ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships
1800 University Drive North

Fargo, ND    July 12-20, 2013

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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  • ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

    Women's Freestyle
    1. California, 77
    2. Texas, 54
    3. Michigan, 44
    4. New York, 41
    5. Hawaii, 27
    6. Washington, 24
    7. Florida, 19
    8. Colorado, 16
    9. Iowa, 15
    10. Georgia, 14
    11. Massachusetts, 14
    12. Puerto Rico, 13
    13. New Jersey, 10
    14. Oklahoma, 8
    15. Pennsylvania, 8
    16. Indiana, 7
    17. Nebraska, 7
    18. Wisconsin, 7
    19. Oregon, 6
    20. Alabama, 5
    21. Wyoming, 5
    22. Minnesota, 4
    23. Ohio, 4
    24. Arizona, 2
    25. Virginia, 1

    Outstanding Wrestler – Becka Leathers (Oklahoma)

    Most Falls - Cody Pfau (Colorado), 6 falls in 7:47

    97 lbs.
    1st Place - Marina Doi of California
    1st Place - Regina Doi of California
    3rd Place - Maia Phanthadara of Hawaii
    4th Place - Tayler Resuriz of Texas
    5th Place - McKenzie Bacich of California
    6th Place - Thai Ha Sloan of Hawaii
    7th Place - Kim Cardenas of New York
    8th Place - Rebecca Forsyth of Virginia
    1st – co champions – Marina Doi (California) and Regina Doi (California)
    3rd - Maia Phanthadara (Hawaii) over Tayler Resuriz (Texas) Fall 1:20
    5th - McKenzie Bacich (California) over Thai Ha Sloan (Hawaii) ID
    7th - Kim Cardenas (New York) over Rebecca Forsyth (Virginia) TF 14-4

    105 lbs.
    1st Place - Cody Pfau of Colorado
    2nd Place - Amy Hou of Georgia
    3rd Place - Angelica Llanes of California
    4th Place - Sheykaliz Cintron of Puerto Rico
    5th Place - Alesha Zappitella of Ohio
    6th Place - Cadence Lee of California
    7th Place - Daisy Santos of Florida
    8th Place - Nicoleta Spiridon of New Jersey
    1st - Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Amy Hou (Georgia) TF 11-0
    3rd - Angelica Llanes (California) over Sheykaliz Cintron (Puerto Rico) Fall 5:52
    5th - Alesha Zappitella (Ohio) over Cadence Lee (California) ID
    7th - Daisy Santos (Florida) over Nicoleta Spiridon (New Jersey) Dec 8-5

    112 lbs.
    1st Place - Vicmarie Requena of Puerto Rico
    2nd Place - Emily Pinson of Georgia
    3rd Place - Amanda Nelson of Massachusetts
    4th Place - Michelle Lomas of Texas
    5th Place - Sierra Blasone of New Jersey
    6th Place - Devyn Johnson of Minnesota
    7th Place - Nicole Small of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Kassi Strano of Washington
    1st - Vicmarie Requena (Puerto Rico) over Emily Pinson (Georgia) Dec 4-1
    3rd - Amanda Nelson (Massachusetts) over Michelle Lomas (Texas) TF 11-1
    5th - Sierra Blasone (New Jersey) over Devyn Johnson (Minnesota) TF 11-0
    7th - Nicole Small (Pennsylvania) over Kassi Strano (Washington) Fall 3:37

    117 lbs.
    1st Place - Steffanie Hampton of Michigan
    2nd Place - Danielle Coughlin of Massachusetts
    3rd Place - Jasmine Bailey of Iowa
    4th Place - Ricki Liang of California
    5th Place - Julia Long of Wyoming
    6th Place - Isabella Fernandez of California
    7th Place - Lindsay Spjut of Texas
    8th Place - Rebekah Johnson of Hawaii
    1st - Steffanie Hampton (Michigan) over Danielle Coughlin (Massachusetts) Fall 5:59
    3rd - Jasmine Bailey (Iowa) over Ricki Liang (California) TF 10-0
    5th - Julia Long (Wyoming) over Isabella Fernandez (California) Fall 2:31
    7th - Lindsay Spjut (Texas) over Rebekah Johnson (Hawaii) Fall 0:41

    121 lbs.
    1st Place - Rachel Hale of New York
    2nd Place - Cassidy Jasperson of Texas
    3rd Place - Kristin Yamasaki of Hawaii
    4th Place - Christina Jenne of California
    5th Place - Arian Carpio of Washington
    6th Place - Marina Briceno of California
    7th Place - Kesey Ricketts of Michigan
    8th Place - Jennah Brennan of Massachusetts
    1st - Rachel Hale (New York) over Cassidy Jasperson (Texas) TF 14-2
    3rd - Kristin Yamasaki (Hawaii) over Christina Jenne (California) Fall 2:20
    5th - Arian Carpio (Washington) over Marina Briceno (California) Dec 10-4
    7th - Kesey Ricketts (Michigan) over Jennah Brennan (Massachusetts) TF 14-2

