ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships
1800 University Drive North

Fargo, ND    July 12-20, 2013

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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  • ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

    1. Illinois, 86
    2. Minnesota, 50
    3. Wisconsin, 41
    4. California, 39
    5. Pennsylvania, 37
    6. Arizona, 33
    7. Georgia, 27
    8. Idaho, 23
    9. Indiana, 23
    10. Oregon, 22
    11. Ohio, 21
    12. Oklahoma, 21
    13. Maryland, 19
    14. New York, 18
    15. Iowa, 17
    16. Colorado, 13
    17. Florida, 13
    18. Missouri, 12
    19. Tennessee, 12
    20. New Jersey, 11
    21. Utah, 11
    22. Montana, 10
    23. Washington, 10
    24. Texas, 8
    25. Virginia, 8
    26. New Mexico, 7
    27. Michigan, 6
    28. Wyoming, 6
    29. Kansas, 5
    30. Alaska, 1
    31. Arkansas, 1
    32. Hawaii, 1

    Outstanding Wrestler – Mason Manville (New Jersey), 145 lbs.

    Most Falls – Dante Geomanetta (Florida), 5 in 6:35

    88 lbs.
    1st Place - Louie Hayes of Illinois
    2nd Place - Alexander Crowe of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Brayden Schwalbe of Montana
    4th Place - Dylan Koontz of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Sawyer Degen of Montana
    6th Place - Cade Olivas of California
    7th Place - Brady Koontz of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Tyler Lawley of Oklahoma
    1st - Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Alexander Crowe (Minnesota) TF 7-0
    3rd - Brayden Schwalbe (Montana) over Dylan Koontz (Wisconsin) TF 9-1
    5th - Sawyer Degen (Montana) over Cade Olivas (California) ID
    7th - Brady Koontz (Wisconsin) over Tyler Lawley (Oklahoma) TF 10-3

    94 lbs.
    1st Place - Austin Gomez of Illinois
    2nd Place - Randon Miranda of California
    3rd Place - Brent Jones of Minnesota
    4th Place - Jeremy Nygard of Washington
    5th Place - Kaden Gfeller of Oklahoma
    6th Place - Jakob Campbell of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Dominic Lajoie of Michigan
    8th Place - Brett Smith of California
    1st - Austin Gomez (Illinois) over Randon Miranda (California) Fall 2:24
    3rd - Brent Jones (Minnesota) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) TF 7-0
    5th - Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma) over Jakob Campbell (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-3
    7th - Dominic Lajoie (Michigan) over Brett Smith (California) Fall 2:57

    100 lbs.
    1st Place - Joey Prata of Virginia
    2nd Place - Danny Vega of Arizona
    3rd Place - Matthew Schmitt of Missouri
    4th Place - Jimmy Pawelski of Illinois
    5th Place - Paul Fitterer of Minnesota
    6th Place - Nolan Baker of Illinois
    7th Place - Joshua Venia of Ohio
    8th Place - Greg Shack of Alaska
    1st - Joey Prata (Virginia) over Danny Vega (Arizona) TF 7-0
    3rd - Matthew Schmitt (Missouri) over Jimmy Pawelski (Illinois) Dec 6-1
    5th - Paul Fitterer (Minnesota) over Nolan Baker (Illinois) TF 7-0
    7th - Joshua Venia (Ohio) over Greg Shack (Alaska) TF 10-2

    106 lbs.
    1st Place - Daton Fix of Oklahoma
    2nd Place - Dylan Duncan of Illinois
    3rd Place - Quentin Hovis of Arizona
    4th Place - Michael Murphy of Tennessee
    5th Place - Jaron Chavez of Idaho
    6th Place - Drew West of Iowa
    7th Place - Dalton Young of Washington
    8th Place - Will Egli of Indiana
    1st - Daton Fix (Oklahoma) over Dylan Duncan (Illinois) Fall 4:31
    3rd - Quentin Hovis (Arizona) over Michael Murphy (Tennessee) TF 8-0
    5th - Jaron Chavez (Idaho) over Drew West (Iowa) TF 7-0
    7th - Dalton Young (Washington) over Will Egli (Indiana) Dec 5-3

    113 lbs.
    1st Place - Mitchell McKee of Minnesota
    2nd Place - Adam Flatt of Georgia
    3rd Place - Eric Hong of Pennsylvania
    4th Place - CJ Red of Indiana
    5th Place - Kanen Storr of Michigan
    6th Place - Trayton Libolt of Oregon
    7th Place - Ted Rico of Arizona
    8th Place - Joshua Kramer of Arizona
    1st - Mitchell McKee (Minnesota) over Adam Flatt (Georgia) TF 8-0
    3rd - Eric Hong (Pennsylvania) over CJ Red (Indiana) Fall 1:37
    5th - Kanen Storr (Michigan) over Trayton Libolt (Oregon) Dec 5-4
    7th - Ted Rico (Arizona) over Joshua Kramer (Arizona) TF 8-0

