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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Four wrestlers repeat as champions at the American Airlines/New York AC Holiday International

Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Four wrestlers repeated as champions from last year at the American Airlines/New York AC Holiday International, which was held at the famous New York Athletic Club.

In men's freestyle, the repeat champions were Jared Lawrence (Minneapolis, Minn./Minnesota Storm) at 66 kg/145.5 lbs., Andy Hrovat (Ann Arbor, Mich./New York AC) and Tommy Rowlands (Columbus, Ohio/Sunkist Kids) at 120 kg/264.5 lbs.

Hrovat, a 2006 U.S. World Team member, was named Outstanding Wrestler in the men's freestyle division, after pinning Clint Wattenberg (Ithaca, N.Y./New York AC) in the finals, 0-2, 1:09. It was a rematch of the 2006 World Team Trials finals series, won by Hrovat.

Lawrence defeated 2006 World Team Trials runner-up Jared Frayer (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) in the finals, 2-0, 5-4. Rowlands beat Michael Irving (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC), 4-1, 6-0 in the championship match.

Winning the women's division for the second straight year was 2005 World bronze medalist Katie Downing (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids) at 67 kg/147.5 lbs., who stopped Heather Martin (Cleveland, Ohio/New York AC) in the finals, 3-0, 1-0.

Four returning champions were beaten in the championship finals.

At 60 kg/132 lbs. in men's freestyle, Seshito Shimizu of Japan defeated last year's winner Travis Lee (Ithaca, N.Y./New York AC), 1-0, 1-0. In Greco-Roman, 2005 World bronze medalist Justin Ruiz (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) beat returning champion Adam Wheeler (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) in the finals at 96 kg/211.5 lbs. in a three-period battle, 1-1, 1-1, 2-1.

Two returning women's champions dropped finals matches. At 51 kg/112.25 lbs. Makiko Sakamoto of Japan beat returing champion Jenny Wong (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids), 1-1, 0-1, 2-0. In the finals at 72 kg/158.5 lbs., Canadian wrestler Shayla Turcotte (Burnaby Mountain WC) pinned Tabitha Golt (Chesapeake, Va./Cumberland) in 32 seconds.

The Outstanding Wrestler in the women's division was four-time World champion Hitomi Sakamoto of Japan, who defeated two-time World silver medalist Tina George (U.S. Army), 8-0, 4-0 in the finals.

The Outstanding Wrestler in the men's Greco-Roman division was Aaron Sieracki (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army) who stopped 2004 Olympian Brad Vering (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) in the finals at 84 kg/185 lbs. by a 1-1, 4-0, 2-1 margin.

At the 48 kg/105.5 lbs. finals for women, 2006 World Team member Mary Kelly (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) stopped 2006 U.S. Nationals champion Clarissa Chun (Colorado Springs, Colo./Sunkist Kids), 1-0, 1-0. The first period went to the leg clinch, which Kelly won by defending and not allowing Chun to score. In the second period, Kelly won the flip and scored the takedown for the point. It was a rematch of a Special Wrestle-off for the U.S. World Team, won by Kelly this past summer.

Other men's freestyle champions were Vic Moreno (San Luis Obispo, Calif./Advanced) at 55 kg/121 lbs., Denis Tsargush of Russia at 74 kg/163 lbs. and Mo Lawal (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) at 96 kg/211.5 lbs.

Moreno beat Takeshi Sugitani of Japan, 1-3, 1-1, 1-0 . Tsargush stopped American Univ. star Muzaffar Abdurachmanov (DC), 1-0, 3-2. Lawal, a 2005 U.S. World Team member, beat Damion Hahn (Ithaca, N.Y./New York AC), 1-0, 1-0

Other women's champions were Katie Patroch (London Western) at 59 kg/130 lbs. and Alaina Berube (Escanaba, Mich./New York AC) at 63 kg/138.75 lbs. Patroch pinned Leigh Jaynes (Colorado Springs, Colo./Gator WC) in the finals in 59 seconds. Berube stopped Stefanie Shaw (Waterford, Conn./USOEC) in the finals, 3-0, 5-0.

In an all-Japan finals at 60 kg/132 lbs. in men's Greco-Roman, Hiroshi Shimomura beat Yasuyuki Tanioka, 2-0, 3-0.

Other men's Greco-Roman champions were Spenser Mango (St. Louis, Mo./USOEC/Gator WC) at 55 kg/121 lbs., Jacob Curby (LaGrange, Ill./USOEC) at 66 kg/145.5 lbs., Cheney Haight (Orem, Utah/USOEC/New York AC) at 74 kg/163 lbs. and Russ Davie (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC) at 120 kg/264.5 lbs.

