ASICS/Vaughan Junior & Cadet National Championships

Fargo, ND    July 18-24, 2010

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      Event Director: Pete Isais
      Phone: 719-598-8181

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    Cadet - 84 Results
    1st Place - Jordan Lind of Illinois
    2nd Place - Hunter Kelley of Georgia
    3rd Place - Brent Fleetwood of Delaware
    4th Place - Gannon Volk of Minnesota
    5th Place - Tyler Jensen of Utah
    6th Place - Tyler Casamenti of New Jersey
    7th Place - Sam Phillips of Iowa
    8th Place - Hunter Wright of Virginia
    1st Place Match
    Jordan Lind (Illinois) over Hunter Kelley (Georgia) Dec 2-1,3-1
    3rd Place Match
    Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Gannon Volk (Minnesota) Dec 6-0,2-0
    5th Place Match
    Tyler Jensen (Utah) over Tyler Casamenti (New Jersey) Dec 0-1,1-0,8-0
    7th Place Match
    Sam Phillips (Iowa) over Hunter Wright (Virginia) TF 6-0,7-1

    Cadet - 91 Results
    1st Place - Dylan Lucas of Florida
    2nd Place - Dylan Akers of Texas
    3rd Place - Ronnie Bresser of Oregon
    4th Place - Brandon George of Utah
    5th Place - Josh Newberg of Washington
    6th Place - Tommy Walton of North Dakota
    7th Place - Bryce Meredith of Wyoming
    8th Place - Wyatt Scribner of Washington
    1st Place Match
    Dylan Lucas (Florida) over Dylan Akers (Texas) Dec 1-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Ronnie Bresser (Oregon) over Brandon George (Utah) Dec 1-0,4-0
    5th Place Match
    Josh Newberg (Washington) over Tommy Walton (North Dakota) Dec 4-3,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) over Wyatt Scribner (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-1,1-1

    Cadet - 98 Results
    1st Place - Joseph McKenna of New Jersey
    2nd Place - Darshawn Sharp of Georgia
    3rd Place - Javier Vieyra of Kansas
    4th Place - Phillip Laux of Iowa
    5th Place - Dalton Macri of West Virginia
    6th Place - Martin Rodriguez of Michigan
    7th Place - Kyndall Rutz of Colorado
    8th Place - Michael Cook of Idaho
    1st Place Match
    Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) over Darshawn Sharp (Georgia) Dec 1-7,1-0,2-1
    3rd Place Match
    Javier Vieyra (Kansas) over Phillip Laux (Iowa) Dec 1-1,3-2
    5th Place Match
    Dalton Macri (West Virginia) over Martin Rodriguez (Michigan) Dec 6-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Kyndall Rutz (Colorado) over Michael Cook (Idaho) Dec 7-0,4-1

    Cadet - 105 Results
    1st Place - Jacob Schmitt of Michigan
    2nd Place - Austin Hood of Kansas
    3rd Place - Marshawn Sharp of Georgia
    4th Place - Nate Thomas of Minnesota
    5th Place - Anthony Ashnault of New Jersey
    6th Place - Cassidy Oshiro of Hawaii
    7th Place - Micah Hight of New Jersey
    8th Place - Brendan Calas of New Jersey
    1st Place Match
    Jacob Schmitt (Michigan) over Austin Hood (Kansas) Dec 1-0,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Marshawn Sharp (Georgia) over Nate Thomas (Minnesota) TF 2-3,7-0,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) over Cassidy Oshiro (Hawaii) Dec 7-1,5-2
    7th Place Match
    Micah Hight (New Jersey) over Brendan Calas (New Jersey) Dec 3-0,6-0

    Cadet - 112 Results
    1st Place - Jack Hathaway of Iowa
    2nd Place - Arthur Carmona of California
    3rd Place - Sam Brancale of Minnesota
    4th Place - Cody Hummer of Missouri
    5th Place - Shiquan Hall of Florida
    6th Place - Gabe Schroeck of Montana
    7th Place - Alex Uhre of Florida
    8th Place - Colton Schilling of Oregon
    1st Place Match
    Jack Hathaway (Iowa) over Arthur Carmona (California) Dec 3-0,6-0
    3rd Place Match
    Sam Brancale (Minnesota) over Cody Hummer (Missouri) Dec 4-0,2-0
    5th Place Match
    Shiquan Hall (Florida) over Gabe Schroeck (Montana) Fall 0-1,1:07
    7th Place Match
    Alex Uhre (Florida) over Colton Schilling (Oregon) Dec 1-0,1-2,3-1

    Cadet - 119 Results
    1st Place - Hayden Tuma of Idaho
    2nd Place - Mitch Bengtson of Minnesota
    3rd Place - Jake Velarde of Washington
    4th Place - Corey Keener of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Stephen Myers of Ohio
    6th Place - Alejandro Sancho of Florida
    7th Place - Blayne Briceno of California
    8th Place - Joshua DiSanto of Pennsylvania
    1st Place Match
    Hayden Tuma (Idaho) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) Dec 2-0,2-0
    3rd Place Match
    Jake Velarde (Washington) over Corey Keener (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Stephen Myers (Ohio) over Alejandro Sancho (Florida) TF 11-4,8-0
    7th Place Match
    Blayne Briceno (California) over Joshua DiSanto (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-3,8-1

