USAW/Cliff Keen Southeast Regional Championships
Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW

Atlanta, GA    May 24-26, 2013

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      Event Director: Anthony Flatt
      Phone: (678) 442-8852

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    Athletes must be present in a COMPETITION SINGLET and must submit to a skin disease screening prior to weigh-in. The chief medical officer has full authority without appeal in determining the eligibility of an athlete to compete.

    Click here for USA Wrestling Skin Disease Manual.


    All athletes must be present at the BEGINNING of weigh-ins. Athletes competing in both styles will only weigh-in once for both events. This is contingent on the athlete actively competing in the first of the two styles scheduled. Athletes competing in one style must weigh in at the official weigh-in for that style.

    Each athlete will be allowed two (2) consecutive attempts to make weight and may not leave the weigh-in area. All wrestlers must be dressed in a COMPETITION SINGLET for weigh-ins and no weight allowance is given for the singlet.


    In the event of injury or illness, NO contestant will be permitted to continue the competition without approval of the Chief Medical Officer, whose decision is final and not subject to appeal.

    State Registration & Weigh in Procedures: 

     1.Wrestlers must check in with their State table.  Wrestlers will pick up their weigh in card and proceed to the weigh in line *Make sure to pick up all weigh in cards for each style the athlete is participating in

    2.Wrestlers must be in line at the beginning of weigh ins.  Once weigh ins start, wrestlers will no longer be able to pick up a weigh in card to weigh in.

    3.Wrestlers MUST have USA card in hand when entering the weigh in area

    4.Wrestlers should only have competition singlet on when entering the weigh in area.  Parents cannot accompany the wrestlers.  They will enter one door and exit thru another.  They will not be allowed to carry their additional clothing with them during weigh ins.

    5.Wrestlers only need to weigh in only one time for all three styles provided that athlete actively competes in first two styles.  Athletes that wrestle in the 1st and 3rd style must reweigh-in for the 3rd style.

    6. Juniors, Cadets and Kids can weigh in Friday night if competing in Greco-Roman only or competing in both Styles (do not need to weigh in for the next day of competition)

    7.Girls will wrestle Freestyle in Girls only brackets on Saturday.  They may also wrestle Freestyle on Sunday in a co-ed bracket.  They only need to weigh in one time.  Can weigh in on Friday night or Saturday AM if competing on Saturday.  If only competing on Sunday, then they must weigh in Saturday afternoon or Sunday Morning.

    8.Wrestlers competing in Freestyle on Sunday only can only weigh in Saturday afternoon.

     ALL athletes MUST be present at the BEGINNING of weigh-ins

    2  Breaks Scheduled as Necessary

    Sessions and schedule subject to change.


    For specific event procedures or scheduling, contact USA Wrestling National Events at (719) 598-8181.


    For event information and registration, visit

    USA Wrestling Assn Medical Guidelines for Management of Concussion




    For USA Wrestling National Events the following steps should be followed:


    1. Determine if the athlete has sustained a concussion. The medical staff attending at mat side will determine if the wrestler can continue and his/her decision is final. If the medical staff attending observes that the wrestler is unconscious the match will be an injury default. If the wrestler is allowed to continue the attending medical staff will observe the match until completion and can stop the match at any point, if any observable symptoms occur. Once the match is completed the wrestler will be taken to Medical area and administered the SCAT 3 Test and observed for a minimum of 20 minutes. A Yellow Alert will be issued with date and time of incident. If the Tournament Medical Staff determine that the wrestler has not sustained a concussion a Green Alert will be issued. (For competitors under the mental age of 12 the Child SCAT will be used)


    1. A wrestler that is confirmed by Tournament Medical Staff has a Concussion, the wrestler will be held out of competition for a minimum of 24 hours and must be cleared by Emergency Room Physician and Tournament Medical Coordinator and be completely symptom free after exertion.



    1. Signs and symptoms that should be evaluated as part of return to play guidelines must include:
      1. Athlete questions about how they “feel” (See SCAT 3 for reference questions)
      2. Balance
      3. Memory
      4. Eye Response
      5. Concentration
      6. Delayed Recall
      7. Postural Control
      8. Response to external stimuli
      9. Failure occurs if wrestler is unable to complete task or reports increase or return of symptoms reported at initial assessment. Always include date and times of return to play assessment.


    1. Wrestlers that have observable unconsciousness by tournament or tour medical staff must be transported via Emergency Medical Services for evaluation unless the unconsciousness is the result of clearly being “choked out”.


    1. All concussion assessments requires a Yellow Alert Form be filed with Pairings with date and time.


    1. Concussed wrestlers that are not send to hospital for evaluation must be given a “Post Concussion Management Instruction Sheet” and be released to a responsible Adult or in case of minor age athlete be released to parent/legal guardian or “in loco Parentis” and their parent/legal guardian be notified immediately.


    It is recommended that any wrestler sustaining a concussion should be withheld from practice or competition for a minimum of seven days and not return to practice or competition until cleared by a medical professional and be Symptom Free after exertion. The wrestler should be followed for any change in symptoms for period of 10 days after return to practice or competition. If symptoms return the wrestler should be referred for further evaluation by a medical professional.


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