ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships
1800 University Drive North

Fargo, ND    July 12-20, 2013

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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  • ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

    Men's Freestyle
    1. Illinois, 99
    2. Pennsylvania, 60
    3. Ohio, 43
    4. New Jersey, 36
    5. Oklahoma,32
    6. Iowa, 31
    7. Maryland, 26
    8. Minnesota, 23
    9. Wisconsin, 22
    10. Arizona, 21
    11. California, 18
    12. Idaho, 18
    13. Indiana, 18
    14. Texas, 17
    15. Utah, 17
    16. Washington, 17
    17. Colorado, 13
    18. Missouri, 13
    19. Georgia, 12
    20. Oregon, 10
    21. New York, 9
    22. Michigan, 8
    23. Tennessee, 8
    24. Virginia, 8
    25. Connecticut, 7
    26. Montana, 5
    27. Florida, 4
    28. Kansas, 4
    29. South Dakota, 4
    30. New Mexico, 3
    31. Alaska, 2
    32. Nevada, 2
    33. Hawaii, 1
    34. North Carolina, 1

    Outstanding Wrestler – Beau Breske (Wisconsin)

    Most Falls – Jacob Marnin (Iowa), five falls in 9:00

    88 lbs.
    1st Place - Gavin Teasdale of Pennsylvania
    2nd Place - Zac Murillo of Connecticut
    3rd Place - Louie Hayes of Illinois
    4th Place - Brayden Schwalbe of Montana
    5th Place - Brawley Lamer of South Dakota
    6th Place - Brady Koontz of Wisconsin
    7th Place - Taylor Day of Oklahoma
    8th Place - Joe Thomas of Maryland
    1st - Gavin Teasdale (Pennsylvania) over Zac Murillo (Connecticut) TF 14-4
    3rd - Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Brayden Schwalbe (Montana) TF 13-2
    5th - Brawley Lamer (South Dakota) over Brady Koontz (Wisconsin) Fall 0:27
    7th - Taylor Day (Oklahoma) over Joe Thomas (Maryland) Dec 8-7

    94 lbs.
    1st Place - Kaden Gfeller of Oklahoma
    2nd Place - Austin Gomez of Illinois
    3rd Place - Brent Jones of Minnesota
    4th Place - Will Kaldes of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Randon Miranda of California
    6th Place - Kordell Rush of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Chase Wickman of Washington
    8th Place - Jeremy Nygard of Washington
    1st - Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) over Austin Gomez (Illinois) TF 10-0
    3rd - Brent Jones (Minnesota) over Will Kaldes (Pennsylvania) TF 13-2
    5th - Randon Miranda (California) over Kordell Rush (Pennsylvania) Fall 2:44
    7th - Chase Wickman (Washington) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) ID

    100 lbs.
    1st Place - Danny Vega of Arizona
    2nd Place - Matthew Schmitt of Missouri
    3rd Place - Jack Wagner of Iowa
    4th Place - Joshua Venia of Ohio
    5th Place - Ian Parker of Michigan
    6th Place - Ben Freeman of Michigan
    7th Place - Greg Shack of Alaska
    8th Place - Coltan Williams of Texas
    1st - Danny Vega (Arizona) over Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) Fall 1:48
    3rd - Jack Wagner (Iowa) over Joshua Venia (Ohio) Dec 14-12
    5th - Ian Parker (Michigan) over Ben Freeman (Michigan) Dec 8-2
    7th - Greg Shack (Alaska) over Coltan Williams (Texas) Fall 4:22

    106 lbs.
    1st Place - Jack Mueller of Texas
    2nd Place - Andrew Nieman of Oklahoma
    3rd Place - Michael Murphy of Tennessee
    4th Place - Jacob Lizak of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Quentin Hovis of Arizona
    6th Place - Travis Piotrowski of Illinois
    7th Place - Edward Chalifoux III of Tennessee
    8th Place - Chris Deloza of California
    1st - Jack Mueller (Texas) over Andrew Nieman (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
    3rd - Michael Murphy (Tennessee) over Jacob Lizak (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-6
    5th - Quentin Hovis (Arizona) over Travis Piotrowski (Illinois) Dec 8-8
    7th - Edward Chalifoux III (Tennessee) over Chris Deloza (California) Fall 3:20

    113 lbs.
    1st Place - Daton Fix of Oklahoma
    2nd Place - Mitchell McKee of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Jose Rodriguez of Ohio
    4th Place - Eric Hong of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Kyle Bierdumpfel of New Jersey
    6th Place - Andrew Mehrholz of Illinois
    7th Place - Joshua Kramer of Arizona
    8th Place - Jake Newhouse of Ohio
    1st - Daton Fix (Oklahoma) over Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) Dec 12-9
    3rd - Jose Rodriguez (Ohio) over Eric Hong (Pennsylvania) Dec 8-4
    5th - Kyle Bierdumpfel (New Jersey) over Andrew Mehrholz (Illinois) TF 13-3
    7th - Joshua Kramer (Arizona) over Jake Newhouse (Ohio) Fall 0:57