    Cadet - 125 Results
    1st Place - Ben Whitford of Illinois
    2nd Place - Josh Pennell of Michigan
    3rd Place - Dylan Cottrell of West Virginia
    4th Place - Austin Roper of Missouri
    5th Place - Julian Purdy of California
    6th Place - Tyson Dippery of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Chase Call of Idaho
    8th Place - Jimmy Carpenter of Missouri
    1st Place Match
    Ben Whitford (Illinois) over Josh Pennell (Michigan) Dec 0-6,5-0,6-2
    3rd Place Match
    Dylan Cottrell (West Virginia) over Austin Roper (Missouri) Dec 5-3,1-2,6-2
    5th Place Match
    Julian Purdy (California) over Tyson Dippery (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:57
    7th Place Match
    Chase Call (Idaho) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) TF 9-3,6-0

    Cadet - 130 Results
    1st Place - Zane Richards of Illinois
    2nd Place - Brandon Jeske of Virginia
    3rd Place - Reed VanAnrooy of Oregon
    4th Place - Ben Rager of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Jesse Carlisle of Utah
    6th Place - Devin Vasquez of Texas
    7th Place - Forest Touchberry of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Zack Ross of Pennsylvania
    1st Place Match
    Zane Richards (Illinois) over Brandon Jeske (Virginia) Dec 3-0,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Reed VanAnrooy (Oregon) over Ben Rager (Pennsylvania) Dec 2-0,7-0
    5th Place Match
    Jesse Carlisle (Utah) over Devin Vasquez (Texas) Dec 4-1,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Forest Touchberry (Pennsylvania) over Zack Ross (Pennsylvania) Dec 5-0,4-3

    Cadet - 135 Results
    1st Place - Isiah Martinez of California
    2nd Place - Casey Kent of Pennsylvania
    3rd Place - Cody Ross of Florida
    4th Place - Mitch Friedman of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Laike Gardner of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Jared Johnson of Kansas
    7th Place - John Wood of Missouri
    8th Place - Jordan Rothers of Minnesota
    1st Place Match
    Isiah Martinez (California) over Casey Kent (Pennsylvania) Dec 4-0,0-1,6-0
    3rd Place Match
    Cody Ross (Florida) over Mitch Friedman (Wisconsin) Dec 4-0,3-0
    5th Place Match
    Laike Gardner (Pennsylvania) over Jared Johnson (Kansas) Dec 6-0,4-4,5-2
    7th Place Match
    John Wood (Missouri) over Jordan Rothers (Minnesota) Dec 0-1,2-0,1-1

    Cadet - 140 Results
    1st Place - Patrick Coover of Pennsylvania
    2nd Place - Tim Fox of Ohio
    3rd Place - Joey Lavallee of Nevada
    4th Place - Trey Theisen of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Tyler Askey of Georgia
    6th Place - Bryan Salinas of California
    7th Place - Eric Hoffman of Maryland
    8th Place - Payne Hayden of Michigan
    1st Place Match
    Patrick Coover (Pennsylvania) over Tim Fox (Ohio) Dec 3-0,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Joey Lavallee (Nevada) over Trey Theisen (Wisconsin) Dec 1-0,1-1
    5th Place Match
    Tyler Askey (Georgia) over Bryan Salinas (California) ID
    7th Place Match
    Eric Hoffman (Maryland) over Payne Hayden (Michigan) Dec 4-1,0-8,1-0

    Cadet - 145 Results
    1st Place - Ryan Gartner of Wisconsin
    2nd Place - J A Jones of Alabama
    3rd Place - Jason Grimes of Georgia
    4th Place - Chance Marsteller of Pennsylvania
    5th Place - Travis Curley of Michigan
    6th Place - Travis Berridge of Florida
    7th Place - Jake Marlin of Iowa
    8th Place - Aaron Puckett of Kansas
    1st Place Match
    Ryan Gartner (Wisconsin) over J A Jones (Alabama) TF 6-0,6-1
    3rd Place Match
    Jason Grimes (Georgia) over Chance Marsteller (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Travis Curley (Michigan) over Travis Berridge (Florida) Dec 1-1,3-10,3-0
    7th Place Match
    Jake Marlin (Iowa) over Aaron Puckett (Kansas) Fall 0:46

