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Doi wins gold medal, Miracle gets a silver in women’s freestyle at Cadet Worlds in Azerbaijan

Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

Marina Doi shown at 2011 Cadet Nationals. Doi won a FILA Cadet World title in Azerbaijan today. John Sachs photo

BAKU, Azerbaijan – Marina Doi of Kingsburg, Calif. captured a gold medal at 38 kg/83.75 lbs. and Kayla Miracle of Bloomington, Ind. added a silver medal at 56 kg/123.25 lbs. on the first day of women’s freestyle wrestling at the FILA Cadet World Championships on Thursday.

Doi won three matches on the way to her gold medal, including a 3-0, 2-0 victory in the championship finals over 2011 Cadet World bronze medalist Svetlana Ankicheva of Kazakhstan.

She opened with a 4-0, 2-1 win over 2012 European Cadet bronze medalist Maria Marinska of Bulgaria, then stopped 2011 Cadet World bronze medalist Sahilia Alakbarova of Azerbaijan by fall in the semifinals.

It was her second career FILA Cadet World medal, after winning a silver medal at the 2011 FILA Cadet World Championships at 40 kg/88 lbs.

Doi’s gold medal was the second for U.S. wrestlers so far at the FILA Cadet World Championships, as Zain Retherford of Benton, Pa. won a gold medal at 63 kg/138.75 lbs. in men’s freestyle on Wednesday.

Miracle had a 3-1 record during her competition, capturing her first three bouts to earn a spot in the finals. She opened by pinning Naveen Naveen of India, then stopped 2011 Cadet World bronze medalist Ekaterina Myagkova of Russia, 4-1, 4-0. In the semifinals, Miracle defeated Alyona Kolesnik of Azerbaijan, 1-0, 3-0.

In the gold-medal finals, Miracle was defeated by Ai Kuradate of Japan, 3-5, 0-6.

Miracle was competing in her second FILA Cadet World Championships, after placing eighth last year at 49 kg/108 lbs. She was a FILA Cadet and a Junior National champion this year leading up to the World Championships.

Placing fifth at 65 kg/143 lbs. was Alyssa LaFrancis of Vista, Calif., who opened with a victory over Asli Tugcu of Turkey, 3-0, 3-2. After dropping a match to Alina Kharchenko of Ukraine, she competed in a bronze medal bout, where she lost to Ragretta Ourbanzade of Azerbaijan, 0-3, 0-5.

Also competing on Thursday but falling short of the medal rounds were Julia Long of Mt. View, Wyo. at 43 kg/94.5 lbs. and Cadence Lee of Los Altos Hills, Calif. at 49 kg/108 lbs. Both ended up 10th in the final standings.

Five other U.S. wrestlers weighed in and received their draws for competition on Friday.

Returning to the FILA Cadet Worlds after placing eighth last year is Regina Doi of Kingsburg, Calif., who will face Fatima Piraz of Turkey in her opening bout at 40 kg/88 lbs. Piraz was fifth in 2012 European Cadet Championships.

Competing in their first FILA Cadet World Championships on Friday will be Amy Hou of Rome, Ga. at 46 kg/101.25 lbs., Francesca Giorgio of West Lawn, Pa. at 52 kg/114.5 lbs., Cristta Hartinger of Lancaster, N.Y. at 60 kg/132 lbs. and Anastasia Lobsinger of Martinez, Calif. at 70 kg/154 lbs.

Hou opens with Arzu Aliyeva of Azerbaijan. Giorgia will face two-time European Cadet bronze medalist Luisa Niemesch of Germany. Hartinger’s first match is against Yoshima Kayama of Japan. Lobsinger drew 2012 European Cadet bronze medalist Moa Lena Maria Nygren of Sweden.

Hou won the Body Bar FILA Cadet Nationals in Lakeland, Fla. and the Junior Nationals in Fargo N.D. earlier this year.