    120 lbs.
    1st Place - Gabriel Townsell of Illinois
    2nd Place - Chris Debien of Tennessee
    3rd Place - Jaron Jensen of Utah
    4th Place - Ethan Karsten of Missouri
    5th Place - Drake Foster of Idaho
    6th Place - Sage Coy of Indiana
    7th Place - Nicholas Casella of New York
    8th Place - Raul Nevarez of Idaho
    1st - Gabriel Townsell (Illinois) over Chris Debien (Tennessee) TF 7-0
    3rd - Jaron Jensen (Utah) over Ethan Karsten (Missouri) TF 8-0
    5th - Drake Foster (Idaho) over Sage Coy (Indiana) Fall 0:47
    7th - Nicholas Casella (New York) over Raul Nevarez (Idaho) Dec 13-8

    126 lbs.
    1st Place - Zahid Valencia of California
    2nd Place - Hayden Hidlay of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Jaden Enriquez of California
    4th Place - Armand Molina of California
    5th Place - Devin Bahr of Wisconsin
    6th Place - Richard (Rico) Montoya of New Mexico
    7th Place - Marty Margolis of Maryland
    8th Place - Aaron Grigsby of Arkansas
    1st - Zahid Valencia (California) over Hayden Hidlay (Pennsylvania) TF 12-4
    3rd - Jaden Enriquez (California) over Armand Molina (California) TF 11-3
    5th - Devin Bahr (Wisconsin) over Richard (Rico) Montoya (New Mexico) TF 7-0
    7th - Marty Margolis (Maryland) over Aaron Grigsby (Arkansas) TF 17-10

    132 lbs.
    1st Place - Josh Bird of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - Logan Kass of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Riley Beard of Illinois
    4th Place - Fritz Schierl of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Lucas Ortiz of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Conner Noonan of Oregon
    7th Place - Rodolfo Guillen of Georgia
    8th Place - Ben Hornickle of Wisconsin
    1st - Josh Bird (Wisconsin) over Logan Kass (Minnesota) TF 15-7
    3rd - Riley Beard (Illinois) over Fritz Schierl (Wisconsin) TF 8-0
    5th - Lucas Ortiz (Pennsylvania) over Conner Noonan (Oregon) TF 8-0
    7th - Rodolfo Guillen (Georgia) over Ben Hornickle (Wisconsin) Fall 1:50

    138 lbs.
    1st Place - Larry Early of Illinois
    2nd Place - Patricio Lugo of Florida
    3rd Place - Nathan Cervantes of California
    4th Place - Dominick Demas of Ohio
    5th Place - Jake Adcock of Georgia
    6th Place - Hayden Bates of Oregon
    7th Place - Chase Lemons of Idaho
    8th Place - Liam Corbett of Hawaii
    1st - Larry Early (Illinois) over Patricio Lugo (Florida) Dec 6-2
    3rd - Nathan Cervantes (California) over Dominick Demas (Ohio) TF 7-0
    5th - Jake Adcock (Georgia) over Hayden Bates (Oregon) TF 7-0
    7th - Chase Lemons (Idaho) over Liam Corbett (Hawaii) Fall 2:04

    145 lbs.
    1st Place - Mason Manville of New Jersey
    2nd Place - Joey Gunther of Illinois
    3rd Place - Ryan Klemp of Idaho
    4th Place - Austin Kraisser of Maryland
    5th Place - Dalton Ray of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Isaac Bertalotto of California
    7th Place - Chandler Michael of Oregon
    8th Place - James Handwerk of Ohio
    1st - Mason Manville (New Jersey) over Joey Gunther (Illinois) Dec 2-1
    3rd - Ryan Klemp (Idaho) over Austin Kraisser (Maryland) TF 10-3
    5th - Dalton Ray (Pennsylvania) over Isaac Bertalotto (California) Fall 2:32
    7th - Chandler Michael (Oregon) over James Handwerk (Ohio) ID

    152 lbs.
    1st Place - Nick Reenan of Texas
    2nd Place - Jesse Porter of New York
    3rd Place - Taylor Owens of Idaho
    4th Place - Taylor Lujan of Georgia
    5th Place - Christian Almony of Maryland
    6th Place - Dominic Delaurentis of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Colby Winnett of Oregon
    8th Place - CJ McKinnis of Oregon
    1st - Nick Reenan (Texas) over Jesse Porter (New York) Dec 9-6
    3rd - Taylor Owens (Idaho) over Taylor Lujan (Georgia) Dec 2-1
    5th - Christian Almony (Maryland) over Dominic Delaurentis (Pennsylvania) TF 8-0
    7th - Colby Winnett (Oregon) over CJ McKinnis (Oregon) Dec 4-1