    Cadet - 152 Results
    1st Place - Scott Gibbons of Louisiana
    2nd Place - Burke Paddock of New York
    3rd Place - Glenn Climmons of Georgia
    4th Place - Oliver Pierce of Texas
    5th Place - Tyler Metzler of Florida
    6th Place - Jacob Denman of Ohio
    7th Place - Jackson Fox of Wisconsin
    8th Place - Austin Dewey of Idaho
    1st Place Match
    Scott Gibbons (Louisiana) over Burke Paddock (New York) Dec 1-0,2-1
    3rd Place Match
    Glenn Climmons (Georgia) over Oliver Pierce (Texas) Dec 1-2,3-0,4-0
    5th Place Match
    Tyler Metzler (Florida) over Jacob Denman (Ohio) Dec 4-0,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Jackson Fox (Wisconsin) over Austin Dewey (Idaho) Dec 4-0,1-1,5-3

    Cadet - 160 Results
    1st Place - Tyler Coates of Washington
    2nd Place - Justin Valencia of Illinois
    3rd Place - Andras Lukacs-Farkas of Iowa
    4th Place - Mason Wright of Illinois
    5th Place - Tony Cashmore of Illinois
    6th Place - Cody Pych of Illinois
    7th Place - Raymond O`Donnell of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Spencer Wilson of Kansas
    1st Place Match
    Tyler Coates (Washington) over Justin Valencia (Illinois) Fall 1:44
    3rd Place Match
    Andras Lukacs-Farkas (Iowa) over Mason Wright (Illinois) Dec 0-2,2-0,1-0
    5th Place Match
    Tony Cashmore (Illinois) over Cody Pych (Illinois) Fall 0-6,0:37
    7th Place Match
    Raymond O`Donnell (Pennsylvania) over Spencer Wilson (Kansas) Fall 0:52

    Cadet - 171 Results
    1st Place - Jordan Rogers of Washington
    2nd Place - Matt Reed of Kansas
    3rd Place - Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
    4th Place - Kevin Beazley of Michigan
    5th Place - Connor King of Colorado
    6th Place - Diego Rabanal of California
    7th Place - Sam Brooks of Illinois
    8th Place - Garrett Demers of Idaho
    1st Place Match
    Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Matt Reed (Kansas) Fall 0:49
    3rd Place Match
    Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Kevin Beazley (Michigan) TF 7-0,0-6,6-0
    5th Place Match
    Connor King (Colorado) over Diego Rabanal (California) Dec 3-0,4-4,1-0
    7th Place Match
    Sam Brooks (Illinois) over Garrett Demers (Idaho) TF 7-0,7-1

    Cadet - 189 Results
    1st Place - Mitch Sliga of Indiana
    2nd Place - Jesse Doyle of North Carolina
    3rd Place - Mickey Pelfrey of Iowa
    4th Place - Aaron Rothwell of Wisconsin
    5th Place - Hunter Reinert of Colorado
    6th Place - Jimmy Prince of Illinois
    7th Place - Cam Cyphert of Pennsylvania
    8th Place - Kevin Marvel of Maryland
    1st Place Match
    Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Jesse Doyle (North Carolina) Dec 0-3,1-0,3-0
    3rd Place Match
    Mickey Pelfrey (Iowa) over Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin) Fall 1:34
    5th Place Match
    Hunter Reinert (Colorado) over Jimmy Prince (Illinois) TF 6-0,9-3
    7th Place Match
    Cam Cyphert (Pennsylvania) over Kevin Marvel (Maryland) Dec 3-1,5-2

    Cadet - 215 Results
    1st Place - Adam Coon of Michigan
    2nd Place - Brett Geilenfeldt of Wisconsin
    3rd Place - AJ Dobson of Illinois
    4th Place - Austin Lobsinger of California
    5th Place - Ryan Solomon of Pennsylvania
    6th Place - Dawson Peck of Pennsylvania
    7th Place - Cole Whitford of Illinois
    8th Place - Harley Tillerson of Oklahoma
    1st Place Match
    Adam Coon (Michigan) over Brett Geilenfeldt (Wisconsin) Fall 4-0,1:37
    3rd Place Match
    AJ Dobson (Illinois) over Austin Lobsinger (California) Dec 0-7,1-0,3-2
    5th Place Match
    Ryan Solomon (Pennsylvania) over Dawson Peck (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,5-0
    7th Place Match
    Cole Whitford (Illinois) over Harley Tillerson (Oklahoma) Fall 1:00

    Cadet - 285 Results
    1st Place - Brooks Black of Pennsylvania
    2nd Place - Doug Vollaro of Florida
    3rd Place - Gaylen Edmo of Idaho
    4th Place - John Dreggors of Florida
    5th Place - Sam Stoll of Minnesota
    6th Place - Ian Bolstad of Washington
    7th Place - Evan McGee of Oklahoma
    8th Place - Aaron Rafalko of Kansas
    1st Place Match
    Brooks Black (Pennsylvania) over Doug Vollaro (Florida) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
    3rd Place Match
    Gaylen Edmo (Idaho) over John Dreggors (Florida) Fall 0-1,1:49
    5th Place Match
    Sam Stoll (Minnesota) over Ian Bolstad (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-0
    7th Place Match
    Evan McGee (Oklahoma) over Aaron Rafalko (Kansas) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0

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