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U.S. wins nine gold medals in Canada Cup Pre-Junior competition

Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

GUELPH, Canada – The United States had a strong day in both women’s and men’s freestyle at the Canada Cup Pre-Junior Tournament on Sunday.

Pre-Juniors are athletes who are ages 15-18 years. A large USA team from all over the nation attended the event, as well as a number of regional club teams from New York, Michigan and the New England states.

U.S. women won six of the nine gold medals awarded and came home with a total of 18 individual medals in that division.

A number of members of the 2012 U.S. Cadet World Team competed among the women, as well as some of the nation’s most talented age-group competitors.

Winning individual gold medals in the women’s division were:
• Amy Hou of Georgia at 43 kg
• Cody Pfau of Colorado at 46 kg
• Cassy Herkelman of Iowa at 52 kg
• Stefanie Hampton of Michigan at 56 kg
• Alyssa LaFrancis of California at 65 kg
• Kaitlyn Hill of Michigan at 80 kg

Hou and LaFrancis are members of the 2012 U.S. FILA Cadet World Team. Pfau, Herkelman and LaFrancis are also First Team member of the ASICS Girls High School All-American Team.

The USA also had a number of entries in the men’s division, also coming from a variety of states. Three individual champions came from the USA:
• Anthony Finocchiaro of New York at 63 kg
• Bradley Ojala of California at 76 kg
• Brian Ervin of New York at 130 kg

In the men’s event, USA athletes came home with seven medals.

At Guelph, Canada, July 1

Women’s individual champions

43 kg – Amy Hou (USA- GA)
46 kg – Cody Pfau (USA - CO)
49 kg – Josee Trembley (Canada – Lessor)
52 kg – Cassy Herkelman (USA – IA)
56 kg – Stefanie Hampton (USA – MI)
60 kg – Nicole Roach (Canada – ONT)
65 kg – Alyssa LaFrancis (USA – CA)
70 kg – Gracelynn Dougan (Canada – ONT)
80 kg – Kaitlyn Hill (USA – MI)

U.S placewinners in women’s freestyle

43 kg
Amy Hou (GA), 1st
Julia Long (WY), 3rd

46 kg
Cody Pfau (CO), 1st
Cadence Lee (CA), 3rd

49 kg
Rachel Hale (VT), 2nd
Alexis Bleau (NY), 4th
Kelsey Gray (NY), 6th

52 kg
Cassy Herkelman (IA), 1st
Hanna Grisewood (NY), 2nd
Francesca Giorgio (PA), 3rd
Jasmine Bailey (IA), 4th
Justine Stewart (CA), 6th

56 kg
Stefanie Hampton (MI), 1st
Kayla Miracle (IN), 3rd
Kayla Lam-Little (CA), 6th

60 kg
Angelica Leveque (NH), 2nd
Rosemary Flores (NY), 3rd
Cristta Hartinger (NY), 4th
Marki Simmons (CA), 5th

65 kg
Alyssa LaFrancis (CA), 1st
Natalia Rodriguez (MA), 2nd
Brittney Harvey (MI), 3rd
Brittney Yost (CA), 6th

70 kg
Mary Westman (NY), 2nd
Olivia Toth (NH), 3rd
Andrea Ruiz (CA), 4th

80 kg
Kaitlyn Hill (MI), 1st

Men’s freestyle champions
42 kg – Philip Le (Canada – ONT)
46 kg – Jordan Raghunahdan (Canada – ONT)
50 kg – Sam Jagas (Canada – ONT)
54 kg – Kim Guk-Hyeen (Korea)
58 kg – Lim Moun-Hyuk (Korea)
63 kg – Anthony Finocchiaro (USA – NY)
69 kg – Park Jun-Hee (Korea)
76 kg – Bradley Ojala (USA – CA)
85 kg – Josh Kim (Canada – ONT)
100 kg – Sekhon Pawanpreet (CAN – AOC)
115 kg – Seung Huang (Korea)
130 kg – Brian Ervin (USA – NY)

U.S. placewinners in men’s freestyle

54 kg
Brian Amato (CT), 4th
Ryan Snow (NY), 6th

58 kg
Jacob Stroham (MA), 3rd
Nicolas Arroyo (MA), 5th
Brendon Siebold (MA), 6th

63 kg
Anthony Finocchiaro (NY), 1st
Brent Waterman (ME), 4th
Jake Klingaman (MI), 5th

76 kg
Bradley Ojala (CA), 1st
Jack Buell (NY), 4th
Dan Smith (NY), 6th

85 kg
Jared Escibana (MA), 2nd

100 kg
James Ford (OH), 2nd

130 kg
Brian Ervin (NY), 1st
Donovan Lozado (MA), 2nd
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