    160 lbs.
    1st Place - Mark Hall of Colorado
    2nd Place - Vicente Guerrero of Arizona
    3rd Place - Kamal Bey of Illinois
    4th Place - Spencer Heywood of Utah
    5th Place - Lane Lettich of Oklahoma
    6th Place - Dean Drugac of New Jersey
    7th Place - Elijah Kerr Brown of Georgia
    8th Place - Eric Schultz of Illinois
    1st - Mark Hall (Colorado) over Vicente Guerrero (Arizona) TF 7-0
    3rd - Kamal Bey (Illinois) over Spencer Heywood (Utah) TF 8-0
    5th - Lane Lettich (Oklahoma) over Dean Drugac (New Jersey) Fall 0:18
    7th - Elijah Kerr Brown (Georgia) over Eric Schultz (Illinois) TF 8-0

    170 lbs.
    1st Place - Beau Breske of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - Keegan Moore of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Brandon Haas of Iowa
    4th Place - Bridger Barker of Arizona
    5th Place - Brandon Fleischmann of Wisconsin
    6th Place - Corey Hazel of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Dru Worker of Illinois
    8th Place - Dustin Gray of Missouri
    1st - Beau Breske (Wisconsin) over Keegan Moore (Minnesota) TF 8-0
    3rd - Brandon Haas (Iowa) over Bridger Barker (Arizona) Fall 1:04
    5th - Brandon Fleischmann (Wisconsin) over Corey Hazel (Pennsylvania) TF 8-1
    7th - Dru Worker (Illinois) over Dustin Gray (Missouri) Dec 6-5

    182 lbs.
    1st Place - Hunter Ritter of Maryland
    2nd Place - Roberto Rivera of Georgia
    3rd Place - Andrew Marsden of Illinois
    4th Place - Andrew Fenton of Ohio
    5th Place - Jeremiah Imonode of Arizona
    6th Place - Trevor Eicher of Washington
    7th Place - Michael Bruno of Illinois
    8th Place - Blake Smith of Arizona
    1st - Hunter Ritter (Maryland) over Roberto Rivera (Georgia) Dec 4-4
    3rd - Andrew Marsden (Illinois) over Andrew Fenton (Ohio) TF 10-0
    5th - Jeremiah Imonode (Arizona) over Trevor Eicher (Washington) TF 9-2
    7th - Michael Bruno (Illinois) over Blake Smith (Arizona) Fall 1:06

    195 lbs.
    1st Place - Samuel Colbray of Oregon
    2nd Place - Randy Scott of Indiana
    3rd Place - Tevis Bartlett of Wyoming
    4th Place - Emilio Fowler of Kansas
    5th Place - Frankie Carrasco of New Mexico
    6th Place - Isaac Florell of Minnesota
    7th Place - Jacob Cavins of Indiana
    8th Place - Bailey Faust of Ohio
    1st - Samuel Colbray (Oregon) over Randy Scott (Indiana) Fall 1:33
    3rd - Tevis Bartlett (Wyoming) over Emilio Fowler (Kansas) TF 9-1
    5th - Frankie Carrasco (New Mexico) over Isaac Florell (Minnesota) Dec 4-2
    7th - Jacob Cavins (Indiana) over Bailey Faust (Ohio) ID

    220 lbs.
    1st Place - Lance Benick of Minnesota
    2nd Place - Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - James Bethel of New York
    4th Place - Shane Coombs of Colorado
    5th Place - Kyler Childers of Oklahoma
    6th Place - Garyn Huntley of New York
    7th Place - James Ford of Ohio
    8th Place - Romeo McKnight of Illinois
    1st - Lance Benick (Minnesota) over Jordan Wood (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0
    3rd - James Bethel (New York) over Shane Coombs (Colorado) TF 7-0
    5th - Kyler Childers (Oklahoma) over Garyn Huntley (New York) TF 7-0
    7th - James Ford (Ohio) over Romeo McKnight (Illinois) TF 16-9

    285 lbs.
    1st Place - Jacob Marnin of Iowa
    2nd Place - Antonio James of Illinois
    3rd Place - Dante Jiovenetta of Florida
    4th Place - Shawn Streck of Indiana
    5th Place - Hunter Toppel of Wisconsin
    6th Place - Cale Bonner of Ohio
    7th Place - Kevin Vough of Ohio
    8th Place - Adam Lemke-Bell of Illinois
    1st - Jacob Marnin (Iowa) over Antonio James (Illinois) TF 7-0
    3rd - Dante Jiovenetta (Florida) over Shawn Streck (Indiana) Fall 1:20
    5th - Hunter Toppel (Wisconsin) over Cale Bonner (Ohio) Fall 1:09
    7th - Kevin Vough (Ohio) over Adam Lemke-Bell (Illinois) Dec 8-6
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