ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

Fargo, ND    July 18-24, 2010

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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  • ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

    Men's Freestyle

    Junior - 98 Results
    1st Place - Matt Garelli of Illinois
    2nd Place - Mark Raghunandan of New York
    3rd Place - Colton Howell of Missouri
    4th Place - Nkosi Moody of Illinois
    5th Place - Jan Rosenberg of New Jersey
    6th Place - Jj Dorrell of Missouri
    7th Place - Izaak Tobin of Oregon
    8th Place - Jay Fresh of Iowa
    1st Place Match
    Matt Garelli (Illinois) over Mark Raghunandan (New York) Dec 3-1,6-0
    3rd Place Match
    Colton Howell (Missouri) over Nkosi Moody (Illinois) TF 7-1,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Jan Rosenberg (New Jersey) over Jj Dorrell (Missouri) Dec 9-3,2-0
    7th Place Match
    Izaak Tobin (Oregon) over Jay Fresh (Iowa) Dec 1-1,4-1,6-0

    Junior - 105 Results
    1st Place - Ross Spencer of Connecticut
    2nd Place - Ruben Navejas of Washington
    3rd Place - Jordan Wigger of South Carolina
    4th Place - Holden Gagner of Montana
    5th Place - Justin Lombardo of Oklahoma
    6th Place - Manny Marin of California
    7th Place - Colby Knight of Iowa
    8th Place - Michael Bedard of North Carolina
    1st Place Match
    Ross Spencer (Connecticut) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 1-1,3-1
    3rd Place Match
    Jordan Wigger (South Carolina) over Holden Gagner (Montana) TF 7-1,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Justin Lombardo (Oklahoma) over Manny Marin (California) Fall 5-1,4-6,0:32
    7th Place Match
    Colby Knight (Iowa) over Michael Bedard (North Carolina) Dec 4-0,0-7,1-1

    Junior - 112 Results
    1st Place - Freddie Rodriguez of Michigan
    2nd Place - Evan Silver of Maryland
    3rd Place - Dylan Peters of Iowa
    4th Place - Derek Elmore of Illinois
    5th Place - Cory Clark of Iowa
    6th Place - Jordan Kingsley of Minnesota
    7th Place - Tyler Fraley of New Jersey
    8th Place - Nahshon Garrett of California
    1st Place Match
    Freddie Rodriguez (Michigan) over Evan Silver (Maryland) Dec 0-6,6-2,7-0
    3rd Place Match
    Dylan Peters (Iowa) over Derek Elmore (Illinois) Dec 0-7,3-2,3-0
    5th Place Match
    Cory Clark (Iowa) over Jordan Kingsley (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,3-0
    7th Place Match
    Tyler Fraley (New Jersey) over Nahshon Garrett (California) Dec 6-0,10-5

    Junior - 119 Results
    1st Place - Carson Kuhn of Utah
    2nd Place - Hunter Weber of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - Bricker Dixon of Missouri
    4th Place - Earl Hall of Florida
    5th Place - Rob Deutsch of New Jersey
    6th Place - Eric Friedman of Maryland
    7th Place - Conor Youtsey of Michigan
    8th Place - Eric DeVos of Iowa
    1st Place Match
    Carson Kuhn (Utah) over Hunter Weber (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,4-0
    3rd Place Match
    Bricker Dixon (Missouri) over Earl Hall (Florida) Dec 1-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Rob Deutsch (New Jersey) over Eric Friedman (Maryland) Dec 1-1,2-3,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Conor Youtsey (Michigan) over Eric DeVos (Iowa) Dec 1-0,1-0

    Junior - 125 Results
    1st Place - Eddie Klimara of Illinois
    2nd Place - Zachary Horan of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Cody Brewer of Missouri
    4th Place - Kevin Norstrem of Florida
    5th Place - Mark Grey of New Jersey
    6th Place - Ben Morgan of Minnesota
    7th Place - Pat Rollins of North Dakota
    8th Place - Jesse Schiffbauer of West Virginia
    1st Place Match
    Eddie Klimara (Illinois) over Zachary Horan (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-2,3-1,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Cody Brewer (Missouri) over Kevin Norstrem (Florida) Dec 3-1,7-2
    5th Place Match
    Mark Grey (New Jersey) over Ben Morgan (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,3-0,6-0
    7th Place Match
    Pat Rollins (North Dakota) over Jesse Schiffbauer (West Virginia) ID

