2013 U.S. Grappling World Team Trials
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd

Las Vegas, NV    April 18-20, 2013

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      Event Director: Larry Barnson
      Phone: (702) 361-5017
      Email: lvoc@aol.com

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    Competition Uniform – No-Gi

    Grapplers shall appear on the edge of the mat wearing FILA approved board shorts and a tight-fitting sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve rashguard. The shorts shall not be excessively baggy or have pockets or button/snaps that may be unsafe during competition. The first grappler called shall wear an overall red uniform and the second grappler called shall wear an overall blue uniform.

    Competition Uniform – Gi

    Grapplers shall appear on the edge of the mat wearing a FILA approved competition Gi. The Gi must be made of cotton or similar material and in good condition. It may not be unusually thick or stiff to the point of obstructing the opponent. The jacket must be longer than the hips, but no longer than the thighs. When extending the arms forward, the distance between the sleeves and the wrists must not exceed 5 cm. The pants must be of proper size and reach to the ankles in upright position. The pants may not be unusually tight or loose to the point of affecting the opponent’s ability to make holds or move. The first grappler called shall wear a white Gi and the second grappler called shall wear a Gi of color. The belt shall be tied tight around the waist to secure the jacket.

    Protection gear

    The use of light kneepads containing no metal parts is allowed. Grapplers may also wear FILA approved ear protectors that do not contain any metal or hard cover shells. Referees may require a grappler whose hair is too long to wear ear protectors or an athletic hair cover. 


    Grapplers are not required to wear shoes during the match, but those who choose to shall wear FILA approved shoes. The use of shoes with heels or nailed soles, buckles, or any metallic parts is prohibited. Shoes with laces shall be wrapped with tape so that they do not come undone during the match.

    Appearance and hygiene

    Grapplers are prohibited from wearing bandages on the wrists, arms or ankles except in the case of injury or on doctor’s orders. Grapplers are prohibited from wearing any object that might cause injury to an opponent such as necklaces, bracelets, anklets, toe rings, finger rings, piercing of any kind, prosthesis, etc. Grapplers’ fingers and toenails shall be neatly trimmed with no sharp edges. If an athlete’s hair is longer than shoulder length and/or bangs extend beyond the ears, the athlete shall wear an athletic hair cover. Grapplers shall be well groomed and their hair and skin shall be free of any greasy, oily or sticky substance. Grapplers may not arrive at the mat perspiring for the beginning of the match. The referee may require a grappler to towel off at any time during the match. In the interest of health, hygiene and a sanitary environment for the athletes, these rules shall be strictly enforced. At weigh-in, a FILA official shall check that all competitors satisfy the requirements of this article. The athletes must be warned that if their appearance or uniform are not compliant, they will not be allowed to enter the competition. The grapplers who enter the competition area with an appearance that does not conform to the present regulations will be given 2 minutes to change it; otherwise they will lose the match by forfeit.

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