At Baku, Azerbaijan, August 23

Women’s freestyle results

38 kg/83.75 lbs.
Gold – Marina Doi (USA)
Silver – Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Prema Prema (India)
Bronze – Maria Marinska (Bulgaria)
5th – Iana Butyrina (Russia)
5th – Sahila Alakbarova (Azerbaijan)
7th - Ilona Prokopevniuk (Ukraine)

43 kg/94.5 lbs.
Gold – Ksenia Nezgovorova (Russia)
Silver – Turkan Nasirova (Azerbaijan)
Bronze – Irina Borissova (Kazakhstan)
Bronze – Mariya Georgiyeva (Ukraine)
5th – Dulguun Bolormaa (Mongolia)
5th – Kanna Asakura (Japan)
7th - Kseniya Stankevich (Belarus)
8th - Evin Demirhan (Turkey)
9th - Miglena Georgieva Selishka (Bulgaria)
10th - Julia Long (USA)

49 kg/108 lbs.
Gold – Nanami Irie (Japan)
Silver – Eva Ulrike Sauer (Germany)
Bronze – Ravita Ravita (India)
Bronze – Selenay Dokgoz (Turkey)
5th – Ayan Mamadova (Azerbaijan)
5th – Otgontsetseg Erdenensukh (Mongolia)
7th - Viktoriya Chirkova (Russia)
8th - Marina Sedneva (Kazakhstan)
9th - Noemi Szenttamasi (Hungary)
10th - Cadence Lee (USA)

56 kg/123.25 lbs,
Gold – Ai Kuradate (Japan)
Silver – Kayla Miracle (USA)
Bronze – Ekaterina Myagkova (Russia)
Bronze – Katarzyna Madrowska (Poland)
5th – Alyona Kolesnik (Azerbaijan)
5th – Sviatlana Lamashevich (Belarus)
7th - Solomiya Volska (Ukraine)
8th - Gantuya Enkhbat (Mongolia)
9th - Bayhan Derya (Turkey)
10th - Ramona Galambos (Hungary)

65 kg/143 lbs.
Gold – Masako Furuichi (Japan)
Silver – Alina Kharchenko (Ukraine)
Bronze – Ragretta Ourbanzade (Azerbaijan)
Bronze – Nyamgerel Burneebaatar (Mongolia)
5th – Alyssa LaFrancis (USA)
5th – Tatiana Kashirina (Russia)
7th - Luzie Manzke (Germany)
8th - Babita Babita (India)
9th - Asli Tugcu (Turkey)
10th - Zarina Kunangarayeva (Kazakhstan)

U.S. women’s freestyle results on Thursday

38 kg/83.75 lbs. – Marina Doi, Kingsburg, Calif. – GOLD MEDAL
WIN Maria Marinska (Bulgaria), 4-0, 2-1
WIN Sahilia Alakbarova (Azerbaijan), 1-0, pin
WIN Svetlana Ankicheva (Kazakhstan), 3-0, 2-0

43 kg/94.5 lbs. – Julia Long, Mt. View, Wyo., 10th
LOSS Evin Demirhan (Turkey), 0-6, 3-6

49 kg/108 lbs. – Cadence Lee, Los Altos Hills, Calif., 10th
LOSS Nanami Irie (Japan), 2-4, 0-7
LOSS Otgontsetseg Erdenesukh (Mongolia), 0-1, 0-2

56 kg/123.25 lbs. – Kayla Miracle, Bloomington, Ind. – SILVER MEDAL
WIN Naveen Naveen (India), pin
WIN Ekaterina Myagkova (Russia), 4-1, 4-0
WIN Alyona Kolesnik (Azerbaijan), 1-0, 3-0
LOSS Ai Kuradate (Japan), 3-5, 0-6

65 kg/143 lbs. – Alyssa LaFrancis, Vista, Calif., 5th
WIN Asli Tugcu (Turkey), 3-0, 3-2
LOSS Alina Kharchenko (Ukraine), pin
LOSS Ragretta Ourbanzade (Azerbaijan), 0-3, 0-5

U.S. Women’s freestyle draws for Friday

40 kg/88 lbs. – Regina Doi, Kingsburg, Calif.
Vs. Fatima Piraz (Turkey)
Fifth in 2012 European Cadets

46 kg/101.25 lbs. – Amy Hou, Rome, Ga.
Vs. Arzu Aliyeva (Azerbaijan)

52 kg/114.5 lbs. – Francesca Giorgio, West Lawn, Pa.
Vs. Luisa Niemesch (Germany)
Two-time European Cadet bronze medalist

60 kg/132 lbs. – Cristta Hartinger, Lancaster, N.Y.
Vs. Yoshima Kayama (Japan)

70 kg/154 lbs. – Anastasia Lobsinger, Martinez, Calif.
Vs. Moa Lena Maria Nygren (Sweden)
2012 European Cadet bronze medalist
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