ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

Fargo, ND    July 18-24, 2010

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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    Junior - 98 Results
    1st Place - Colton Howell of Missouri
    2nd Place - Jason Munoz of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - Jan Rosenberg of New Jersey
    4th Place - JJ Dorrell of Missouri
    5th Place - Mark Raghunandan of New York
    6th Place - Matt Sommers of Illinois
    7th Place - Zach Howell of Delaware
    8th Place - Izaak Tobin of Oregon
    1st Place Match
    Colton Howell (Missouri) over Jason Munoz (Wisconsin) Fall 5-0,0:45
    3rd Place Match
    Jan Rosenberg (New Jersey) over JJ Dorrell (Missouri) Dec 3-1,3-0
    5th Place Match
    Mark Raghunandan (New York) over Matt Sommers (Illinois) TF 7-0,0-2,7-1
    7th Place Match
    Zach Howell (Delaware) over Izaak Tobin (Oregon) TF 6-0,6-0

    Junior - 105 Results
    1st Place - Freddie Rodriguez of Michigan
    2nd Place - Vinny Moita of California
    3rd Place - Jake Bellis of Illinois
    4th Place - Bobby Nachreiner of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Javier Guillen of Arizona
    6th Place - Ruben Navejas of Washington
    7th Place - Holden Gagner of Montana
    8th Place - Antonio Taylor of Illinois
    1st Place Match
    Freddie Rodriguez (Michigan) over Vinny Moita (California) TF 6-0,7-0
    3rd Place Match
    Jake Bellis (Illinois) over Bobby Nachreiner (Wisconsin) Dec 7-3,6-4
    5th Place Match
    Javier Guillen (Arizona) over Ruben Navejas (Washington) Dec 7-2,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Holden Gagner (Montana) over Antonio Taylor (Illinois) Dec 0-1,2-0,4-3

    Junior - 112 Results
    1st Place - Tyler Fraley of New Jersey
    2nd Place - Ryan McQuade of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - Earl Hall of Florida
    4th Place - Nahshon Garrett of California
    5th Place - Mitch Brown of Utah
    6th Place - Curtis Lampert of Nevada
    7th Place - Alex Calendrino of Michigan
    8th Place - Cory Clark of Iowa
    1st Place Match
    Tyler Fraley (New Jersey) over Ryan McQuade (Wisconsin) Dec 6-1,9-8
    3rd Place Match
    Earl Hall (Florida) over Nahshon Garrett (California) Dec 1-0,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Mitch Brown (Utah) over Curtis Lampert (Nevada) Dec 2-1,7-0
    7th Place Match
    Alex Calendrino (Michigan) over Cory Clark (Iowa) Dec 6-1,5-4

    Junior - 119 Results
    1st Place - Val Rauser of Montana
    2nd Place - Nathan Kraisser of Maryland
    3rd Place - Mike Fuenffinger of Minnesota
    4th Place - Joey Dance of Virginia
    5th Place - Jacob Purdy of California
    6th Place - Hayden Zillmer of Minnesota
    7th Place - Nick Harrison of Illinois
    8th Place - Esteban Gonzales of Michigan
    1st Place Match
    Val Rauser (Montana) over Nathan Kraisser (Maryland) Dec 7-0,0-3,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Mike Fuenffinger (Minnesota) over Joey Dance (Virginia) Dec 2-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Jacob Purdy (California) over Hayden Zillmer (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Nick Harrison (Illinois) over Esteban Gonzales (Michigan) TF 8-0,6-0

    Junior - 125 Results
    1st Place - Rossi Bruno of Florida
    2nd Place - Grant LaMont of Utah
    3rd Place - Kevin Norstrem of Florida
    4th Place - Mark Grey of New Jersey
    5th Place - Daniel Deshazer of Kansas
    6th Place - Brian Sergi of California
    7th Place - Brock Banta of Idaho
    8th Place - Joey DeNova of Georgia
    1st Place Match
    Rossi Bruno (Florida) over Grant LaMont (Utah) Dec 1-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Kevin Norstrem (Florida) over Mark Grey (New Jersey) TF 7-0,8-0
    5th Place Match
    Daniel Deshazer (Kansas) over Brian Sergi (California) Dec 3-0,5-0
    7th Place Match
    Brock Banta (Idaho) over Joey DeNova (Georgia) Dec 6-0,1-5,2-0