    Junior - 130 Results
    1st Place - Tyler Liberatore of Florida
    2nd Place - Matt Kelliher of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Trevor Jauch of Illinois
    4th Place - Chase Ferman of Oklahoma
    5th Place - Joey Gosinski of Illinois
    6th Place - Cameron Jackson of Michigan
    7th Place - Todd Preston of New Jersey
    8th Place - Ronnie Garbinsky of Pennsylvania
    1st Place Match
    Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 5-2,2-1
    3rd Place Match
    Trevor Jauch (Illinois) over Chase Ferman (Oklahoma) Dec 2-0,8-7
    5th Place Match
    Joey Gosinski (Illinois) over Cameron Jackson (Michigan) Dec 8-4,6-8,3-1
    7th Place Match
    Todd Preston (New Jersey) over Ronnie Garbinsky (Pennsylvania) TF 7-0,6-0

    Junior - 135 Results
    1st Place - Austin Ormsbee of New Jersey
    2nd Place - Terrell Wilbourn of Missouri
    3rd Place - Jason Tsirtsis of Indiana
    4th Place - Taylor Moeder of Kansas
    5th Place - Mark Pinero of Louisiana
    6th Place - Brandon Charbonneau of Kansas
    7th Place - Jake Sueflohn of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Matthew Nelson of Minnesota
    1st Place Match
    Austin Ormsbee (New Jersey) over Terrell Wilbourn (Missouri) Dec 2-0,5-2
    3rd Place Match
    Jason Tsirtsis (Indiana) over Taylor Moeder (Kansas) Dec 4-0,1-1,7-0
    5th Place Match
    Mark Pinero (Louisiana) over Brandon Charbonneau (Kansas) Dec 3-2,6-0
    7th Place Match
    Jake Sueflohn (Wisconsin) over Matthew Nelson (Minnesota) Dec 5-0,7-0

    Junior - 140 Results
    1st Place - Jacob Ballweg of Iowa
    2nd Place - Edwin Cooper of Illinois
    3rd Place - Nick Dardanes of Illinois
    4th Place - Cullen Morrissey of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Lex Ozias of Maryland
    6th Place - Matthew Cimato of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Blaise Butler of Illinois
    8th Place - Daniel Ownbey of North Carolina
    1st Place Match
    Jacob Ballweg (Iowa) over Edwin Cooper (Illinois) Dec 1-0,7-0
    3rd Place Match
    Nick Dardanes (Illinois) over Cullen Morrissey (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,5-0
    5th Place Match
    Lex Ozias (Maryland) over Matthew Cimato (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-0
    7th Place Match
    Blaise Butler (Illinois) over Daniel Ownbey (North Carolina) Fall 0:22

    Junior - 145 Results
    1st Place - Alex Dieringer of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - Dylan Ness of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Kaleb Friedley of Missouri
    4th Place - Chris Mayolo of Washington
    5th Place - Colby Kloetzer of Idaho
    6th Place - Henry Carlson of Alabama
    7th Place - Duke Pickett of Virginia
    8th Place - Colin Shober of Pennsylvania
    1st Place Match
    Alex Dieringer (Wisconsin) over Dylan Ness (Minnesota) Dec 6-4,1-2,6-5
    3rd Place Match
    Kaleb Friedley (Missouri) over Chris Mayolo (Washington) Dec 6-3,9-1
    5th Place Match
    Colby Kloetzer (Idaho) over Henry Carlson (Alabama) Dec 7-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Duke Pickett (Virginia) over Colin Shober (Pennsylvania) ID

    Junior - 152 Results
    1st Place - Destin McCauley of Minnesota
    2nd Place - Matt Hickman of California
    3rd Place - Taylor Massa of Michigan
    4th Place - Matt White of Oklahoma
    5th Place - Ravaughn Perkins of Nebraska
    6th Place - Nick Nelson of California
    7th Place - Andy McCulley of Wyoming
    8th Place - Matt Gray of Wisconsin
    1st Place Match
    Destin McCauley (Minnesota) over Matt Hickman (California) Dec 3-1,6-0
    3rd Place Match
    Taylor Massa (Michigan) over Matt White (Oklahoma) Dec 5-1,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Nick Nelson (California) TF 6-0,10-2
    7th Place Match
    Andy McCulley (Wyoming) over Matt Gray (Wisconsin) TF 8-2,6-0