    120 lbs.
    1st Place - Taylor Lamont of Utah
    2nd Place - Gabriel Townsell of Illinois
    3rd Place - Drake Foster of Idaho
    4th Place - Evan Cheek of Ohio
    5th Place - Alex Mackall of Ohio
    6th Place - JD Gregory of Virginia
    7th Place - Matthew Noble of New Jersey
    8th Place - Jaron Jensen of Utah
    1st - Taylor Lamont (Utah) over Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) Dec 11-7
    3rd - Drake Foster (Idaho) over Evan Cheek (Ohio) TF 11-1
    5th - Alex Mackall (Ohio) over JD Gregory (Virginia) TF 11-0
    7th - Matthew Noble (New Jersey) over Jaron Jensen (Utah) Dec 13-8

    126 lbs.
    1st Place - Zahid Valencia of California
    2nd Place - Hayden Hidlay of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Nick Lee of Indiana
    4th Place - Dylan West of Colorado
    5th Place - Jaden Enriquez of California
    6th Place - Richard (Rico) Montoya of New Mexico
    7th Place - Corey Shie of Ohio
    8th Place - Zackary Diamond of Hawaii
    1st - Zahid Valencia (California) over Hayden Hidlay (Pennsylvania) TF 12-1
    3rd - Nick Lee (Indiana) over Dylan West (Colorado) TF 13-2
    5th - Jaden Enriquez (California) over Richard (Rico) Montoya (New Mexico) Dec 10-7
    7th - Corey Shie (Ohio) over Zackary Diamond (Hawaii) Fall 1:56

    132 lbs.
    1st Place - Carter Happel of Iowa
    2nd Place - Jonathan Ross of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Alexander Butler of Illinois
    4th Place - Justin Demicco of Ohio
    5th Place - Robert Lee of Wisconsin
    6th Place - Nate Hagen of Ohio
    7th Place - Wyatt Sheets of Oklahoma
    8th Place - Will Clark of North Carolina
    1st - Carter Happel (Iowa) over Jonathan Ross (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
    3rd - Alexander Butler (Illinois) over Justin Demicco (Ohio) TF 14-4
    5th - Robert Lee (Wisconsin) over Nate Hagen (Ohio) Dec 5-2
    7th - Wyatt Sheets (Oklahoma) over Will Clark (North Carolina) Dec 11-4

    138 lbs.
    1st Place - Isaiah White of Illinois
    2nd Place - Chase Lemons of Idaho
    3rd Place - David McFadden of New Jersey
    4th Place - Cameron Harrell of Maryland
    5th Place - Patricio Lugo of Florida
    6th Place - Jake Adcock of Georgia
    7th Place - Jacob Woodard of Iowa
    8th Place - A. Phyllip DeLoach of Illinois
    1st - Isaiah White (Illinois) over Chase Lemons (Idaho) Dec 8-5
    3rd - David McFadden (New Jersey) over Cameron Harrell (Maryland) Dec 8-4
    5th - Patricio Lugo (Florida) over Jake Adcock (Georgia) Dec 8-6
    7th - Jacob Woodard (Iowa) over A. Phyllip DeLoach (Illinois) TF 12-1

    145 lbs.
    1st Place - Mason Manville of New Jersey
    2nd Place - Austin Kraisser of Maryland
    3rd Place - Larry Early of Illinois
    4th Place - Ryan Klemp of Idaho
    5th Place - DJ Hollingshead of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Johnny O`Hearon of Utah
    7th Place - Jordan Bushey of New York
    8th Place - Jakob Restrepo of New York
    1st - Mason Manville (New Jersey) over Austin Kraisser (Maryland) TF 10-0
    3rd - Larry Early (Illinois) over Ryan Klemp (Idaho) Fall 5:03
    5th - DJ Hollingshead (Pennsylvania) over Johnny O`Hearon (Utah) TF 18-8
    7th - Jordan Bushey (New York) over Jakob Restrepo (New York) ID

    152 lbs.
    1st Place - Nick Reenan of Texas
    2nd Place - Trace Carello of Illinois
    3rd Place - Jose Champagne of Illinois
    4th Place - Corbin Allen of Virginia
    5th Place - Jesse Porter of New York
    6th Place - Matt Ferraro of Illinois
    7th Place - Andrew Berreyesa of Nevada
    8th Place - Brock Benitz of Wisconsin
    1st - Nick Reenan (Texas) over Trace Carello (Illinois) Dec 4-0
    3rd - Jose Champagne (Illinois) over Corbin Allen (Virginia) Dec 23-16
    5th - Jesse Porter (New York) over Matt Ferraro (Illinois) Dec 12-7
    7th - Andrew Berreyesa (Nevada) over Brock Benitz (Wisconsin) Dec 12-10

