Junior National Duals

Oklahoma City, OK    June 24-28, 2010

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   Event Contact
      Event Director: Archie Randall
      Phone: 405-834-2976
      Email: arandall@okcu.edu

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    Click HERE to review USAW National Dual Policies.

    The Junior National Dual Championships Team Registration Form (click HERE to download form) and a $750.00 entry fee for men's teams (per team, per style) and a $375.00 entry fee for women's teams must be received before a team will be granted a position in the tournament.

    Registration Deadline is Saturday, May 1, 2010.

    The schedule is maximized at twenty-eight (28) Greco-Roman, thirty-six (36) men's freestyle teams, and sixteen (16) women's freestyle teams. The $750.00 entry fee for men's teams (per team, per style) and $375.00 entry fee for women's teams is to be sent with the Junior National Dual Championships Team Registration Form. This fee will be returned if the team is not accepted. Any team accepted for competition that does not complete their obligations will forfeit the $750.00 and $375.00 fee.

    Each state may preregister more than one team per style. However, each state will be given preference to having at least one team in the tournament before a second team from another state will be admitted. Once this criterion is met, second teams will be added to the tournament based on the receipt of their preliminary registration, their $750.00 and/or $375.00 fee and length of time competing in the event. Confirmation on additional teams will be announced after Friday, May 7, 2010. The host team will have the option of entering a second team in each style.

    Team Registration Fee:
    Men's teams: $750.00 entry fee (per team, per style)

    Women's teams: $375.00 entry fee (per team)

    Make checks payable to USA/OKLAHOMA WRESTLING

    Team Selection: The appropriate USA Wrestling State Chairperson must certify teams from their state. Also, each participant must accurately complete the OFFICIAL WAIVER & REGISTRATION FORMS (click HERE) and filed during team registration.

    Team Limitations:
    Men's teams: MUST have a minimum of eight (8) wrestlers and are allowed a maximum of twenty-four (24) wrestlers.

    Women's teams: MUST have a minimum of seven (7) wrestlers and are allowed a maximum of seventeen (17)

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