ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

Fargo, ND    July 18-24, 2010

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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  • ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

    Women's Freestyle

    Women - 95 Results
    1st Place - Emily Webster of Missouri
    2nd Place - Allene Somera of Hawaii
    3rd Place - Cody Pfau of Colorado
    4th Place - Cassidy Ferrell of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Brianna Rahall of Virginia
    6th Place - Sabrina Handlon of Washington
    7th Place - Vanessa Smith of Texas
    8th Place - Colleen Miley of Texas
    1st Place Match
    Emily Webster (Missouri) over Allene Somera (Hawaii) Fall 4-0,0:43
    3rd Place Match
    Cody Pfau (Colorado) over Cassidy Ferrell (Pennsylvania) Fall 1:52
    5th Place Match
    Brianna Rahall (Virginia) over Sabrina Handlon (Washington) Dec 3-0,5-0
    7th Place Match
    Vanessa Smith (Texas) over Colleen Miley (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0

    Women - 102 Results
    1st Place - Haley Augello of Illinois
    2nd Place - Quinn Nagatani of Hawaii
    3rd Place - Nicole Taniguchi of Hawaii
    4th Place - Cheyenne Kemp of Texas
    5th Place - Lauren Richardson of Washington
    6th Place - Savanna Nobile of Missouri
    7th Place - Gaby Urzola of Florida
    8th Place - Patrica Martin of Michigan
    1st Place Match
    Haley Augello (Illinois) over Quinn Nagatani (Hawaii) TF 7-0,7-0
    3rd Place Match
    Nicole Taniguchi (Hawaii) over Cheyenne Kemp (Texas) Fall 1:47
    5th Place Match
    Lauren Richardson (Washington) over Savanna Nobile (Missouri) Fall 6-0,0:32
    7th Place Match
    Gaby Urzola (Florida) over Patrica Martin (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-1,2-0

    Women - 109 Results
    1st Place - Megan Yamaguchi of Hawaii
    2nd Place - Natalie Rutt of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Paige Nemec of Ohio
    4th Place - Vanessa Vega of Arizona
    5th Place - Alex Gomez of California
    6th Place - Jasmine Yanez of California
    7th Place - Samantha Klingel of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Megan Black of Iowa
    1st Place Match
    Megan Yamaguchi (Hawaii) over Natalie Rutt (Minnesota) Dec 6-2,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Paige Nemec (Ohio) over Vanessa Vega (Arizona) Dec 5-0,1-2,2-0
    5th Place Match
    Alex Gomez (California) over Jasmine Yanez (California) Fall 0:56
    7th Place Match
    Samantha Klingel (Pennsylvania) over Megan Black (Iowa) Dec 1-2,1-0,6-1

    Women - 116 Results
    1st Place - Kayla Brendlinger of Pennsylvania
    2nd Place - Sarah Hildebrandt of Indiana
    3rd Place - Hana Martin of Oklahoma
    4th Place - Bree Rapoza of Hawaii
    5th Place - Rachel McFarland of Michigan
    6th Place - Brazel Marquez of California
    7th Place - Shadiya Howell of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Tamara Tillman of California
    1st Place Match
    Kayla Brendlinger (Pennsylvania) over Sarah Hildebrandt (Indiana) Dec 3-2,2-1
    3rd Place Match
    Hana Martin (Oklahoma) over Bree Rapoza (Hawaii) Fall 0:31
    5th Place Match
    Rachel McFarland (Michigan) over Brazel Marquez (California) Dec 0-2,5-1,1-1
    7th Place Match
    Shadiya Howell (Pennsylvania) over Tamara Tillman (California) Dec 4-0,2-0

    Women - 124 Results
    1st Place - Mindy Chow of Hawaii
    1st Place - Chrissy Chow of Hawaii
    3rd Place - Tanya Kusse of New York
    4th Place - Kat Perez of California
    5th Place - Brittney Faust of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Roni Goodale of Iowa
    7th Place - Tianna Camous of California
    8th Place - Alexia Moreno of California
    1st Place Match
    This match has not been wrestled yet.
    3rd Place Match
    Tanya Kusse (New York) over Kat Perez (California) Fall 0-1,2-0,0:44
    5th Place Match
    Brittney Faust (Pennsylvania) over Roni Goodale (Iowa) Dec 3-0,2-0
    7th Place Match
    Tianna Camous (California) over Alexia Moreno (California) Dec 3-1,4-0