Mango beat Jermaine Hodge (Colorado Springs, Colo./U.S. Army), 3-7, 3-0, 4-2. Curby stopped Mike Ellsworth (Colorado Springs, Colo./New York AC), 3-1, 1-3, 1-1. Haight defeated Jake Fisher(Platte City, Mo./USOEC), 4-0, 1-2, 1-1. Davie beat Vladimir Guralski of Israel, 5-1, 6-0

At New York, N.Y., Nov. 18-19

Medal Match results

Women's freestyle
48 kg/105.5 lbs.
1st - Mary Kelly (New York AC) dec. Clarissa Chun (Sunkist Kids), 1-0, 1-0
3rd - Sara Fulp-Allen (New York AC) dec. Lindsey Rushton (Guelph), 4-3, 4-3

51 kg/112.25 lbs.
1st - Makiko Sakamoto (Japan) dec. Jenny Wong (Sunkist Kids), 1-1, 0-1, 2-0
3rd - Belinda Chow (Guelph) dec. Jessica Medina (New York AC), 1-0, 2-1

55 kg/121 lbs.
1st - Hitomi Sakamoto (Japan) dec. Tina George (U.S. Army), 8-0, 4-0
3rd - Marcie Van Dusen (Sunkist Kids) dec. Brandy Rosenbrock (Central Michigan), 2-0, 3-0

59 kg/130 lbs.
1st - Katie Patroch (London Western) pin Leigh Jaynes (Gator WC), 0:59
3rd - Othella Lucas (New York AC) dec. Tina Pihl (USOEC), 4-1, 7-0

63 kg/138.75 lbs.
1st - Alaina Berube (New York AC) dec. Stefanie Shaw (USOEC), 3-0, 5-0
3rd - Deanna Rix (New York AC) dec. Krystal Kiyuna (San Diego), 1-0, 2-0

67 kg/147.5 lbs.
1st - Katie Downing (Sunkist Kids) dec. Heather Martin (New York AC), 3-0, 1-0
3rd - Stefanie Howorun (McMaster) dec. Meaghan Wilton (Guelph), 0-1, 4-1, 4-0

72 kg/158.5 lbs.
1st - Shayla Turcotte (Burnaby Mountain WC) pin Tabetha Golt (Cumberland), 0:32

Men's Greco-Roman semifinal results

55 kg/121 lbs.
1st - Spenser Mango (Gator WC) dec. Jermaine Hodge (U.S. Army), 3-7, 3-0, 4-2
3rd - Takumu Otsu (Japan) dec. Nate Engel (Missouri Valley), 3-2, 6-0

60 kg/132 lbs.
1st - Hiroshi Shimomura (Japan) dec. Yasuyuki Tanioka (Japan), 2-0, 3-0
3rd - Joe Betterman (New York AC) dec. Chris Iorio (New York AC), 6-0, 4-1

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
1st - Jacob Curby (USOEC) vs. Mike Ellsworth (New York AC), 3-1, 1-3, 1-1
3rd - Mark Rial (Gator WC) dec. Shannon Slack (New York AC), 1-1, 3-0

74 kg/163 lbs.
1st - Cheney Haight (New York AC) dec. Jake Fisher (New York AC), 4-0, 1-2, 1-1
3rd - Jess Hargrave (U.S. Army) dec. Hideki Goto (Japan), 1-1, 1-1, 4-0

84 kg/185 lbs.
1st - Aaron Sieracki (U.S. Army) dec. Brad Vering (New York AC), 1-1, 4-0, 2-1
3rd - Chas Betts (Minnesota Storm) dec. Jake Plamann (USOEC), 2-0, 2-1

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
1st - Justin Ruiz (New York AC) dec. Adam Wheeler (Gator WC), 1-1, 1-1, 2-1
3rd - Robbie Smith (New York AC) dec. Ken Sogabe (Japan), 5-0, 8-1

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
1st - Russ Davie (New York AC) dec. Vladimir Guralski (Israel), 5-1, 6-0
3rd - Jacob Marquardt (USOEC) pin Dmitry Smolyakov (New York AC), 6-0, 0:19

Men's freestyle finals

55 kg/121 lbs.
1st - Vic Moreno (Advanced) dec. Takeshi Sugitani (Japan), 1-3, 1-1, 1-0
3rd - Djamel Otarsultanov (Russia) tech fall Adam Smith (New York AC), 9-0, 7-0

60 kg/132 lbs.
1st - Seshito Shimizu (Japan) vs. Travis Lee (New York AC), 1-0, 1-0
3rd - Zach Roberson (Sunkist Kids) dec. Chris Fleeger (New York AC), 3-0, 2-0

66 kg/145.5 lbs.
1st - Jared Lawrence (Minnesota Storm) dec. Jared Frayer (Gator WC), 2-0, 5-4
3rd - Zach Esposito (Gator WC) dec. Phillip Simpson (U.S. Army), 7-0, 2-0

74 kg/163 lbs.
1st - Denis Tsargush (Russia) dec. Muzaffar Abdurachmanov (DC), 1-0, 3-2
3rd - Ramico Blackmon (New York AC) dec. Scott Owen (New York AC), 1-0, 0-3, 2-0

84 kg/185 lbs.
1st - Andy Hrovat (New York AC) pin Clint Wattenberg (New York AC), 0-2, 1:09
3rd - Evgeny Kolmets (Russia) dec. Tony Gansen (Sunkist Kids), 3-0, 4-1

96 kg/211.5 lbs.
1st - Mo Lawal (Gator WC) dec. Damion Hahn (New York AC), 1-0, 1-0
3rd - Dawid Rechul (New York AC) dec. Kyle Cerminara (New York AC), 1-0, 0-1, 1-0

120 kg/264.5 lbs.
1st - Tommy Rowlands (Sunkist Kids) dec. Michael Irving (Gator WC), 4-1, 6-0
3rd - Greg Wagner (New York AC) pin Jaimie Cox (Guelph), 1:33
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