    125 lbs.
    1st Place - Teshya Alo of Hawaii
    2nd Place - Gabrielle Weyhrich of Nebraska
    3rd Place - Rosemary Flores of New York
    4th Place - Taylor Alva of Texas
    5th Place - Marlie Gillis of Michigan
    6th Place - Ismileyna Valles of California
    7th Place - Areana Villaescusa of Arizona
    8th Place - Jenna Elmlinger of Wyoming
    1st - Teshya Alo (Hawaii) over Gabrielle Weyhrich (Nebraska) Fall 1:50
    3rd - Rosemary Flores (New York) over Taylor Alva (Texas) Fall 1:08
    5th - Marlie Gillis (Michigan) over Ismileyna Valles (California) Dec 8-6
    7th - Areana Villaescusa (Arizona) over Jenna Elmlinger (Wyoming) Dec 13-5

    130 lbs.
    1st Place - Maya Nelson of Colorado
    2nd Place - Jessika Rottier of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - Kiera Gabaldon of Oregon
    4th Place - Hannah Gladden of Alabama
    5th Place - Scharice Schnell of Iowa
    6th Place - Shannon Paaaina of Hawaii
    7th Place - Amberlee Brasch of Washington
    8th Place - Mercedes Waagen of Minnesota
    1st - Maya Nelson (Colorado) over Jessika Rottier (Wisconsin) Dec 11-3
    3rd - Kiera Gabaldon (Oregon) over Hannah Gladden (Alabama) Dec 9-2
    5th - Scharice Schnell (Iowa) over Shannon Paaaina (Hawaii) Dec 11-7
    7th - Amberlee Brasch (Washington) over Mercedes Waagen (Minnesota) TF 10-0

    139 lbs.
    1st Place - Becka Leathers of Oklahoma
    2nd Place - Kayla Miracle of Indiana
    3rd Place - Francesca Giorgio of Pennsylvania
    4th Place - Alexis Bleau of New York
    5th Place - Skylar Grote of New Jersey
    6th Place - Kayci Bele of Florida
    7th Place - Forrest Molinari of California
    8th Place - Tatum Sparks of Washington
    1st - Becka Leathers (Oklahoma) over Kayla Miracle (Indiana) Dec 10-2
    3rd - Francesca Giorgio (Pennsylvania) over Alexis Bleau (New York) Fall 1:28
    5th - Skylar Grote (New Jersey) over Kayci Bele (Florida) Fall 0:28
    7th - Forrest Molinari (California) over Tatum Sparks (Washington) Fall 3:15

    148 lbs.
    1st Place - Alexis Porter of New York
    2nd Place - Jasmine Mendoza of California
    3rd Place - Kenya Spencer of Michigan
    4th Place - Rachel Watters of Iowa
    5th Place - Rachel Bates of Texas
    6th Place - Ilania Keju of Texas
    7th Place - Destiny Garza of Texas
    8th Place - Katie Auxier of California
    1st - Alexis Porter (New York) over Jasmine Mendoza (California) Dec 11-2
    3rd - Kenya Spencer (Michigan) over Rachel Watters (Iowa) Dec 15-9
    5th - Rachel Bates (Texas) over Ilania Keju (Texas) Fall 1:45
    7th - Destiny Garza (Texas) over Katie Auxier (California) Fall 4:33

    159 lbs.
    1st Place - Autumn Rux of Michigan
    2nd Place - Taylor Rosario of Texas
    3rd Place - Sam Cushard of Michigan
    4th Place - Alyssa Hernandez of California
    5th Place - Nicole Diaz of California
    6th Place - Nahiela Magee of California
    7th Place - Keneddi Eddins of New York
    8th Place - Brandi Braico of New Jersey
    1st - Autumn Rux (Michigan) over Taylor Rosario (Texas) Dec 6-0
    3rd - Sam Cushard (Michigan) over Alyssa Hernandez (California) TF 12-1
    5th - Nicole Diaz (California) over Nahiela Magee (California) Fall 1:41
    7th - Keneddi Eddins (New York) over Brandi Braico (New Jersey) Dec 10-5

    172 lbs.
    1st Place - Kiaya Van Scoyoc of Washington
    2nd Place - Stephanie Pantoja of Florida
    3rd Place - Destane Garrick of New York
    4th Place - Kaitlyn Hill of Michigan
    5th Place - Courteney Tompkins of California
    6th Place - Milagros Garcia of California
    7th Place - Cassie Garcia of Texas
    8th Place - Mariana Olalde of New York
    1st - Kiaya Van Scoyoc (Washington) over Stephanie Pantoja (Florida) TF 11-0
    3rd - Destane Garrick (New York) over Kaitlyn Hill (Michigan) TF 13-2
    5th - Courteney Tompkins (California) over Milagros Garcia (California) Fall 0:52
    7th - Cassie Garcia (Texas) over Mariana Olalde (New York) Dec 4-1

    198 lbs.
    1st Place - Ryan Gibbons of Washington
    2nd Place - Nadine Fiege of Florida
    3rd Place - Kim Chavira of Texas
    4th Place - Brenna Ramirez of Michigan
    5th Place - Nicola Newton of Texas
    6th Place - Yuneris Taveras of New York
    7th Place - Raegan Hernandez of Texas
    1st - Ryan Gibbons (Washington) over Nadine Fiege (Florida) Fall 0:43
    3rd - Kim Chavira (Texas) over Brenna Ramirez (Michigan) Fall 2:23
    5th - Nicola Newton (Texas) over Yuneris Taveras (New York) Fall 2:23
    7th - Raegan Hernandez (Texas)
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