    Women - 132 Results
    1st Place - Brienna Delgado of South Carolina
    2nd Place - Jenna Burkert of New York
    3rd Place - Alli Ragan of Illinois
    4th Place - Kerstin Harmon of Ohio
    5th Place - Anna McAleavey of Texas
    6th Place - Jessica Brenton of Wyoming
    7th Place - Sharice Schnell of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Alyssa Luna of California
    1st Place Match
    Brienna Delgado (South Carolina) over Jenna Burkert (New York) Dec 1-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Alli Ragan (Illinois) over Kerstin Harmon (Ohio) Dec 2-0,3-0
    5th Place Match
    Anna McAleavey (Texas) over Jessica Brenton (Wyoming) Dec 1-1,5-0
    7th Place Match
    Sharice Schnell (Wisconsin) over Alyssa Luna (California) Fall 1:33

    Women - 139 Results
    1st Place - Krista Revelle of Kansas
    2nd Place - Tamyra Mensah of Texas
    3rd Place - Mabel Flores of California
    4th Place - Amanda Hendey of California
    5th Place - Haylee Childs of Florida
    6th Place - Gabrielle Klein of Wisconsin
    7th Place - Kasey Kruczek of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Renee Samano of Oregon
    1st Place Match
    Krista Revelle (Kansas) over Tamyra Mensah (Texas) Dec 2-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Mabel Flores (California) over Amanda Hendey (California) Dec 4-1,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Haylee Childs (Florida) over Gabrielle Klein (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Kasey Kruczek (Pennsylvania) over Renee Samano (Oregon) Fall 2-4,0:52

    Women - 146 Results
    1st Place - Julia Salata of Michigan
    2nd Place - Demi Strub of Indiana
    3rd Place - Brittany David of California
    4th Place - Kaylee Carr of Washington
    5th Place - Juliana Gelman of Oregon
    6th Place - Michelle Organ of Wisconsin
    7th Place - Alexis Walker of Texas
    8th Place - Emily Gessler of Tennessee
    1st Place Match
    Julia Salata (Michigan) over Demi Strub (Indiana) Dec 1-1,1-4,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Brittany David (California) over Kaylee Carr (Washington) Dec 6-0,2-1
    5th Place Match
    Juliana Gelman (Oregon) over Michelle Organ (Wisconsin) FF
    7th Place Match
    Alexis Walker (Texas) over Emily Gessler (Tennessee) Dec 3-1,3-4,3-2

    Women - 153 Results
    1st Place - Kim Spiegel of Pennsylvania
    2nd Place - Tonya Keegan of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Lorrie-Ann Ramos of Florida
    4th Place - Carmen Orozco of Arizona
    5th Place - Jaqueline Williams of California
    6th Place - Elda Mendoza of Texas
    7th Place - Amy Spafford of California
    8th Place - Brittany Harvey of Michigan
    1st Place Match
    Kim Spiegel (Pennsylvania) over Tonya Keegan (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-1,1-0,3-0
    3rd Place Match
    Lorrie-Ann Ramos (Florida) over Carmen Orozco (Arizona) Fall 6-0,0:26
    5th Place Match
    Jaqueline Williams (California) over Elda Mendoza (Texas) Fall 7-1,0:21
    7th Place Match
    Amy Spafford (California) over Brittany Harvey (Michigan) Fall 1-0,0:29

    Women - 165 Results
    1st Place - Anneliese DeAragon of Idaho
    2nd Place - Lilia Gudzyuk of Washington
    3rd Place - Brenna Ramirez of Michigan
    4th Place - Faith Wasmund of Washington
    5th Place - Amanda Prough of Michigan
    6th Place - Juliana Triplett of California
    7th Place - Chantelle Bailey of Washington
    8th Place - Alex Holt of California
    1st Place Match
    Anneliese DeAragon (Idaho) over Lilia Gudzyuk (Washington) Fall 1:03
    3rd Place Match
    Brenna Ramirez (Michigan) over Faith Wasmund (Washington) Fall 1:56
    5th Place Match
    Amanda Prough (Michigan) over Juliana Triplett (California) Dec 4-0,3-2
    7th Place Match
    Chantelle Bailey (Washington) over Alex Holt (California) Dec 2-3,6-0,6-4

    Women - 190 Results
    1st Place - Miriam Moreno of Texas
    2nd Place - Roxan Perez of Texas
    3rd Place - Jamaie Scott of California
    4th Place - Hayley Mitchell of Texas
    5th Place - Elizabeth (Jade) Paterson of Washington
    1st Place Match
    Miriam Moreno (Texas) over Roxan Perez (Texas) Fall 6-0,1:13

    Women - 220 Results
    1st Place - Ronny Elor of California
    2nd Place - Tiaria Scott of Illinois
    3rd Place - Pamela Abshire of Texas
    4th Place - Jamila Culcleasure of Washington
    Round Robin Matches
    Tiaria Scott (Illinois) over Pamela Abshire (Texas) Fall 1:39
    Ronny Elor (California) over Pamela Abshire (Texas) Fall 1:29
    Ronny Elor (California) over Tiaria Scott (Illinois) Fall 6-0,0:28

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