over Carlos Fuentez (Illinois) Dec 1-0,2-1
106: Paul Mascarenas (New Mexico) over Nkosi Moody (Illinois) Dec 5-4,4-0
113: Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Adrian Cordova (Colorado) Dec 2-0,6-0
120: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) over Zac Hall (Michigan) Dec 3-1,0-3,3-2
126: Cory Clark (Iowa) over Joey McKenna (New Jersey) Dec 0-6,5-3,2-2
132: Zain Retherford (Pennsylvania) over Zane Richards (Illinois) Dec 1-1,1-1
138: Bryce Brill (Illinois) over Quinton Murphy (New York) TF 6-3,11-4
145: Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Austin Eads (Missouri) Dec 3-3,3-0,7-0
152: Josh Llopez (Maryland) over Yoanse Mejia (Florida) Dec 1-0,2-1
160: Isaiah Martinez (California) over Nick Wanzek (Minnesota) Dec 4-3,0-6,3-2
170: Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) over Micah Barnes (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,6-0
182: Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Glenn Climmons (Georgia) Dec 5-2,2-0
195: Sam Brooks (Illinois) over Broc Berge (Minnesota) Fall 3-1,0:32
220: J`Den Cox (Missouri) over Michael Swider (Illinois) Dec 4-0,5-0
HWT: Adam Coon (Michigan) over Donte Winfield (Indiana) Dec 1-0,1-0
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