Body Bar Women's National Championships
The Lakeland Center

Lakeland, FL    May 11-13, 2012

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   Event Contact
      Event Director: Stuart Mahler
      Phone: 305-964-9805

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    All athletes who meet age group requirements, any existing state qualifying procedures and are current members of USA Wrestling are eligible to participate.

    Athletes MUST present proof of current USA Wrestling Membership Card (actual card or photo copy) at registration AND weigh-ins. If you do not have a copy of your USA Wrestling Membership Card, please contact your State Membership Director prior to the event. It is mandatory that you provide your USA Wrestling Membership Card Number when participating at all USA Wrestling events in order for your results to be correctly linked to the Kids National Team website (click HERE for more information). USA Wrestling Athlete Membership Cards can be acquired from the State Chairperson or State Membership Director of the contestant`s state of residence or online (click HERE). Secondary sports accident insurance is provided as a benefit of membership.This includes all Canadian athletes participating in the FILA Cadet and Kids Divisions. The FILA Junior Division is open only to U.S. citizens eligible to represent the United States at 2012 World Championships. Athletes MUST be a U.S. citizen prior to the start of this event.


    All coaches that wish to gain access to the competition floor to coach athletes must have a current USA Wrestling Coaches Card. All USA Wrestling Coaches Membership Cards MUST be attained prior to the event, due to mandatory background checking. For a Coaches Membership Card, please click HERE. PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 30 DAYS FOR COMPLETION OF USAW COACHES MEMBERSHIP/BACKGROUND CHECK PROCESS. This rule also applies to all Canadian coaches.

    Tours and Camps

    1 FILA JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: Champions qualify to represent the United States at the 2012 FILA Junior World Championships. TRAINING AND CAMP SCHEDULE FOR FILA JUNIORS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

    1 FILA CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS: Champions qualify to represent the United States at the 2012 FILA Cadet World Championships.

    For more information regarding FILA Junior World Championships, Training and Camp, please contact Coach Izzy either by e-mail at, or by phone at (719) 265-3647.

    1 If the champion in any weight class of the FILA Junior or FILA Cadet division chooses not to participate in the World Championships, the second place finisher shall have the option to train for and compete in the World Championships. This process shall continue until a representative for the World Team is determined in each FILA weight class. Participants in all non-FILA weight classes contested at the Body Bar Women's National Championships are ineligible for World Team selection. Information regarding the FILA Junior and FILA Cadet World Championships and FILA Junior and FILA Cadet Pan American Championships will be provided by USA Wrestling's National Team coaches upon the completion of the event.

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