2009 USA Wrestling Grappling World Team Trials
Phoenix Convention Center, South Hall G

Phoenix, AZ    October 22-24, 2009

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      Event Director: Tim Gressley
      Phone: (480) 205-3015
      Email: gressley@sunkistkids.org

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    No-Gi:: Grapplers shall appear on the edge of the mat wearing regulation competition grappling/board shorts and sleeveless/short sleeve/long sleeve guard shirt. The shorts shall not be excessively baggy or have button/snaps that may be unsafe during competition. The competition shirt shall be tight fitting. The shorts and shirt must meet FILA World Grappling Committee Standards. The first grappler called shall put on a red ankle-band and the second a blue ankle-band. Gi:: Grapplers shall appear on the edge of the mat wearing a competition Gi meeting the FILA requirements. The Gi must be made of cotton or similar material and in good condition. It may not be unusually thick or stiff to the point of obstructing the opponent. The jacket must be longer than the hips, but no longer than the thighs. When extending the arms forward, the distance between the sleeves and the wrists must not exceed 5 cm. The pants must be of proper size and reach to the ankles in upright position. The pants may not be unusually tight or loose to the point of affecting the opponent’s ability to make holds or move. The Gi may be of any color, but may not contain patterns or symbols that could interfere with scoring. The first grappler called shall wear a red belt and the second grappler called shall wear a blue belt. The belt shall be tied tight around the waist to secure the jacket.

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