ASICS USA Wrestling Folkstyle National Championships

Cedar Falls, IA    April 02-05, 2009

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  • Illinois Michael Johnson Jr. captures USA Wrestling’s Ultimate Dominator
    By Benjamin Hupke - Special to

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    Familiar names highlight Folkstyle Nationals finals for Juniors and Cadets
    Folkstyle Nationals Special Section

    CEDAR FALLS, Iowa----When Illinois Michael Johnson Jr. competes on the wrestling mat, he demands to be the best. That's why wrestling at this weekend's USA Folkstyle Nationals meant so much.

    "USA Wrestling is special, and this is where I wanted to wrestle this weekend, "the mammoth 13-year old marveled.

    Already a four-time Ultimate Challenge Series recipient, Johnson Jr. reigned supreme for the second time in his young wrestling career, securing USA Wrestling's Top Honor-Ultimate Dominator.

    For the first time in USA Wrestling history of this magnitude, Johnson Jr. did the improbable.

    He scored the maximum points possible, 13,600.

    He won seven individual USA wrestling Ultimate Challenge series events, and concluded his 2009 National Championship's (210 pound schoolboy division), with two falls and a decision.

    "I focused more on training this season, and cut back on the competition," the 6'1, 210 pound 6th grader explained.

    Already having edged his mark in USA Wrestling history, Johnson Jr. can now set his sights on a new challenge-- the Cadet division.

    In Division 1, Devin Gulledge of Missouri was first with 9,000 points. Anthony Sederburg of Missouri was second with 8,800 points, and Illinois Fidel Mayora was third with 7,200 points.

    In Division 2, Max Darrah of Missouri was first with 10,500 points. Indiana's Coner Dwyer was second with 9,300 points, and Wisconsin's Billy Pitzer was third with 8,800 points.

    In Division 3, Michael Johnson Jr. of Illinois was first with 13,600 points. Ty Pelot, last year's Ultimate Dominator recipient, was second with 10,000 points, and Jake Adcock of Georgia was third with 8,400 points.

    In Division 4, Tsvetomir Petrushev of Georgia was first with 9,400 points. North Carolina's Dennis Gustafson was runner-up with 8,200 points, and Idaho's Hayden Tuma captured third with 6,600 points.

    2008 Olympic Champ leads grand march

    Henry Cejudo, the 2008 Olympic Champ at 55 KG, led this year's grand march. The Colorado native, looked upon by many as the hero of the 2008 Olympic Games, spent the majority of his time signing autographs to aspiring youth.

    "I'm trying to give back to a sport that has meant everything to me. I'm taking a year off to do that, and intend on getting back to competition next year."

    The top-three individual point scorers in each age-group division were awarded an Ultimate Challenge Series Championship Belt. The belts were awarded to individuals based on their top-seven placement scores in the Ultimate Challenge Series.

    The Ultimate Dominator was determined by the individual from any of the four age divisions who scores the most points. The Ultimate Dominator was determined using each individual's top-seven placement scores from USA Wrestling events


    40 - Cory St. Martin of Prior Lake
    45 - Paul Keane of Frankfort Falcons
    50 - Stevie Elwell of X-Factor Elite
    55 - Fidel Mayora of Gomez Wrestling Academy
    60 - Lance Runyon of High Altitude Wrestling Club
    65 - Jay Cee Randolph-Gonzalez of Team Overtime
    70 - Ravin Jackson of Simley Wrestling
    75 - Eric Gonzalez of Delavan Darien Youth Wrestling
    75+ - Daniel Kerkvliet of Simley Wrestling

    50 - Joey Harrison of Sherman Challengers
    55 - Mason Phillips of Eau Claire Youth Wrestling
    60 - Rylee Molitor of Pinnacle Wrestling Club
    65 - Peter Ogunsanya of Harvey Twisters
    70 - Travis Wittlake, Jr of team Bucs
    75 - Billy Pitzner of Advance School of Wrestling
    80 - Nathan Walton of Red Cobra Wrestling
    87 - Bryce Baumgartner of CIA
    95 - Jared Florell of Forest Lake Rangers
    103 - Gable Steveson of Harvey Twisters
    112 - Seth Lecher of HORTONVILLE
    120 - Corey Dublin of team louisiana
    120+ - Blake Zalapi of Hononegah Wrestling
    120++ - Gregory Brown of Bloomington South Wrestling

    60 - Louie Hayes of Overtime
    65 - Chad Red of Red Cobra Wrestling
    70 - Kristopher Williams of Harvey Twisters
    75 - Griffin Parriott of New Prague
    80 - Nick Reenan of Best Trained
    85 - Dominic Sutermeister of CMS
    90 - Carver James of Dakota Wrestling Club
    95 - Ryan Klemp of Lewiston Wresting Club
    100 - Jordan Fischer of Camel Kids
    105 - Mark Hall Ll of CMS
    112 - Joe Marcano of Brandon Wrestling Club
    120 - Cash Wilcke of High Altitude Wrestling Club
    130 - Lance Benick of Forest Lake Rangers
    140 - Isaac Florell of Forest Lake Rangers
    140+ - Dylan Lemoine of Reedsburg Youth Wrestling
    140++ - Todd Jr (TJ) Fischer of Boscobel Youth Wrestling Club

    70 - Dante` Rodriguez of Golden Eagles Wrestling Academy
    77 - Jens Lantz of Victory School of Wrestling
    84 - Zach Siegle of Ghostriders
    91 - Joseph McKenna of pascack hills
    98 - Dennis Gustafson of WWA
    105 - Logan Marcicki of SPARTAN LIGHTNING
    112 - Colin Holler of Eagle 1
    120 - Eddie Gonzalez of Team Overtime
    128 - Bowen Schultz of Owatonna Huskies
    136 - Jared Schaaf of Sauk Prairie
    144 - Dominic Flock of Cashton Wrestling
    152 - Jordan Ellingwood of Gomez Wrestling Academy
    160 - Paul Harmon of Team GV (Green Valley)
    175 - Nick Cobb of Best Trained
    190 - Edgar Ruano of rwc
    210 - Michael Johnson Jr. of Team Overtime
    265 - Jake Scanlan of Excel

    Veterans A
    127.75 - Brian Utke of Unattached
    138.75 - Cory Warman of Somerset Wrestling Club
    152 - Jacob Rollans of Team GV (Green Valley)
    167.5 - Rudy James of Unattached
    187.25 - Andy Geerts of Route 63
    213.75 - Dayton Ericson of LTD Team
    286.5 - Brent Meyers of Unattached

    Veterans B
    138.75 - Chad Shilson of Minnesota Storm
    152 - Ralph Britton of Burnett County Bulldogs
    167.5 - Michael Kelly of Gilbert Grappling
    187.25 - Mike Kappers of Somerset Wrestling Club
    213.75 - Octavius Bellamy of Wild Cat Wrestling Club
    286.5 - Jeremy Christeson of Bulls Wrestling Club

    Veterans C
    127.75 - Charles Knox of Unattached
    138.75 - Fred Schuman of Unattached
    167.5 - Kelly McGovern of Whizzer wc
    187.25 - Anthony Porcelli of team porcelli
    213.75 - Jeff Anderson of Waubonsee
    286.5 - Timothy Stepleton of team steep

    Veterans D
    127.75 - Thomas Mooney of Unattached
    138.75 - Mark Levasseur of Minnesota Storm
    152 - Dexter H. Carpenter of Unattached
    167.5 - Steven Mark Smith of Bison Wrestling Club
    187.25 - Bob Montague of Coon Rapids Mat Bandits
    213.75 - Lee Fish of OP Little Huskies

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