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Terry Shockley named Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

Shockley will succeed long-time chairman Jim Keen. Sr. as Chairman of the Board....

Iowa's Tony Ramos determined to finish career with NCAA title

The Hawkeye senior will battle Virginia Tech's Devin Carter in the NWCA All-Star Classic on Saturday....

NCAA announces finalist cities for its championships for 2014-18, including wrestling at all levels

Cleveland, Kansas City, Louisville, New York City, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia & St. Louis are Div. I finalists. Div. II and III finalists also announced....

Southern Plains Regional Championships
Hays, KS
June 11 - 13, 2009

Schoolboy/Girl Freestyle Results
Event Results
Schoolboy/girl - 70 Results
1st Place - Ethan Koan of Missouri
2nd Place - Cy Trindle of Oklahoma

Schoolboy/girl - 77 Results
1st Place - Tyler Mies of Kansas
2nd Place - Tel Kelley of Colorado
3rd Place - Parker Howell of Kansas
4th Place - Reese Cokeley of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Tyler Mies (Kansas) over Tel Kelley (Colorado) Dec 0-6,7-2,2-0
Tyler Mies (Kansas) over Parker Howell (Kansas) TF 0-6,0-6
Tel Kelley (Colorado) over Parker Howell (Kansas) TF 9-2,7-0

Schoolboy/girl - 84 Results
1st Place - Noah Teaney of Missouri
2nd Place - Hayden Hansen of Oklahoma
3rd Place - Hestin Lamons of Oklahoma
4th Place - Jacob Wilgers of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Hayden Hansen (Oklahoma) Fall 6-0,1:20
Noah Teaney (Missouri) over Hestin Lamons (Oklahoma) TF 7-0,6-0
Hayden Hansen (Oklahoma) over Hestin Lamons (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,3-0

Schoolboy/girl - 91 Results
1st Place - Brandon Lorenz of Texas
2nd Place - Jacob Trujillo of Colorado
3rd Place - Jared Suppes of Kansas
4th Place - Dylan Eck of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Brandon Lorenz (Texas) over Jared Suppes (Kansas) Fall 0:47
Brandon Lorenz (Texas) over Jacob Trujillo (Colorado) Fall 1:12
Jacob Trujillo (Colorado) over Jared Suppes (Kansas) Dec 2-8,5-1,4-1

Schoolboy/girl - 98 Results
1st Place - Bo Nickal of New Mexico
2nd Place - Justin Silmon of Oklahoma
3rd Place - Isaac Dulgarian of Kansas
4th Place - Eddie Harris of Oklahoma
1st Place Match
Bo Nickal (New Mexico) over Justin Silmon (Oklahoma) TF 0-7,1-7

Schoolboy/girl - 105 Results
1st Place - Jared Green of Missouri
2nd Place - Logan Cairer of Missouri
3rd Place - Tony Barger of Texas
4th Place - Brett Roberts of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Jared Green (Missouri) over Tony Barger (Texas) Dec 7-0,2-4,7-6
Jared Green (Missouri) over Logan Cairer (Missouri) Dec 8-4,0-6,0-5
Logan Cairer (Missouri) over Tony Barger (Texas) Fall 1:50

Schoolboy/girl - 112 Results
1st Place - Gage Younger of Kansas
2nd Place - Jared Johnson of Kansas
3rd Place - Alex Smith of Colorado
4th Place - Dylan Bye of Texas
Round Robin Matches
Gage Younger (Kansas) over Alex Smith (Colorado) Dec 3-2,4-2
Gage Younger (Kansas) over Jared Johnson (Kansas) FF
Jared Johnson (Kansas) over Alex Smith (Colorado) TF 6-0,7-3

Schoolboy/girl - 120 Results
1st Place - Loren Vigil of New Mexico
2nd Place - Micheal Billups of Oklahoma
3rd Place - Kurt Burr of Kansas
4th Place - Ty Ash of Oklahoma
1st Place Match
Loren Vigil (New Mexico) over Micheal Billups (Oklahoma) Fall 1:18

Schoolboy/girl - 128 Results
1st Place - Levi Eck of Kansas
2nd Place - Devin Rothrock of Colorado
3rd Place - Landon Younger of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Levi Eck (Kansas) over Devin Rothrock (Colorado) TF 7-0,6-0
Levi Eck (Kansas) over Landon Younger (Kansas) TF 7-0,9-1
Devin Rothrock (Colorado) over Landon Younger (Kansas) Fall 0:29

Schoolboy/girl - 136 Results
1st Place - Conner Howard of Oklahoma
2nd Place - Devin Moore of Kansas
3rd Place - Anthony Gardner of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Conner Howard (Oklahoma) over Devin Moore (Kansas) Dec 6-1,4-0
Devin Moore (Kansas) over Anthony Gardner (Kansas) Dec 1-0,0-4,5-1
Conner Howard (Oklahoma) over Anthony Gardner (Kansas) Fall 3-2,1:42

Schoolboy/girl - 144 Results
1st Place - Jason Berkgren of Kansas
2nd Place - Anthony Gallegos of New Mexico

Schoolboy/girl - 152 Results
1st Place - Jordan Lara of New Mexico
2nd Place - Bubba Blackburn of Missouri
3rd Place - Jared Langley of Kansas
4th Place - Cody Faulkender of Kansas
1st Place Match
Jordan Lara (New Mexico) over Bubba Blackburn (Missouri) Fall 7-0,1:04

Schoolboy/girl - 160 Results
1st Place - Ryker Greenbaum of Kansas

Schoolboy/girl - 190 Results
1st Place - Jordan Moffett of Missouri
2nd Place - Beau Henson of Texas
3rd Place - Raymond Gallegos of Kansas
Round Robin Matches
Jordan Moffett (Missouri) over Beau Henson (Texas) Fall 1:53
Beau Henson (Texas) over Raymond Gallegos (Kansas) Fall 1:09
Jordan Moffett (Missouri) over Raymond Gallegos (Kansas) TF 7-0,8-0

Schoolboy/girl - 210 Results
1st Place - Aaron Rafalko of Kansas

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