    Junior - 160 Results
    1st Place - Nick Moore of Iowa
    2nd Place - Robert Kokesh of South Dakota
    3rd Place - Michael Kelly of Iowa
    4th Place - Steven Keogh of Minnesota
    5th Place - Wally Figaro of Florida
    6th Place - Kyle Crutchmer of Oklahoma
    7th Place - Jordan Thomas of Michigan
    8th Place - Nick Proctor of Illinois
    1st Place Match
    Nick Moore (Iowa) over Robert Kokesh (South Dakota) Fall 1:38
    3rd Place Match
    Michael Kelly (Iowa) over Steven Keogh (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Wally Figaro (Florida) over Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) Dec 3-3,7-0
    7th Place Match
    Jordan Thomas (Michigan) over Nick Proctor (Illinois) ID

    Junior - 171 Results
    1st Place - Logan Storely of South Dakota
    2nd Place - Nick Sulzer of Ohio
    3rd Place - Stephen McPeek of Texas
    4th Place - Evan Knight of Iowa
    5th Place - Mike England of Iowa
    6th Place - Patrick Rhoads of Missouri
    7th Place - Jake Waste of Minnesota
    8th Place - Kris Klapprodt of South Dakota
    1st Place Match
    Logan Storely (South Dakota) over Nick Sulzer (Ohio) Dec 2-1,4-2
    3rd Place Match
    Stephen McPeek (Texas) over Evan Knight (Iowa) ID
    5th Place Match
    Mike England (Iowa) over Patrick Rhoads (Missouri) Fall 1:59
    7th Place Match
    Jake Waste (Minnesota) over Kris Klapprodt (South Dakota) Dec 7-0,4-1

    Junior - 189 Results
    1st Place - Morgan McIntosh of California
    2nd Place - Matthew Riley of Iowa
    3rd Place - Austin Marsden of Illinois
    4th Place - Tyler Beckwith of New York
    5th Place - Devin Peterson of Wisconsin
    6th Place - Dan Santoro of Illinois
    7th Place - Austin Morehead of California
    8th Place - Ian Korb of Ohio
    1st Place Match
    Morgan McIntosh (California) over Matthew Riley (Iowa) Fall 1:10
    3rd Place Match
    Austin Marsden (Illinois) over Tyler Beckwith (New York) Dec 3-0,2-1
    5th Place Match
    Devin Peterson (Wisconsin) over Dan Santoro (Illinois) Dec 3-2,6-0
    7th Place Match
    Austin Morehead (California) over Ian Korb (Ohio) Fall 5-1,0:35

    Junior - 215 Results
    1st Place - Tanner Hall of Idaho
    2nd Place - Cody Krumwiede of Iowa
    3rd Place - Nick Gwiazdowski of New York
    4th Place - Scott Schiller of North Dakota
    5th Place - Gage Harrah of Illinois
    6th Place - Alex Polizzi of Wisconsin
    7th Place - Kyle Caylor of Kansas
    8th Place - Matt Loew of New York
    1st Place Match
    Tanner Hall (Idaho) over Cody Krumwiede (Iowa) Fall 3-2,0:38
    3rd Place Match
    Nick Gwiazdowski (New York) over Scott Schiller (North Dakota) Dec 3-2,2-1
    5th Place Match
    Gage Harrah (Illinois) over Alex Polizzi (Wisconsin) TF 11-4,6-0
    7th Place Match
    Kyle Caylor (Kansas) over Matt Loew (New York) Fall 0-7,0:41

    Junior - 285 Results
    1st Place - Greg Kuhar of Ohio
    2nd Place - Chris Lopez of Illinois
    3rd Place - Derek Papagianopoulos of Massachusetts
    4th Place - Austin Blythe of Iowa
    5th Place - Collin Campbell of North Carolina
    6th Place - Donnie Longendyke of Minnesota
    7th Place - Connor Medbery of Colorado
    8th Place - Parker Betts of Minnesota
    1st Place Match
    Greg Kuhar (Ohio) over Chris Lopez (Illinois) Dec 5-2,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Derek Papagianopoulos (Massachusetts) over Austin Blythe (Iowa) Dec 1-0,3-0
    5th Place Match
    Collin Campbell (North Carolina) over Donnie Longendyke (Minnesota) ID
    7th Place Match
    Connor Medbery (Colorado) over Parker Betts (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,4-0

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