    Junior - 130 Results
    1st Place - Tyler Liberatore of Florida
    2nd Place - Ronnie Garbinsky of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Drew Lexvold of Minnesota
    4th Place - Eric Mateo of Missouri
    5th Place - Brandon Brindley of Alabama
    6th Place - Kory Jauch of Illinois
    7th Place - Drew Van Anrooy of Oregon
    8th Place - Matt Kelliher of Minnesota
    1st Place Match
    Tyler Liberatore (Florida) over Ronnie Garbinsky (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-0,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Drew Lexvold (Minnesota) over Eric Mateo (Missouri) Dec 3-0,3-5,5-2
    5th Place Match
    Brandon Brindley (Alabama) over Kory Jauch (Illinois) Dec 2-0,4-0
    7th Place Match
    Drew Van Anrooy (Oregon) over Matt Kelliher (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,0-2,1-0

    Junior - 135 Results
    1st Place - Taylor Moeder of Kansas
    2nd Place - Jarod Donar of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - Mark Pinero of Louisiana
    4th Place - Kade Moss of Utah
    5th Place - Brady Turnbull of Wyoming
    6th Place - Garrett Vasquez of Colorado
    7th Place - Anthonie Linares of California
    8th Place - Jay Hildreth of Iowa
    1st Place Match
    Taylor Moeder (Kansas) over Jarod Donar (Wisconsin) Dec 5-0,7-0
    3rd Place Match
    Mark Pinero (Louisiana) over Kade Moss (Utah) Dec 5-0,2-0
    5th Place Match
    Brady Turnbull (Wyoming) over Garrett Vasquez (Colorado) Fall 8-1,1:01
    7th Place Match
    Anthonie Linares (California) over Jay Hildreth (Iowa) Dec 4-1,6-0

    Junior - 140 Results
    1st Place - Elijah Sullivan of Iowa
    2nd Place - Jesse Baldazo of California
    3rd Place - Alex Dieringer of Wisconsin
    4th Place - Cullen Morrissey of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Dillon Cowan of Illinois
    6th Place - Chris Mayolo of Washington
    7th Place - Travis Himmelman of Colorado
    8th Place - Lex Ozias of Maryland
    1st Place Match
    Elijah Sullivan (Iowa) over Jesse Baldazo (California) Dec 6-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Alex Dieringer (Wisconsin) over Cullen Morrissey (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,5-0
    5th Place Match
    Dillon Cowan (Illinois) over Chris Mayolo (Washington) Dec 0-7,4-3,2-0
    7th Place Match
    Travis Himmelman (Colorado) over Lex Ozias (Maryland) Dec 3-1,7-0

    Junior - 145 Results
    1st Place - Dylan Ness of Minnesota
    2nd Place - Andy Rico of Texas
    3rd Place - Clark Glass of Florida
    4th Place - Jake Gregerson of Illinois
    5th Place - Logan Addis of Arizona
    6th Place - Chris Castillo of Washington
    7th Place - Steven Hernandez of Nevada
    8th Place - Austin Breckenridge of Wyoming
    1st Place Match
    Dylan Ness (Minnesota) over Andy Rico (Texas) TF 6-0,6-0
    3rd Place Match
    Clark Glass (Florida) over Jake Gregerson (Illinois) Dec 6-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Logan Addis (Arizona) over Chris Castillo (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-1
    7th Place Match
    Steven Hernandez (Nevada) over Austin Breckenridge (Wyoming) Fall 0:27

    Junior - 152 Results
    1st Place - Ravaughn Perkins of Nebraska
    2nd Place - Andy McCulley of Wyoming
    3rd Place - Joey Moorhouse of Illinois
    4th Place - Taylor Massa of Michigan
    5th Place - Justin Koethe of Iowa
    6th Place - Cody Rodebaugh of California
    7th Place - Zak Benitz of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Daniel Breit of Missouri
    1st Place Match
    Ravaughn Perkins (Nebraska) over Andy McCulley (Wyoming) Dec 2-1,0-4,4-0
    3rd Place Match
    Joey Moorhouse (Illinois) over Taylor Massa (Michigan) Dec 0-1,1-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Justin Koethe (Iowa) over Cody Rodebaugh (California) Dec 0-6,2-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Zak Benitz (Wisconsin) over Daniel Breit (Missouri) Dec 1-0,4-1