    160 lbs.
    1st Place - Mark Hall of Colorado
    2nd Place - Kamal Bey of Illinois
    3rd Place - Josh Ugalde of New Jersey
    4th Place - Spencer Heywood of Utah
    5th Place - Brandon Dallavia of New Jersey
    6th Place - Austin Bell of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Riley DeMoss of Illinois
    8th Place - Fredrick Padilla of California
    1st - Mark Hall (Colorado) over Kamal Bey (Illinois) TF 10-0
    3rd - Josh Ugalde (New Jersey) over Spencer Heywood (Utah) TF 10-0
    5th - Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey) over Austin Bell (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
    7th - Riley DeMoss (Illinois) over Fredrick Padilla (California) TF 18-8

    170 lbs.
    1st Place - Beau Breske of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - Bridger Barker of Arizona
    3rd Place - Brandon Fleischmann of Wisconsin
    4th Place - Dylan Lydy of Indiana
    5th Place - Corey Hazel of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Tyler DeMoss of Illinois
    7th Place - Dustin Gray of Missouri
    8th Place - Dru Worker of Illinois
    1st - Beau Breske (Wisconsin) over Bridger Barker (Arizona) TF 10-0
    3rd - Brandon Fleischmann (Wisconsin) over Dylan Lydy (Indiana) Fall 0:46
    5th - Corey Hazel (Pennsylvania) over Tyler DeMoss (Illinois) Dec 5-3
    7th - Dustin Gray (Missouri) over Dru Worker (Illinois) TF 10-0

    182 lbs.
    1st Place - Roberto Rivera of Georgia
    2nd Place - Jackson Harris of Ohio
    3rd Place - Hunter Ritter of Maryland
    4th Place - Cash Wilcke of Iowa
    5th Place - Andrew Marsden of Illinois
    6th Place - Drew Phipps of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Trevor Eicher of Washington
    8th Place - Mason Litz of Michigan
    1st - Roberto Rivera (Georgia) over Jackson Harris (Ohio) Fall 2:39
    3rd - Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Cash Wilcke (Iowa) Dec 14-8
    5th - Andrew Marsden (Illinois) over Drew Phipps (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-6
    7th - Trevor Eicher (Washington) over Mason Litz (Michigan) TF 11-0

    195 lbs.
    1st Place - Tyler Johnson of Illinois
    2nd Place - Samuel Colbray of Oregon
    3rd Place - Matthew Correnti of New Jersey
    4th Place - Bailey Faust of Ohio
    5th Place - Emilio Fowler of Kansas
    6th Place - Brian Barnes of Oregon
    7th Place - Ethan Andersen of Iowa
    8th Place - Randy Scott of Indiana
    1st - Tyler Johnson (Illinois) over Samuel Colbray (Oregon) Fall 1:08
    3rd - Matthew Correnti (New Jersey) over Bailey Faust (Ohio) Fall 4:28
    5th - Emilio Fowler (Kansas) over Brian Barnes (Oregon) Fall 2:34
    7th - Ethan Andersen (Iowa) over Randy Scott (Indiana) Fall 2:44

    220 lbs.
    1st Place - Lance Benick of Minnesota
    2nd Place - Michael Smith of Maryland
    3rd Place - Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania
    4th Place - Dallas Goodpaster of Washington
    5th Place - Kyler Childers of Oklahoma
    6th Place - Romeo McKnight of Illinois
    7th Place - Youssif Hemida of New York
    8th Place - Dustin Remer of Oklahoma
    1st - Lance Benick (Minnesota) over Michael Smith (Maryland) TF 12-0
    3rd - Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) over Dallas Goodpaster (Washington) TF 13-2
    5th - Kyler Childers (Oklahoma) over Romeo McKnight (Illinois) TF 11-0
    7th - Youssif Hemida (New York) over Dustin Remer (Oklahoma) TF 13-1

    285 lbs.
    1st Place - Jacob Marnin of Iowa
    2nd Place - Tate Orndorff of Washington
    3rd Place - Shawn Streck of Indiana
    4th Place - Adam Lemke-Bell of Illinois
    5th Place - Collin Braun of Missouri
    6th Place - Antonio James of Illinois
    7th Place - James Huwe of Minnesota
    8th Place - George Humphreys of Georgia
    1st - Jacob Marnin (Iowa) over Tate Orndorff (Washington) Fall 3:23
    3rd - Shawn Streck (Indiana) over Adam Lemke-Bell (Illinois) TF 11-0
    5th - Collin Braun (Missouri) over Antonio James (Illinois) Dec 7-2
    7th - James Huwe (Minnesota) over George Humphreys (Georgia) Fall 2:20
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