    Junior - 160 Results
    1st Place - Dylan Reel of Illinois
    2nd Place - Kyle Crutchmer of Oklahoma
    3rd Place - Wally Figaro of Florida
    4th Place - Ben Villaret of New York
    5th Place - Lee Wildes of Florida
    6th Place - Seth Thomas of Oregon
    7th Place - John Staudenamyer of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Ricky McDonald of Nevada
    1st Place Match
    Dylan Reel (Illinois) over Kyle Crutchmer (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-1
    3rd Place Match
    Wally Figaro (Florida) over Ben Villaret (New York) Dec 6-0,2-0
    5th Place Match
    Lee Wildes (Florida) over Seth Thomas (Oregon) Dec 1-0,0-3,1-0
    7th Place Match
    John Staudenamyer (Pennsylvania) over Ricky McDonald (Nevada) Fall 0:18

    Junior - 171 Results
    1st Place - Devin Peterson of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - Joel Bauman of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Jahwon Akui of Illinois
    4th Place - Eric Hensel of Minnesota
    5th Place - Nathaniel Brown of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Jeremy Fahler of Illinois
    7th Place - Geordan Speiller of Florida
    8th Place - Dylan Fors of Oregon
    1st Place Match
    Devin Peterson (Wisconsin) over Joel Bauman (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,1-1,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Jahwon Akui (Illinois) over Eric Hensel (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Nathaniel Brown (Pennsylvania) over Jeremy Fahler (Illinois) Dec 1-0,5-3
    7th Place Match
    Geordan Speiller (Florida) over Dylan Fors (Oregon) Dec 3-0,6-2

    Junior - 189 Results
    1st Place - Lucas Sheridan of California
    2nd Place - Drake Stein of Indiana
    3rd Place - Jayd Docken of South Dakota
    4th Place - Marcus Finau of Hawaii
    5th Place - Khari Washington of Illinois
    6th Place - Cody Johnston of Missouri
    7th Place - William George of New Jersey
    8th Place - Devan Fors of Oregon
    1st Place Match
    Lucas Sheridan (California) over Drake Stein (Indiana) Dec 6-0,4-0
    3rd Place Match
    Jayd Docken (South Dakota) over Marcus Finau (Hawaii) Dec 5-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Khari Washington (Illinois) over Cody Johnston (Missouri) Fall 0:26
    7th Place Match
    William George (New Jersey) over Devan Fors (Oregon) Dec 2-0,0-1,5-0

    Junior - 215 Results
    1st Place - Trevor Rupp of Idaho
    2nd Place - Tanner Hall of Idaho
    3rd Place - Nick Gwiazdowski of New York
    4th Place - Michael Sojka of Illinois
    5th Place - Jay Taylor of Florida
    6th Place - Tank Knowles of California
    7th Place - Scott Schiller of North Dakota
    8th Place - Josh Marchok of Illinois
    1st Place Match
    Trevor Rupp (Idaho) over Tanner Hall (Idaho) Dec 1-0,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Nick Gwiazdowski (New York) over Michael Sojka (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Jay Taylor (Florida) over Tank Knowles (California) Dec 0-6,8-0,5-1
    7th Place Match
    Scott Schiller (North Dakota) over Josh Marchok (Illinois) Dec 3-3,1-0

    Junior - 285 Results
    1st Place - Orry Elor of California
    2nd Place - Donnie Longendyke of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Niko Bogojevic of Wisconsin
    4th Place - West Cathcart of Illinois
    5th Place - Kabe Fluiat of Washington
    6th Place - Casey Gushleff of Illinois
    7th Place - Taylor Henry of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Connor Medbery of Colorado
    1st Place Match
    Orry Elor (California) over Donnie Longendyke (Minnesota) Dec 1-0,4-0
    3rd Place Match
    Niko Bogojevic (Wisconsin) over West Cathcart (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Kabe Fluiat (Washington) over Casey Gushleff (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-1
    7th Place Match
    Taylor Henry (Wisconsin) over Connor Medbery (Colorado) ID
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